Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Battery Toothbrush Review – USA

this is the oral-b pro-health clinical battery-powered electric toothbrush I've been testing it for few weeks and I'm here to give you my full review so this ProHealth clinical electric toothbrush is battery-powered it has two AAA batteries in this brush as you'll see here as I've removed the bottom cap to the brush handle now these two batteries come supplied with this electric toothbrush and it's quite unusual now to have electric toothbrushes that are powered by batteries so this is one of a rare breed and in fact is a very good example of those powered by dual AAA batteries so as you can see here we've kind of got quite a simplistic yet bold design it's a gloss white plastic body with quite an expanse of blue rubber grips around the brush handle so these grips make it really nice and easy to hold if the brush is wet or not the gloss white plastic is smooth to the touch and then we've got this one single power button on the front of the brush handle that powers the brush on and activates the one-and-only cleaning mode the daily clean mode so in the box with the ProHealth electric toothbrush you get the brush handle itself to Duracell double-a batteries this precision clean brush head and basically that's it so it's very minimal there's not lots of features built into this brush like there are in a lot of other electric toothbrushes so there's no timer built in there's no pressure sensor there's no additional cleaning modes so that is a downside to this brush but it is made by Ruby so you can expect pretty good quality and all seems to be well with this brush but perhaps the biggest weakness is around the seal on the battery compartment there is a seal there but over time this potentially could wear and allow for water ingression so be careful although this is water resistant it's not waterproof don't go submerging it or anything like that you do have the removable and interchangeable brush head you get the precision clean brush head included we cleans the teeth really well and will offer up to 100% more plaque removal than a manual toothbrush you can also change this with other brush heads available from oral-b they vary in what they do and their price but typically they're around about five dollars to replace a brush head they clean the teeth really well give quite a punchy clean feeling slide downside here is because this is a dual AAA battery powered brush the motor inside this brush travel is not as powerful as a lot of the more expensive electric toothbrushes so you don't get quite the same level of clean but certainly a step up from a manual toothbrush and it makes for a good step up from that manual toothbrush so when you power the brush on it will launch into the cleaning mode that carries on running until you actually stop the power button so there's nothing to encourage you to clean for the full two minutes which dentists recommend but fairly impressed more impressive is the battery life that you actually get from these dual AAA batteries so these batteries can run up to 900 minutes which is 225 days of usage from this electric toothbrush which is pretty incredible now the thing to note is you get no battery status icon or warning so over time you will notice the brush head slow down and the power reduce so you may need to replace them sooner you need to keep an eye on that but this is great for travelers or those who want something basic to kind of throw in the bag as kind of maybe even a backup because it is a a powered now the price of this is pretty fantastic it's just ten dollars which works out about six cents per day over a three-year period that's a time period we like to price over here at lecture teeth now there are obviously limitations when you compare it to the much more expensive and more conventional electric toothbrushes but we have to give this a 5 out of 5 rating give them what it offers for the price point for ten dollars this is superb you could spend a lot more and get a lot more but for the money this is a really good brush to buy I would generally encourage if you can afford it to buy a better one one that has everything like that but if your budget can only sort of stretch to the sort of $10 price point well worth the investment so that's the oral-b pro-health electric toothbrush


  1. Hello there, thanks for the great video, i have the same brush and have been using it for quite a while but in between i switched to something else until recently, when i tried using it again it simply didn't work, don't know why and i had to buy new one :), anyways my question is can i clean the head by removing it after every use and run the water through the head cylinder to clean it well, or, just leave it on a run it under tap water, please advise, thanks

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