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in Ontario public health agencies are starting to take a closer look at the provincial budget in Toronto for example it appears the province plans to slash a billion dollars in funding to the city's public health agency over the next ten years critics say that will affect everything from school nutrition programs and day care inspections to monitoring the spread of infectious disease according to Toronto Mayor John Tory quote this is an incredibly serious funding change it is impossible not to see this as a targeted attack on the health of our entire city but according to the provincial government it's shifting its Coch cost sharing funding model and Toronto should adapt and do the same we ask to speak to a representative from doug ford's government about this that request though was denied so how is the opposition responding boot Ella carpaccio is the Ontario NDP critic for mental health and addictions she joins me now from Toronto hi miss carpaccio nice to see you thanks for your time today hi Vashti thanks for having me let me start with those funding cuts to Toronto Public Health we saw tronto city councillor Joe Cressy saying that it'll amount to about a billion dollars over ten years there's concern about for example breakfast programs for kids that that will potentially be have to have to be cut the province as I mentioned said that they're slowly just shifting the cost sharing funding model what's your response to that well these cuts are cool and this is a huge cut to a frontline health service people people desperately need public health funding in order to make sure that we're not put at risk every investment every dollar that goes into Public Health keeps people alive so this cut to Toronto Public Health is a huge step backward but what about the idea that the province is putting forth but basically over time what they're doing is trying to say if this is something that's happening in your municipality you will have a greater share in the burden of responsibility essentially that they'll they'll shift it so that it becomes more equal well at the end of the day if the Ford government is sharing responsibility what they're doing is putting Public Health at risk they're putting public lives at risk vasee as we all know when there is an outbreak it doesn't matter where which city you live in what municipality you're in everybody's pacted and public health should and is a big priority and responsibility of the provincial government do we have any idea for example though that the the cuts in funding will for certain result in the elimination of those breakfast programs something that that certainly has garnered a lot of public backlash well Toronto Public Health provides a lot of different services and a billion dollars is not a small cut it's a very deep cut and so as you know Toronto Public Health and the mayor has already said this is going to impact almost all of the programs that run our Public Health delivers and also let's not forget that right now we're also dealing with an opioid crisis which is a public health emergency for which the provincial government has pretty much sat on their hands and not done anything in fact the only action they've taken is defunding of overdose prevention sites and the municipalities City of Toronto know the current ones three current ones have been defunded and you know it's really the municipalities that have led the fight against the opioid crisis in the front lines I want to read you the latest tweet from Lisa McLeod she says I have been and remain a supporter of school breakfast programs as Minister I will continue to fund this important program across the province and then she goes on to say I have no idea why Joe Cressy and that's the city councilor where you're referring to is fear-mongering she says in her words but it needs to stop what's your response to that well this government likes to you know call it fear-mongering but the reality is is that cuts have consequences and if you're going to make cuts to Toronto Public Health with a billion dollars and the same goes for community and social services which is Lisa McLeod's file now they're billion dollars they're what the government is doing is taking away from children from students from vulnerable people that you know of course services that people rely on I feel like it's just a bit confusing maybe for people at home because we've got the Minister for example saying that she'll continue to find the government will continue to fund breakfast programs and you've got obviously people like yourself and others in Toronto saying no this is going to amount to some kind of cuts so if you're trying to wade through you know what is actually fact do we know for certain that those breakfast programs will be cut or is that you know does that depend on on what happens with the funding or what do you think I think at the end of the day it's not so much what the minister says but what the minister does that is more important and so we have to look at the budget the budget is about the government's priorities and if they're making cuts to you know Toronto Public Health and pretty much to course services that people rely on doesn't matter what the minister says the reality is is that it's going to amount to cuts on services that people rely on at the end of the day let me ask you about another one of those potential cuts legal aid because the budget appeared to eliminate the funding envelope for Refugees specifically who used legal aid services however in an interview with global news radio premier Doug Ford said that anyone who needs legal aid services will receive them does that provide you with any assurance not at all let's not forget that this is also the same premier who said not a single person will lose their job and yet we have seen job losses in education in autism services we've seen it across files and so what the leaked cuts to legal aid not only has there been a complete cut to the services that you know are in the area of immigration and refugees there's also an additional 30% cut to services across the board and this is very serious because at the end of the day we're talking about access to justice and we're talking about access to justice for the poorest among poor the eligibility was already so low and you know we have at the end of the day community legal clinics doing very important work like making sure that illegal eviction ZAR not happening that domestic violence survivors have supports add that you know child support payments are received these are very important services and also what the fort government fails to see is is that every dollar that is cut from program like legal aid leads to a three to five dollar increase in costs in other areas like health care and incarceration so this is very short-sighted this is what research shows which research legal aid research is provided by community legal clinics from the legal aid Ontario yes and what what about the argument that there that the province appears to be making especially where the refugees are concerned that basically this is and we've heard them make it where where asylum house asylum seekers for example where we're looking at housing they wanted the feds to chip in more money here there's there it appears making the same argument this is federal responsibility what do you think of that again access to justice is a core right and every person should have access to justice and legal aid cuts not only Immigration and Refugee services like I said it cuts across the board you know again we cannot have a provincial government that shirks responsibility because at the end of the day there are lives at risk you will you could have a person who could be deported who could face serious persecution or even death and so it is only fair and also it is the law is International Convention that every person have the right to a fair proper hearing ok I'll leave it there thank you so much miss carpaccio really appreciate your time today that's thank you very much a the Ontario NDP critic for mental health and addictions


