OTC Allied Health – Emergency Medical Services

i’ve always wanted to be the absolute best
that I could be in any situation. Being there for people, especially at their
weakest moments, it’s an incredible experience. I was looking for somewhere I could get quality
learning and experience at an affordable rate. And I found OTC and was super impressed with
everything I had heard about it. There’s huge benefit in the program being
offered through OTC. The cost because we’re a community college,
for our paramedic program are much lower than some university programs or other options
students have. Also because we are a large community college,
we still have the small community college feel, so we have very good relationships with
our students. We help them succeed and their success is
very important to every one of our faculty members. With our program, not only do they end up
with a certification and a paramedic license, but after a two year program they’ll also
end up with an associate degree from OTC as well. Our instructors are amazing, they really make
this program. They give us everything we need to be successful,
they take their time teaching us. If we don’t understand something or we have
questions, they have no problem meeting with us on a day that we don’t normally have class. It does change you, whether you want to admit
it or not. Just from the things that we’ve learned, it
inspires me so much more to be able to be the absolute best, to go to the highest bar
that I can reach. To be able to really be there for all of these
patients that really are in need. I would tell anybody coming in to the OTC
Paramedic that it’s going to be difficult, but it’s going to be worth it. To be able to help a patient on their absolute
worst day is rewarding.

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