Opioids: What Parents Need to Know

Opioids are killing our country day by day and while doctors know about the crisis they still prescribe opioids to patients who may be unaware of the dangers. Traverse City is not that different than what’s happening around the country we’re seeing a national epidemic happening. According to milive.com in the Traverse City area, ten thousand six hundred ninety eight people have been prescribed opioids in the past year. Many of those prescriptions have been given to people under the age of 18. Some of the biggest problems with heavy amounts or large amounts of drug. It’s being written have come from people that are prescribing for children and they’re prescribing hundreds of pills, for something that is not necessary. Katie Julian is a nurse practitioner who works with prescribing pain medications. Julian’s daughter attends East middle school and says that she would never let her child take opioids because of how dangerous they are. I would do anything to keep my child from ever taking an opioid medication. I would not have my child ever be allowed to take that. Katie Julian also suggests that adults should stay away from opioids I would ask every parent out there to secure their medications at home to keep them locked up. A huge source of prescription drug abuse comes from our own medicine cabinets. There will be a new law coming into effect in Michigan in the summer that will make it mandatory for physicians to inform both a child and the parent about the risks associated with opioids. Parents need to understand the risks of prescription opioids. I think that they need to be aware that addiction can happen easily and at any time with these medications. If parents are in a place where a physician has prescribed an opiate for their child, I would question it and absolutely refuse to take that medication. Nancy Dow mother of former TCAPS student Dana Hendrickson was prescribed opioids for seven straight months leading to her death in April of 2017. If we want to make a difference we have to find a way to stop the drug companies who manufacture these very addictive drugs that are making billions of dollars. We also have to put a stop to the doctors who so freely hand out these prescriptions to people, knowing that they’re very addictive and yet offer no other help to them but these drugs. As you can see opioid prescriptions can be very dangerous and are very addictive. This has been Grace and Christian reporting for Trojan TV.

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