Ostarine (MK-2866; Enobosarm) – Results, Clinical Trials & Side Effects

sup guys Derek more plates more dates calm today we're gonna be talking about austrane also known as MK two eight six six and in no bows arm so we're gonna be going over everything there is to know about a complete overview top to bottom Austrian is the most well known and extensively studied selective androgen receptor modulator right now it's categorized as a storm because of its unique selectivity at the androgen receptor where it exhibits a significant amount of anabolic activity in the body relative to a neurogenic activity so it's being researched to determine if it's a potential treatment for the management of muscle and bone wasting diseases basically I'm gonna talk somewhat briefly it's gonna be pretty elaborate actually about its potential therapeutic applications side effects anecdotal findings based on my own personal research etc so what is it exactly it's also known as the noble SARM GTX – zero 24 and mk2 eight six six so it's armed and SARS like Austria and stimulate androgen receptors in a selective way whereby they induce a significantly greater amount of anabolic activity in the body relative to the energetic activity so that's sort of where you know you define something as ass arm is its selective action at the end Regine receptor in the way it activates it and you know induces and transcribes its effects testosterone was just to give it a bit of background on you know the conception of sarbs testosterone was the first anabolic androgen to be approved for use in a clinical setting however its scope of versatility has always been severely limited by its androgen isset ii and it's from a co kinetic issues most notable being its lack of selectivity for muscle tissue to other androgen affected tissues like the prostate and also not being bio orally bioavailable so testosterone has a two-to-one selectivity for muscles of prostate and this lack of selectivity essentially disqualifies it entirely in a clinical setting for women as well as men in many scenarios due to the significant amount of energetic activity that would occur to systemic level during the attempted management of muscle or bone wasting diseases this is where you know the therapeutic promise of sarbs kind of comes into place and shows itself as a viable a potentially viable alternative so the ideal anabolic agent for you know the management of these diseases would demonstrate anabolic selectivity and muscle and bone without suppressing luteinizing hormone not negatively interacting with other steroid receptors in the body exhibit a high level of oral bioavailability without the need for methylation and avoid 5 alpha reduction to DHT and aromatization into estrogen so obviously that's you know like a tall bill to fill so sorry first discovered in 1998 and when I say that that doesn't mean thats arms fit that specifically they just are the closest thing to fitting that ideal anabolic description as of as of now so sorry first discovered in 1998 following which several different compounds were developed by a for a variety of pharmaceutical companies in order to find a viable compound to satisfy the you know obvious need for mitigating degenerative muscle and you know bone disease treatments so Austrians mechanism of action by exhibiting such favorable selectivity for stimulating increases in muscle tissue and strength relative to energetic activity in affected tissues Austrian has the potential advantage that it could be used at relatively low dosages its orderly bioavailable could potentially circumvent some of the negative effects that stem from traditionally used anabolic steroids converting to five alpha reduced androgens in modern medicine that may raise the risk of benign prostate hyperplasia accelerate the development of prostate carcinoma increase the probability of acne breakouts exacerbate substantially expedite androgenic alopecia male pattern baldness etc it could also potentially eliminate the incidence of energetic side-effects in women entirely while still potentially inducing enough anabolic activity to offset any muscle or bone loss occurring from degenerative disease so while this is very beneficial for both men and women its lack of antigenicity and women makes this very promising for females even minor amounts of androgens can cause viralization making it extremely difficult to find compounds that are potent enough to offset musculoskeletal degenerative diseases with no side effects in women not only does Austrian increase muscle mass and strength it increases tendon strength ligament health bone Desson bone density and encourages collagen turnover has good bioavailability orally like I mentioned and this makes oral dosing viable as opposed to you know traditional anabolics you know have required intramuscular injections with which is obviously less practical and the adherence to that would be extremely low among patients likely and then you know the only other option is oral dosing with methylated anabolic steroids that our liver talks it can require a methyl or ethyl group at the c-17 alpha position to be orally bioavailable and austrane was the closest SARM to making it through through clinical trials and being approved so as far as the pipeline right now of where it's at you can see it's well let's see it was the first drug let's go from the beginning it was the first drug to be put on the FDA's fast-track development program to become an approved drug for the prevention and treatment of muscle wasting diseases in her muscle wasting in patients with cancer in mid-2013 GTX announced that Austrian had failed it's late stage phase three trials as a lung cancer drug intended to prevent muscle wasting in these trials 325 patients were given three milligrams of Austrian per day or a placebo randomised trial to assess if Austrian would significantly prevent muscle loss in those who received the three milligram doses first those who didn't power during a stair climb test was used as a measure to assess improvement and physical function