1. I Appreciate what you giving everybody KnA all day SWISR. ESC 215 TIL I DIE KEEP DOIN YA THING BRO ONE

  2. 🖤to the family and friends I've lost to this epidemic..shit hits.to my friends that fight everyday..keep fighting..🍀508🍀570🍀

  3. This guy never disappoints. This shit gotta hit so hard from him being from Kensington where it can look like zombieland at any minute. i hope this gets the recognition it deserves, not just from the trenches but from mainstream media (in Philly at least). After all, it'll be your kids from your serene suburban section that'll come down to North Philly and lose their whole soul! Salute OT the fuckin REAL

  4. If they didn’t sell ports so cheap I’d never have to see that station again lol. But nah It’s so sad, lost everyone in my fam to it, I just gotta keep on striving !!

  5. I tell you from experience that this is the most realest thing I’ve seen and heard it took me to od to realize this ain’t for me I went to treatment once it’s the same ol bullshit but when u gone and they bring u back ya life change either for better or worse it’s on you💯♨️soup kitchen keep doing what you doing and spread the message bro you gon be up there I consider you a great already because that fetenyal was dope but this is colossal 💯💯💯♨️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Wow…this has changed my perspective on the issue of addiction. I can’t believe this is our reality in philly. Can we bring the city back to the city that stood for brotherly love. We’re there’s love for your family and neighbor.

  7. I dont have a herion problem but my choice is xanax. I need about 10bars/20footballs a day. Shit is dumb. Wish i could just wake up and be like i never started and forget all the bs they caused

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