  1. Any MONEY saved by Any and ALL cuts made to public services to CANADIAN CITIZENS will be directly funneled to pay for the cost of housing, medical care, food, clothing…etc.etc.etc.. of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Likely for GENERATIONS!

    THANKS TRUDEAU !!! Make Canadian Citizens suffer for people that SHOULD NOT EVEN BE HERE.

  2. all the crying yet as usual from the cbc one sided bs,, no though to ending the 14 LHYNS that were eating up millions a year for what, another government level no one needed, etc,, ,, cutting bureaucracy is the agenda, and its a great one.. the cry babies as noted are saying "may have on things like" yes scare tactic bs with no facts to back any of that up

  3. Buck a Beer, 28 billion for a subway, Ontario open for business, are we happy yet, is the pain worth the gain, and soon the recession will hit and there will be real cuts that hurt lots of people. You will pay less taxes as unemployed people don't have much tax to pay.

  4. Vote Conservative and watch society go to dog eat dog . More money for Ford to stuff his face with burgers . Disgusting creep .

  5. I think Drug Ford is dyslexic and when he says that he will look after the little guy's he really means the one percent.

  6. There is no money – understand that:

    "Wynne's Liberals left $15B deficit, $8B more than reported in last budget, Fedeli says. Ontario's new finance minister says the previous Liberal government has saddled the province with a $15 billion deficit this year, more than $8 billion larger than indicated in the budget this spring.Sep 22, 2018".

    That's from an CBC article, 8 billion higher deficit than indicated thanks to the Liberals. So there goes 1 billion for some health care programs. We CHOSE this majority conservative government to clean things up and that will be a tough job… Doug is making some really hard choices. I don't see him blowing money like Wynn and JT. I think he's doing a great job so far!

  7. "cuts have consequences" Debt also has consequences. For example, 300 billion in debt run up by liberals now costs 22 billion a year to service. Imagine what you could have with an extra 22 billion a year.