and secondary end points included an assessment of just quality of life did the patient feel like their quality of life had improved if they required less healthcare resources than the placebo group the trial was deemed a failure but the positive takeaway was that austrane demonstrated significant quantitative advantage in lean body mass compared to placebo and both trials so in layman's terms austrian on average increased or maintained a significantly greater muscle mass in the patients treated with it relative to those on the placebo so following that in 2016 gtx started a Phase two clinical trial to assess Austrians viability as a stress urinary incontinence treatment for women the results of that did not achieve statistical significance looking at the results of Austria in totality across all of its clinical trials we can make a more educated assessment on its viability for the purposes of selective increases in muscle mass relative to a neurogenic activity um it's been evaluated in 27 completed or ongoing clinical trials about 1,500 subjects in total have been treated with Austrian in some capacity dosages ranging from as well as 0.1 milligrams all the way up to 100 milligrams per day Australia was observed to be generally safe and well tolerated in all of those trials one notable one was a phase 2 trial and it evaluated Austrian as a form of hormonal therapy for women with estrogen receptor positive and androgen receptor positive breast cancer and it was broken down into two dose cohorts with one group getting 9 milligrams daily and the other getting 18 milligrams daily the Phase two trial pre specified threshold for success clinical benefit response was attained meeting the trials primary efficacy Stann endpoint on the trial enrolled the predefined number of valuable patients in both dosage arms with at least 44 patients in each of the two cohorts receiving nine or 18 milligrams of the daily doses of Austrian respectively it represented or presented the first opportunity for us to kind of gather clinical data representing what results would occur with what is generally considered to be you know like high Austrian dosages so obviously in the context of the recreational bodybuilding community to them a high dose of Austrian is like you know well I guess it's kind of like up for debate and it's perspective related but you know the studies that people look usually look at are you know the low like 1/2 milligram studies but a lot of people don't realize there's these studies with 9 milligrams and 18 milligrams and women and interesting stuff as far as getting onwards to kind of comparisons to steroids themselves so as Austrian as strong as steroids you can pull up a graph here of Austrian vers nandrolone milligram for milligram Austrian is multiple times more effective at increasing lean muscle massive than nandrolone a very commonly used anabolic androgenic steroid like I'm sure you've heard of deca even though it's just nandrolone with a decant away tester or npp and nandrolone with the phenol propagate Esther so nandrolone is the drug itself and in this study comparing let's say nandrolone versus a myostatin antibody and comparing it to Austrian in men and women over 60 years old with hip fractures Austria outperformed both the nandrolone and the myostatin antibody but you have to consider this is milligram per milligram so yes while Austrian is stronger milligram per milligram than nandrolone the point of diminishing returns is likely different in terms of androgen receptor activation myostatin increasing relative to you know the compound itself binding affinity etc there's a lot of things that come into play here you can't just say on paper Oh Austrians you know better than nandrolone like milligram per milligram if you take 10 milligrams of Austrian versus 10 milligrams of Nana and a research subject per day you know what's gonna equate to a greater lean body mass a curl it's probably going to be the Austrian but that once you get to dosages significantly higher than that there's very likely a point of diminishing returns where nandrolone is gonna start edging it out but as far as this study in particular it's worth noting that that was a result as far as how Austrians stacks up to LGD 4033 Austrian obviously has you know very favorable selectivity for muscle tissue to prostate and other androgen defective tissues in comparison to LGD 4033 it it's outperform in almost all aspects though in milligram per milligram LGD 42:33 also known as a VK five to one one in official trials outperforms Austrian with greater increases in lean muscle mass and strength despite a ligand role is another name for up being more potent Austrians less suppressive which would make recovering natural testosterone levels a smoother and quicker process after discontinuation which is you know likely some sort of you know safety measure that will be considered if these compounds ever make it to clinical application especially in men who you know have to experience symptoms of hypogonadism just to run these things potentially you know that's gonna be a big factor as far as one common misconception Austrians commonly mistaken as s1 but it should be noted that s1 also known as c6 was one of the earliest Sarma's developed and is far weaker than Austrian it's not the same compound at all it's not the same SARM so just something to keep in mind because a lot of guys get that confused as far as dosages predictably Austrian caught the attention of the bodybuilding industry with you know its pre clinical profile blatant potential advantages in the performance-enhancing context I'm just going to be talking about it from a clinical standpoint because you know YouTube I don't want to derail the topic too much and it's insightful as it is so Austrian was initially trial at 0.1 milligrams zero point three milligrams one milligram and three milligrams per day it's not well-known like I mentioned it was also trialed at 9 and 18 milligrams and was generally well tolerated by women in that less commonly known phase 2 trial side-effects noted