Orthopaedic Physician Assistant: Stephanie Bonham, MPT, MS, PA-C

My name is Stephanie Bonham. I’m a physician assistant. I specialize in orthopaedic
surgery in foot and ankle. I started my career as a physical
therapist right out of college, and I worked in physical therapy for
about four to five years. And, though I enjoyed that profession,
I wanted more. And so I went back to school, and that’s when I discovered
the field of orthopaedics. In foot and ankle,
I see a lot of bunions, hammer toes, ankle arthritis, ankle sprains. In particular, with ankle arthritis,
we offer ankle replacements here at Duke, which is not a well known or
well practiced surgery. Before surgery I work with
patients to work them up, to see if they’re a candidate for
total ankle replacements. We evaluate their x-rays,
we evaluate their CT scans, and sometimes an MRI,
to see if they are a candidate. And then I refer them to
the appropriate foot and ankle surgeon. I really have an amazing team of nurses,
PAs, and surgeons that I work with here at Duke. And we all have a common goal, and
that common goal is patient care.

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