Opening Day at UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay

(introductory music) (background talking) – Thank you all so much. Let’s just have a great day. (applause) We’ve been planning for a few months now. This is very much like
a military operation. There’s over 400 people
involved in the move. Everybody has very specific rules. We have practiced this several times. We have teams that help the patient get from the bed to the gurney. We have transporters to take
the gurney to the ambulance. And then we have qualified
medical transport teams that take the patient, in the ambulance, from Parnassus to Mission Bay and up to the new unit. – When we were training,
our nurses were so enthused about the rooms and the new equipment that they called it, it’s
a healthcare Christmas because it’s just, that’s how it felt. It felt like a gift to all of us. (cheering) – Teared up in the morning, happy now or shouting out joy when
each patient rolls on. It’s just wonderful. – When you go to hospitals normally, you can tell that there’s
sick people around. You can tell that things
aren’t always like, happy for everyone because
it just looks down, no matter how many fighting
nemo’s you paint on the walls. But, in here, I don’t know. There’s something about like, the wood, like the cabinets that make
you feel like you’re at home where you can feel comfortable. You don’t feel sick anymore, I guess. – Ya know, it’s all open
and sunny and colorful and there’s things to do. There’s the art room, art therapy. A design studio and that just
makes everything a lot easier because when your brain isn’t worried about your body and how you’re feeling, it’ll give you time to heal. Ya know, I’ve toured here a couple times, but now that I’m staying here, just seeing that
everything’s in full effect, has been, it’s been really cool. – This is a hospital that says, we literally have built this for you. We know that you’re here at a time of extreme crisis and stress and so, to the extent that we could give you an environment that is calming, on top of all of our other resources that, you know, we provide to help you cope, that was really important. (music)

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