Oral Medication Administration Part 1

welcome to Pio medication returned those students good morning glad you could join me we're going to be giving medications to mrs. Cortez this morning I've talked to her about the fact that you're going to come in with me so let's get started the first thing we're going to do is we're going to grab as Cortez's chart we want to look through the chart make sure we have mrs. Cortez this chart this is route to Cortez we're going to turn to the doctor order section okay you've gone to the physician order section while we're looking and opening your chart we want to check the chart for several things for giving her medications we want to make sure she doesn't have any allergies we want to make sure that she has no swallowing difficulties we want to make sure she's not at any fluid restrictions and we're going to flip to the medication section to read her order we want to check for the rights of the medication so we want to make sure the medication has a route we want to make sure the medication has a dose the medication has a time we want to make sure we have the right individual and we want to make sure that the medication order itself is done date and timed and written timing for this patient this patient is on lasix 20 milligrams POV ID potassium chloride 20 mil Epona's P o daily digoxin 0.25 P o daily we want to hold her to Jackson if her heart rate is less than twenty to sixty Benton suspension 400 milligrams p oq' 12 hours and that is our order we're going to take the chart set it down to gather our supplies what we're going to need for her medication administration is a medication tray we're going to need some medication cups and we're going to need the patient's Marc record so prior to getting started here we want to wash our hands in a jean is very important throughout all nursing actions that we take the other important thing with washing hands is letting our hands in and tries are dry prior to taking any action or just rub your hands you need the friction when you're using a no rinse sanitizer okay so we're going to open the medication record and we're going to find mrs. Cortez and this is what our medication record looks like we're going to compare just for accuracy to make sure our medication order was transcribed correctly to her bar we see her lay 620 POV ID with a 620 the OB ID her potassium chloride 20 mil equivalents P o daily her digoxin 0.25 vo one tablet daily and her augmented suspension 400 milligrams p oq' 12 hours so at this point we are done with her chart since we've identified everything is accurate and for Brad we're going to put it aside you can also with this team take her bar out of the medication record here individually so that we can put this aside in him or brown on our medication part at this point we're going to do our first meditation check so we're going to set up our medication cups and we're going to get out for medication for maritza for test support tests like for my first check by identifying our medications first being licensed we're going to look for the lasik tablet we have a Styx 20 mil of : tablet one tablet and look at the expiration date this expiration is 5 of 2011 the next is for potassium here's our potassium it's 20 Villa footless one castle expiration date five of 2011 so that is good the medication is all intact the packaging is intact next one is for digoxin – shocks in 0.25 milligrams one tablet daily so we have one tablet intact expiration date 9 of 2012 so that's good and then augmented it's 400 milligrams this is a liquid medication so we need to look on the bottle and see the equivalent for the concentration this augmentin is 400 milligrams for 5 MLS so we know being the doses 400 milligrams a patient needs to take 5 MLS and that is our first check our second check we're going to put our arm to the side and then we will place it in the cup first thing is our base it's lasix 20 and 1/2 Evan we're going to put potassium chloride 20 milliequivalents potassium chlorine 20 minutes with that in the country then we have two jocks in 0.25 milligrams one and we're going to put this in a separate cup in case the patient it's heart rate is lower than 60 and we can't give the medication and the last being our augmentin again 400 milligrams per 5 MLS 400 milligrams we need to get poured out into little liquid medication you want to put your cup on a flat surface you want to pour and Bend open your cup you want to cover your label so that you don't trip on your label when you're pouring we're going to shake our medication bottle up well to make sure it's all mixed and then remove the lid making sure that we put the lid up right you want to bend down while recording our liquid communication so we make sure that we can see the correct amount and at this point we could wipe off the top of the bottle so that we don't trip down get onto the label so this is our second that was our second and now we're going to do a third check because we're going to put this away and not bring the bottle with us into the room so we want to make sure we have 400 milligrams of augmentin and 5 MLS augmentin 5 MLS we've checked the expiration date it expires 5 of 2011 here's our five of those okay we're going to put the offense in a way at this point students were ready to go meet mrs. Cortez and bring your medications we're going to get to the room


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