OSHO: Meditation The Medicine for Spiritual Health

Silence shared in words Preview OSHO.tv Meditation the Medicine for Spiritual Health Why is childlikeness compared to meditation? when a man is reborn only then he understands the beauty and the grandeur of childhood The child is ignorant hence he is unable to understand the tremendous innocence that surrounds him Once a child becomes aware of his own innocence there is no difference between the child and the sage The sage is not higher and the child is not lower The only difference is the child knows not what he is and the sage knows it. I am reminded of Socrates In his very last moments of life he said to his disciples “When I was young I used to think I knew much As I became older as I knew more a strange thing started happening an awareness that knowing more was bringing me to knowing less.” And finally when the Oracle of Delphi declared Socrates to be the wisest man in the world… the people of Athens were very happy and they went to Socrates but Socrates said “Go back and tell the Oracle that at least for once its prophecy has been wrong Socrates knows nothing.” The people were shocked They went to the Oracle… but the Oracle laughed and said, “That’s why I have declared him the wisest man in the world! Copyright© OSHO International Foundation www.OSHO.com/copyright OSHO is a registered Trademark of OSHO International Foundation


  1. Thank you for all your continuous knowledge, motivation together with coaching to help my quest to turning out to be more consciously mindful furthermore spiritually connected.

  2. The video is about knowingness and it doesn't answer the question.
    The title of the video has nothing to do with the content of it.

  3. Love the moment at 2.00 when he looks at his hand and continues speaking as if he forgot his speech and just reminded himself a little bit what's next…

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