Organic Herb Gardening Tips : Medicinal Uses For Fresh Oregano

This is an herb- this herb is Mexican oregano.
It eventually will make a bush about five feet tall and about four feet wide and it
has a purple bloom that is a trumpet shape- very beautiful, and it blooms all over the
plant in late summer. It hasn’t started blooming yet this year. This is my favorite
oregano- there are hundreds of different types of oregano, and this is my favorite. It grows
wild in the mountains in Mexico. And what you do is you pick it and you strip it like
that and you put it in- when you’re making spaghetti sauce you can sauté it with the
onions and thyme, tarragon, oregano, a little rosemary, and marjoram. And you can sauté
that with the onions and then add your tomato sauce and your other vegetables. Oregano is
good for indigestion, and the Mexicans say that it will take care of intestinal parasites.
It’s an anti-bacterial.


  1. Sage is great too. I use it for everything, cuts, fungal infections, and bacterial infections. It has over fifteen chemicals in it with proven anti-fungal, antibiotic, astringent, and antispasmodic effects. Now i'm just a novice, but as a warning I have to mention that people who are pregnant should take herbs cautiously. They may effect your child in unforeseen ways.

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