in the clinical trials decrease good cholesterol that is a given with any anabolic the clinical data on this is inconsistent as there are some studies that show of reductions in serum lipids namely HDL and LDL occurring in a dose-dependent manner with Austrian usage as well as data showing only reductions in HDL levels otherwise known as you know good cholesterol we at least know for sure – Austrian has a negative effect on HDL which is notable as this is a common side effect of all traditional antibiotics steroids and other storms despites arms ability to avoid significant energetic activity in the body they evidently do not differ very much from anabolic steroids in their effect on lipid profiles which should be noted because it's often overlooked and you know blood work isn't overly analyzed a lot in this community and the therapeutic context of the compound and its clinical data is very insightful if you actually dig into it testosterone suppression czars have shown to suppress luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone through the HPA decreasing test in a dose-dependent manner regardless of the SARM austrian has shown to significantly lower sex hormone binding globulin and serum testosterone total testosterone levels in clinical trials and subjects treated with one milligram of austrian or higher while shbg was always significantly impacted at notable dosages suppression of LH and FSH wasn't consistently proven through austrian clinical trials however after referencing anecdotal logs a baseline pre austrian blood work compared to mid austrian blood work with dosages several times higher than the 0.1 milligram point 3 milligram one milligram 3 milligram dosage is used in trials users you know commonly use upwards of 25 milligrams in a recreational context I would assert it safe to say that Austrian does show blatant reductions in all of these hormones in a dose-dependent manner and the dosages and the studies just weren't high enough to yield this data and even though it moves apparently their studies upwards of 100 milligrams this data isn't either is done you know in a context where this marker wasn't looked at or evaluated exclusively or it just wasn't published because some of the data is accessible some of it isn't but I think it's very safe to say that all Psalms are actually going to blatantly suppress all of these hormones and dose dependent manner it's just about reaching that threshold for that patient in the clinical context and there's you know specific endocrine system and they're you know individual propensity to things but I think at any dosage it's going to affect someone in a similar way regardless of what you know inconsistencies the data is showing in these clinical trials the process of recovering to baseline healthy endocrine function would be hindered to a far greater extent in steroid users though which seems to be represented in the data as well at least anecdotally as well as you know with the limited data we have in the human trials and kind of trying to gauge it against what was used in clinical trials for therapeutic anabolic steroid dosages in the same potential applications for degenerative disease you know attenuating muscle loss etcetera elevated estrogen or decreased estrogen so austrane doesn't aromatize into estrogen directly however via the suppression of natural testosterone levels it creates it can create an unfavorable balance between testosterone and estrogen in the body in addition by occupying the androgen receptor with such a high affinity Austrian can actually divert a significant amount of testosterone to aromatized into estrogen that wouldn't have otherwise this in turn can create an elevation of estrogen levels in the body which is commonly mistaken as a Sarn being laced with pro hormones or being an anabolic steroid and a lot of times it's just not understanding the mechanism of action of what's going on in the body while austrane can cause an elevation of estrogen via the increased aromatization of circulating endogenous testosterone long term use or high dosages of Austrian can cause an opposite effect where the body has such a low level of circulating test via endocrine suppression that you no longer have enough aromatization occurring in the body leading to an array of health problems derived from lack of estrogen rather than too high or out of balance test to estrogen ratio there's a need for a certain amount of estrogen to fulfill certain physiological functions and I can see the long-term use of austria in a clinical setting being limited by this specific factor especially for well for both men and women but this is where the use of exogenous you know estrogen would then come into play but do I really think that you know caregivers are gonna you know get that deep into this even if this drug ever makes it even if this compound ever makes it to be approved like I don't know like to be honest I don't know if if women can't even get you know androgen replacement if needed if they're deficient in menopause so I don't really see SARS for at least several decades being you know evaluated in a context like this I thought it was worth noting cuz that's basically what's gonna happen in the body if these compounds get a proven or used you know long term applications in alternative hormone replacement therapy and men this is just an avenue I wanted to explore as it's interesting topic often brought up and a lot of ambiguity around it Austrian doesn't aromatize an estrogen like I mentioned which like I sort of briefly just touched on kind of disqualifies it as a viable form of stand-alone hormone replacement therapy and men a lot of basic physiological functions and men rely on the aromatization of testosterone to estrogen and low estrogen side effects can be just as harmful to one's health as high ones in hypothetical long-term HRT applications strain would likely need to be used in conjunction with exhaustion assess region to maintain blood serum concentrations to fulfill physiological functions that would otherwise be dependent on