  8. the entire medical services industry is entirely out of control with spending and no accountability to the public it is sworn to serve.
    People who have paid into provincial plans and have paid company coverage are not being served as non-taxpayers have hijacked the system.
    Medicare is not free taxpayers actually foot the bills and we seemingly have lost access over the preference given to non-citizens and non-taxpayers rights. (wrong-minded and most likely criminal in nature)

  9. Trudeau's non-liberal party is easily becoming a clown show with no one wanting this brand of politics ruling their future.
    justin is actually worse than his father and they have managed to wreak havoc on our democracy while pilfering the public trust.
    Trudeau's have always sold out to sharia caliphate Saudi masters while selling out hard working honest and fair-minded Canadians.
    the worst is seeing my taxes putting the CBC propaganda machine professing lies and falsehoods to all peoples of Canada.
    carbon and greenhouse gases is a ploy to impose unnecessary taxes on top of some of the highest taxes in the civilized world.

  10. 1:05 “There is concern about breakfast programs for kids”? So, the parents of these children can’t/won’t feed them breakfast? What?!

  11. If so called 'democratic governments' are still relevant then why are citizen's assemblies forming all over the world to replace them?

  12. I want to know is how the Toronto Public Health the responsibility of the province.

    Toronto Public health is responsible for
    Preventing the spread of disease, promoting healthy living and advocating for conditions that improve health for Toronto residents.
    Using surveillance to monitor the health status of the population of Toronto in order to respond to on-going and emerging health needs.
    Developing and implementing public policy and practices that enhance the health of individuals, communities and the entire city.

    This is a city run department for the needs of Toronto. It really is not the responsibility of the rest of the taxpayers in the province to fund this Toronto centric department. Can't really say Ford is wrong in cutting funding to the dept as it should be the responsibility of the residents of Toronto taxpayers to carry the costs for their own programs and not the rest of the province…

  13. Wait until another outbreak of SARS occurs in TO. The people who are smiling are Beer Drinkers and Marijuana smokers.

  14. The worlds largest debt created by Liberal far left ideology and policies has real life consequences.
    It will take decades for Ontario to recover from this Liberal Globalist mess.

  15. Ford is a heart attack waiting to happen, let's hope it hits him before he gets in again, ohhh and a want a be trumpet, I would think he is a white nationalist and part of the KKK

  16. That’s what they meant by For The People, what a joke. People never learn. Remember why Conservatives got the boot last time?

  17. How does everybody believe we should handle the deficit? I'm curious cause let's be honest. It isn't going to fade away in thin air. Do we want to end up like the Greeks? Go bankrupt. The rich aren't paying enough taxes and public servants are raking in the salary. Yes, we should tax the middle class more, they need to pay more. That's it.

  18. This is what Toronto gets for electing a failed politician for a mayor. He's just mad cause his pay has been cut by the Ontario premier.

  19. You know what else raises concerns? Why are illegal immigrants STILL crossing over the border and bypassing our vetting process?

  20. lol.. everyone should have justice.. that's hilarius! Anyone want to talk about Brian's Law? That allows a person to be locked up with no lawyer and no judge.. no court system at all.. so this whole segment is laughable..

  21. Don't ever expect the well fed/rich to help the under fed/poor. This man Ford talks like he cares for the common man (All ways saying he has consulted with hundreds and hundreds of people)but his actions are aimed against the common man. Cuts to healthcare education and simple everyday services effect all area's of our society.When have less healthy uneducated people and no access to everyday services and less prosperity in general you have a more sick and crime plagued society come on that's just common sense. Doug Ford should no matter how much you cut it won't help if the interest on the debt is to high to repay and we can't reduce the principal that is the real problem our money making cuts to our budget to reduce debt is futile if we don't get our money under control. Now real people suffer at the expense of expensintivity and idolized political beliefs. Judge someone based on there actions not there words. I hope many have learned a lesson today take care everyone and may you all have a prosperous day. 👊🙏👊

  22. Look, when doug ford cut the toronto city council in half, the city council doubled their paycheque. I don't blame ford for having to cut healthcare in toronto as a result. If you're mad, complain to city hall; not Doug.

  23. Conservative voters get sick too, shooting yourself in the foot means you can't get health care to treat your own wounds. Go Ford go! WTF.

  24. You want to fight the opioid crisis, pull the war criminals from Afghanistan, the source of the opium. You want to help the refugees with "access to justice," stop bombing their countries!

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