Orange Park Medical Center Trauma Center

– I like the vigor of Orange Park, it’s a growing town,
it’s a growing hospital. It’s very progressive and constantly looking to improve and innovate. – If you look at the MSA, the Metropolitan Statistical Area in Northeast Florida there’s about 1.2 million people here. I think certainly, just based
on sheer population numbers, this region can support
two trauma centers. – One thing about trauma care
that’s a little different than medical care provided to patients is that we consider the patient’s injury when we begin focusing on
any areas of improvement from the minute that they are injured. That certainly focuses with EMS, so we evaluate the care done in the field, and to see were the
correct resources available for the patient in the area
that they were injured, and are there ways that we
can help improve that process. – In addition to having
a surgeon on site 24/7, we have one room in the
OR that’s fully dedicated to being ready for any victim of trauma that presents to the emergency department. – I did not have one nurse or doctor that I didn’t think was
helpful or caring for me. – Caleigh, unfortunately, had a very bad motor vehicle accident. She did extensive damage
to her arm and hand. – The asked where I wanted to go, and they said Orange Park’s
probably the best choice because it was a great hospital,
the location was great. – The medical team, honestly wasn’t sure that we were going to
be able to save her arm. By us having the resources
of the operating room available 24 hours a day, she was able to get to the operating room quickly, with the hand surgeon
specialist that she needed. Having the proximity of this trauma center for Caleigh was vital to her success. – I got here and I got the help I needed. – For any victim of trauma,
the sooner you can get them into the system and provide evaluation, stabilization, and treatment,
the better they’re gonna do. HCA has invested a lot of
time, energy, and capital into building this trauma program. What they’ve really done is
increased the medical staff. HCA has hired specialists at Orange Park that weren’t previously
here, just to make sure we had adequate specialty coverage for the types of injuries we
would see as a trauma center. We have full-time neurosurgery capability, orthopedic surgery, spine surgery, maxillofacial and facial
reconstructive surgery, cardiovascular surgery, we have hand surgery available to us. – So one of the important
pieces to a trauma center is not only providing
the care for the patients after they are injured
in the acute setting, but also to help prevent injury. So every year we give out over 500 free bicycle helmets to
children in the community. We do the fitting and we
speak at local high schools, where we do various
distracted driving programs. We work with the Florida Highway Patrol, who actually has a
simulator that simulates to teenagers what it’s actually like to text and drive and
have an accident occur. So they get a first-hand
experience of how distracting texting and driving is, and how fast it can cause a life-changing event. – Most of the patients we’re seeing here are either from Clay County
or Southwest Jacksonville, but we’re seeing a
substantial number of patients from St. John’s County
now, with air transport. So the biggest thing we’re
doing is improving access to trauma care for victims
of trauma in this region. (light synth music)

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