Our Botox & Juvederm Lip Injections Experience | Try This Challenge | Refinery29


  1. I've been getting Botox since I was 22-23. I used to have deep deep lines on my forehead since I was in high school and they had got even worse in my early 20s that any foundation would crack on my forehead lines. I'll be 28 in few months and I'm so happy with my decision because it helped me to look like my age rather than a girl with 80 years old lines on her forehead

  2. it looks painful. how bad is the pain on a scale of 1-10 for the botox and i heard it helps with mirgraines one of u guys should test it and see if it works

  3. I like interesting refinery videos like this one. I have loooots of lines under my eyes (and no where else) that I've had forever and I'd love to get rid of. I guess I'm tired of people telling me that I look tired!

  4. Her lips looked really good and natural. I just hate that you have to keep going back. I want my top lip done too now 😩

  5. I'd consider trying botox because I have a deep frown line in the middle of my forehead since my late teens. I'm apprehensive though.

  6. YOU GUYS WERE AND ARE BEAUTIFUL! THE CROWS FEET AND LIPS…I FEEL YOU! I feel the same about myself…but the REST OF YOUR FACE (on both of you) are absolutely perfect!!! DO NOT TOUCH 😀

  7. I can't believe that this channel put up a video about Botox but didn't actually give any information about what Botox (botulism) is and that there are risks. So irresponsible.

  8. @Refinery29 are you able to disclose how many units of Botox the girl received and if she had a full or half syringe in the lips? I have very similar concerns and want to make sure the doctor doesn't recommend any more than what she received!

  9. Wow….crow feet gone!!! Frowny face gone! I definitely would love to get botox on my forehead…can you tell me about how much the forehead injections would be? Loved the video!

  10. Doesn't seem too idyllic- not being able to move your forehead… Aaaaand there goes facial expressions and nonverbal communication.

  11. Well at least as a black woman I know why white women hated black women and use to clown our figures, out features, and our hair. And the one thing that most black women can continue to say is that we were NATURALLY BUILT THIS WAY…We didn’t have to buy shiiiitttt. 😬

  12. Another botox / lip modification video with NO PRICE TRANSPARENCY. All of these videos encourage doing what you want, for yourself – but don't provide honest pricing models from the featured physicians.

  13. why mine i have to go back every week to do it again why u guys only one time its my first time to have botox last satiurday then saturday i go back again

  14. 0:11 same here. But I can't afford botox. Im happy I'm not the only one who been through this❤️. Your lips look amazing. Both of you guys look beautiful😘. Even before the surgery. But I can understand the reason you both got it done.🤗🙌

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