Organizing Medications | Clutter Video Tip

Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero and today’s Clutter
Video Tip is about organizing your medications. I’m just getting over a cold, so I thought
this would be a great subject for today. We have some over-the-counter medications here.
I would like to organize those by what they do. This one is fever and pain. We have stomach
and digestion here and we have this giant bin for ear, nose and throat. [POP] And if
you have individual medications that are either prescriptions or supplements that you take
on a regular basis, I recommend having a bin for each person in the household. So, this
is actually, by the way, a drawer divider. You don’t have to find exactly the right
small bin. Drawer dividers can sit on a shelf [POP] as well as in a drawer, so this works
really well. If the person taking multiple supplements and medications wants to organize
that a little better and not open up [POP] all the different pill bottles every single
day, you can buy pill organizers like these. They have larger ones as well with different
times of day for dosage, but this is the simplest kind. And you can just once a week deal out
all of the medications you need for a day and then you finish with that for a while.
We should talk about disposal of medication because when you’re organizing your medications
you will [POP] run into a lot of expired ones and you don’t want to put those down the
toilet. That will pollute the water supply. So, you do want to [POP] put liquid medications
with some kind of salt or kitty litter or sand to kind of solidify them and then put
them in the trash. And you want to put pills mixed with some kind of water or other way
of making them not easily digestible by another human or animal and put those into the trash
as well. The recommendations on that do change frequently and you hear varying opinions on
that, so you can go to this website [POP] that I’m putting on the screen for the most
updated information and see what you’d like to do for disposal. If you need help getting
organized in your bathroom and your kitchen with your medications, whatever it is, we
have a team of experts available seven days a week at a very affordable price in our member
message board area. You can learn more at See you next time and may you always be happy
and grateful for having more than enough.


  1. The crud is creeping around my house right now. What a perfect time to get all of our medications organized. Thanks again, Clutter Diet!

  2. Our family keeps the daily meds for everyone in one bin – a photo organnizer box that looks nice on the shelf. To make it easy to pick out our own meds, we have a color for each person, and put a transparent dot on the top. Our OTC meds are in bins, like what is shown. Makes things really easy!

  3. Iv just started doing my fathers meds, and the week dispensers are a real pain. They are Ok if you keep the pills in their foil wrappings so you know what they are, but otherwise it can be really confusing which meds are what. Some meds here in the UK dont have what they are on the tablet/pill.

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