Organize with Me: Under the Guest Bathroom Sink

Hi lovelies! It’s me, Simply Cherie, helping
you make home and entertaining simple. If you’re new to my channel and you like
organizing and decluttering videos, please consider subscribing. I love doing
those things on my channel. Today i am going to refresh, reorganize, declutter
under the sink in the guest bathroom. I decluttered and reorganized under the
guest bathroom sink I think about a year ago. It was right after I had the new
vanity put in because we had a little flood in her house and insurance took
care of it. So I was going through it a couple weeks ago and noticed that it
looks a little bit untidy. So let’s tidy it up, declutter some things, and I saw
some things in there that we’re really not using. So I’m probably gonna get rid
of those. This is what it looks like. If you want to see my other video of how
I organized and refreshed the medicine cabinet, I’ll put it in the i-cards above. I think it’s the Home Depot brand. I forgot the name of it. Something like Home
Decorators. And I just switched out the knobs. They came with a chrome one about
a year ago. We got a new cabinet and vanity both from Home Depot. So you can
see it’s relatively organized. I’m just gonna take everything out, wipe it down,
and then reorganize it. Take anything out here that we’re not absolutely using or
need for guests. And then this is the other side yeah so I do do that
sometimes like I got these put a nice place for that and then this
drawer has some cleaning rags some more supplies there and these are like they
look like books you know they’re like little boxes and I use these a lot too
before you can put like here I have hair bands the other one I have the hand
sanitizers you can put remote controls if you put it in the family room liquid
hand soap there and some more soap I guess I will change that you know I get
some slack from calling it feminine care so maybe I’ll just put what should I
name it leave me a comment below okay then here are some bath supplies which
aren’t completely all back supplies I have lots of sunscreen and that’s been
an issue because I would buy sunscreen and I’d have them in different areas so
this is where I keep the hair dryer be there I need to fix that cleaning caddy
stays relatively organized I need a new one of those I just gotta fix this I’ve
probably wash it all right so I’m gonna keep this extra
off I might let go of this okay this goes with the other bars of soap
keeping that shower gel okay so this is gonna go up to my room I’m keeping all
the sunscreen here okay this will also go to my room I use that and here’s
another sunscreen and then let me just wipe out the inside drover so I’m gonna bring this up to my room
we’ll use that one up all right this will go to my room also we’ll use that
up and we are pretty good at using up products those things are all going up
to my room to be used and this one will be put in its proper place I will put
here with the soap because that is part of the best supplies here I’m gonna
organize it pretty much the same as I did before that will go on top there I
like this material and I’m just gonna keep it like that instead of putting a
shelf liner there were two other containers in this drawer and I opened
them just now this is my dog she’s a dachshund Molly I’m gonna put this with
her stuff and then here are some more sunscreen again so I think I’m gonna put
all the sunscreen in here these are gonna go with my first-aid kit that’s
upstairs I’ll keep this with bath supplies and so
I’m going to get all these sunscreens I’m trying to fit them all in here
if they do okay they don’t all fit so I put one there that’s bad supplies in
this container I put all the extra sunscreens in here so now I know how
much sunscreen I have to buy more and then those three full bags of Epsom salt
and the one that was opened are in here I know that I can fill that up that
would go there and then the cleaning rags are here so that’s what the drummer
looks like then this bag has the original knobs for the cabinet I’m gonna
go ahead and donate these because it’s been a year and I’m not switching out
the knobs for the cleaning caddy I went ahead and just tidied it up like that I
think it might be better here since the cleaning rags are here in the drawer
I’ll have the towels here so these towels are from Target and then the
hairdryer basket will be over here to the right so I just tied up the cord
there hair spray these are all the things that came out
of the cabinet there so the rags I’ll just be washing
that’s donate this will go to Molly’s stuff all those will go to my bathroom
to be used up this will go to the cleaning supplies in the laundry room
and this will also go to the laundry room and then I sell that coupons those
are still good till the end of the year this is what the gifts bathroom sink
looks like I’d like it to be as tidy as possible and then when you go to open
this it’s all nice and tidy and refreshed and organized now everything
has a purpose and I know where my extra supplies are and there’s nice breathable
space there and then for the guests they know that the hairdryer is here in this
basket and extra towels will be in here I hope you enjoyed this video please
leave a comment below and let me know what you absolutely have to have under
the sink in your guest bathroom and I will see you in the next one bye okay
I looked out my front window because I thought somebody was peeking in that’s
scary that’s scary


  1. Another fantastic video I keep lotion perfume cologne wallflowers and fresh flowers in my guest bathroom💋I thank the Lord for you and all your. Organizational skills have a great week,Dianne

  2. Hi Cherie ☺️ Perfect organising 👍 It Really goes well Bath Supplies n Feminine Supplies 👍 Your previous label was also Good ☺️ Have a Great Day 😊

  3. Great video
    I would add air freshener , toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper

    Keep the feminine hygiene Stuff . That’s really nice

    Why do u have so much sunblock? I never buy too much as they expire

  4. Why would anyone give you slack for labeling it 'feminine care'? It's items to care for the needs of females! Thus, feminine care! I would be careful with sticking up on Sun block. They say it's only good for that season you purchased it. I would have a basket under the sink with toothbrushes, small tubes of toothpaste, samples of bath & beauty products & travel sized items. That way, your guests will have all they need if they forgot anything. Cute bath!

  5. Great video Cherie! Love the organizational solutions and the pretty towels. Your vanity is gorgeous as well, lots of usable space ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Aheehee the ending 😊 I love that you use up products! Resourcefulness is one major key to reducing waste ❤❤❤

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