the body's endogenous aromatization of testosterone estrogen which is no longer occurring in sufficient amounts androgenic activity in the body Austrian has a dose-dependent increase in androgen activity in the body so it's extremely selective for muscle and bone relative to androgen affected tissues yes but all Solms Austrian included display a systemic increase in androgen activity hence there is still potential for androgen related side-effects it's just to a far lesser extent than traditional anabolic androgenic steroid the ratio of anabolic to energetic activity is favorable enough whereby the therapeutic dose necessary to yield the desired level of muscle retention and bone mass in a musculoskeletal degenerative disease context it would ideally not be high enough or any notable energetic activity could take place that thus arm would still be generally well tolerated with a great safety profile and you know establishing the balance between all of these factors is the reason why no SARM has yet been approved for human use and it's you know it's very difficult to develop a compound with a substantial amount of anabolic activity with near a near complete absence of energetic activity that's kind of the limitation of you know Weis arms aren't all you know approved already as well as just lack of data interestingly enough there's actually a lot more data on some of these storms and there are on some of the anabolics that guys are slamming themselves in ten times the dosage is meant for the cows they were created for but that's kind of getting off track here hair loss all androgens cause hair follicle miniaturization the extent to which they do this is dependent on their individual cell activity binding affinity and dosage you use in general Austrian doesn't seem to cause any notable androgenic alopecia however this does not exclude temporary shedding which I've done a video on which you should check out if you haven't already because any hormone fluctuation can cause a shed and this is not to be confused with a neurogenic alopecia blood it's still hair loss nonetheless so all but temporary it's worth you know understanding how that works and it can occur liver toxicity another commonly misinterpreted thing about storm's short-lived increases in alt to above the upper limit of normal were observed in eight subjects in one of Austria's clinical trials the alt observations and seven of eight subjects had resolved while still continuing their daily dosage and no subject had clinically significant abnormal levels of alt or ast at the end of the study now one subject was discontinued due to an elevation in alt 4.2 times the upper limit of normal the alt in that subject returned to normal after discontinuation of the Austrian and this was with dosages of no higher than three milligrams per days it's only logical to assume that common recreational dosages of Austrian which are upwards of you know like twenty to twenty-five milligrams will likely exhibit some level of liver enzyme elevation and this is contradictory to common bro science theories that assert that there is zero chance of liver toxicity from storms at any dosage amount or that an increase in alt in their blood work must mean that they have you know methylated Pro hormones in their psalms or something at therapeutic dosages there appears to be a low risk profile but it should be noted that there may be some notable degree of liver toxicity at dosages commonly used for recreational performance enhancement which would likely resolve itself after cycling off but you know a common misconception is that czars are you know have no liver toxicity and that's just not the case lack of aromatization 5-alpha reduction Austrian does not aromatize and more importantly the lack of aromatization limits potential side effects that could occur from aromatization from traditional anabolic steroids like testosterone it does not undergo 5-alpha reduction either which is speculated to contribute to its sparing effect on the prostate and other and related tissues I don't believe this is the case whatsoever based on my own research and the reason for that is there are several androgens that do not undergo conversion to a more energetic compound when they hit 5 alpha reductase and one of the most notable being mint or trust alone if you haven't seen my video on mint I highly advise you to check that out trend bolon is another one some androgens are actually more energetic prior to five alpha reduction and present an increase in energetic side effects in androgenic side effects when they're inhibited with 5 alpha reductase inhibitors like finasteride do test-riding example of this is nandrolone if somebody you know was taking nandrolone and in conjunction with finasteride eat asteroid and was inhibiting it's 5 alpha reduction in two died hydro nandrolone which is it's less androgenic metabolite they would actually be increasing antigenicity in the body as opposed to reducing it with the 5ar inhibitor so austrian is inherently selective for the AR it's not its selectivity for muscle and bone tissue relative to androgen affected tissues in the prostate is not a result of its inability to be altered by 5 alpha reductase at least in my opinion so in conclusion austrian while it's one of the closest arms to being approved in a clinical setting i still think it has a way to go i honestly don't think it's the most ideal SARM for its potential therapeutic uses i think there are storms that present benefits or just are more efficacious milligram per milligram remains to be seen if it's gonna make it through but i just want to make a video elaborating on clarifying a lot of ambiguity about it you know clearing up some misconceptions and you know misguided opinions on it based on bro science and whatnot hope you guys enjoyed the video please like subscribe check out my blog more plates more dates calm I have a lot of the clinical studies linked there if you wanted to check them out thank you guys for watching talk to you soon


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