Our Clinical Culture | Ep. 337

a woman is suing her ooh BRR driver for refusing to take her to get an abortion meanwhile leftists weep over a sack full of puppies in a dumpster we will examine our clinical culture then 2020 Democrats continue to humiliate themselves and Cher yes cher marches further down the road to becoming a Republican I'm Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Knowles show this is the most important story in the news today and nobody is talking about it a woman is trying to sue her uber driver for not driving her to go get an abortion there there are so many political and cultural issues all in this one story this story basically epitomizes 2019 we will get to that in a second but first I target Pro I suspect a large number of you are gun owners like myself but you don't have a ton of time to practice not just time but money too especially if you live in California where guns are basically absolutely illegal and they will come and hunt you down if you exercise your Second Amendment rights guns shooting guns can be very expensive it's time-consuming it's inconvenient to go to the range but it's also necessary to do all of that especially to protect our constitutional rights what if you could practice in the comfort convenience and privacy of your own home introducing I target Pro the first Drive fire training system to combine smartphone technology with the industry's best laser bullet this is a complete game-changer I absolutely love this thing I never have time to go to the one or two ranges around Los Angeles it's very expensive it really becomes onerous especially if you shoot very fun guns like I do i target Pro changes all of that you can do it while sitting on your couch using your smartphone proprietary app tracks a caliber specific laser fits onto your actual firearm it will detect exactly where your shots are landing I target pros completely safe with a specific laser bullet target system you can begin training immediately right now get 10% off plus free shipping with the offer code Knolls KO wles when you purchase the I target Pro system experts agree dry fire training is essential now it is easy and fun it is so great if you aren't sure what to get dad this Father's Day go to the letter i' target procom get him something truly cool getting the original I target pro that is letter I target procom promo code Knowles Canada wles 20 year old woman in upstate New York finds out that she's pregnant she's not married she's got a boyfriend she finds out she's pregnant so she decides to go get an abortion now she doesn't have a car up where she is I think she's at college so she doesn't keep a car on campus she decides to call an uber and take her to the abortion clinic so her abortion appointment is 11:30 in the morning her uber shows up a couple minutes before 10:00 a.m. now according to her the driver seemed uneasy the driver asks her five minutes into the ride are we going to Planned Parenthood she says no apparently she's not going to Planned Parenthood but there was the address of a clinic in the app now presumably this woman maybe she looked pregnant somehow this driver has a feeling she's not just going to get her annual checkup so the driver asks are we going to an abortion clinic the woman remains silent that's all all she needs to hear all the driver needs to hear total silence so then he says I know it's none of my business but and he goes on to talk about his wife his wife apparently was pregnant or is pregnant he goes on to talk about how the abortion peddling industry does not give women all of the information about it does not talk about the huge rates of regret that women feel afterwards he tells her she's gonna regret this decision for the rest of her life let's not forget Jane Roe of roe v wade the number one iconic abortion rights activist became a major pro-life activist later in her life totally regretted everything she did with regard to abortion dr. Bernard Nathanson the founder of nay RAL the founder of the abortion rights organization became one of the biggest pro-life advocates he said they were lying throughout the pro-abortion movement he totally regrets what he did and what this uber driver was saying is you are going to regret this decision countless scores of women who were gonna get abortions who advocated for abortion who considered abortions totally came to regret it you can see them all at the March for Life so many of them go in March now in the March for Life so halfway to the clinic is the clinic's about an hour hour and a half away he pulls over he says I'm sorry I can't take you the rest of the way he said I can take you back to the city where you're from or I can stay here and wait with you well you call another uber he said if I Drive you back to the city where you're from you're not gonna be able to get another ruber middle of upstate New York but here I will wait with you until you get another uber but I cannot drive you to go get an abortion so she says no I don't want you to wait with me she calls her boyfriend he doesn't pick up I guess she calls him again maybe she calls him a third time finally he picks up and he says oh well you've got to call the abortion clinic and say you're gonna be a little late sounds like a great guy doesn't he sounds like a real upright guy but he really cares for her I bet it was a really good decision to date him doesn't go with her doesn't tell her not to get the abortion not to kill the kid doesn't even go with her to get the abortion he's back doesn't even pick up her call when she calls then he says oh yeah you're probably gonna want to call the abortion clinic so you're gonna be a little bit late huh that's it click so then she calls a cab cab takes her to the abortion clinic I guess she gets an abortion after this the woman contacts uber and demands that the driver be fired the driver who asked her at the very beginning are we getting in a are we going to get an abortion right are we going to Planned Parenthood are we going to an abortion clinic she was quiet she didn't he says look I'll wait with you well you call another uber or I will drive you back home you can try to call it over there but I personally cannot be complicit in killing a baby she contacts uber says he's got to be fired uber immediately fires the driver I'm from north of the city in New York spent a lot of time in upstate New York aren't a ton of jobs up there depending on which town you're in not the most booming economies in upstate New York immediately this guy loses his job for saying that he's not going to be complicit to an abortion but it goes further than that the woman now wants to sue the guy who are refusing to take her to go kill her child she's trying to find out if she has a case maybe she does what went wrong here everything everything about this story is wrong the most important aspect the most glaring aspect is that we treat abortion as though it's calling an uber I mean in this case she's literally treating an abortion like it's getting an uber you hear politicians talk about abortion on demand frivolous abortion abortion as birth control she is literally treating abortion as though she's calling an uber she's conflating the two she's saying if if you goober driver don't drive me to the abortion you were denying my rights you're denying my constitutional right to an abortion I don't know where in the Constitution that right exactly exists but she's saying that he's denying her rights the other aspect is that we treat people as inconveniences rather than as human beings we treat people as they're the only value that they have is a value as it relates to us obviously that's the case of this baby the woman has a baby she's pregnant she wants to kill it no regard to the value of her child no regard to its humanity only because it's inconvenient that she become a mother now she said that she said at the at the top of this she's spoken to the media and so I'm 20 years old I'm not ready to become a mother I'm not ready to take care of a child so I'm going to kill it well it's not all about you it's not all about your ability to care for a child how about you give the child up for adoption a lot of people in this country want to adopt babies do that no it's just about her about the uber driver this guy she calls on him asks him to perform a service he then finds out the reality of that service he says he doesn't want to do it and she gets him fired she gets him to lose his job now she's trying to take his money she's trying to sue him how about the boyfriend how about this dirtbag boyfriend who knocks up his girlfriend then tells her to go get an abortion then doesn't go with her to get the abortion then she gets held up she can't get a ride to get the abortion what does he do he finally picks up the phone he says oh well you got know you'll be late you you better make sure that they don't cancel your abortion appointment because that would be really inconvenient to me if you don't kill my child come on go do it take care of it what you bothering me for same thing this this woman is treating this guy not as a boyfriend not as a husband not as someone she's in love with she's she's buying into the feminist lie that our sexual relations between each other are just totally casual there totally it doesn't matter it's not look he has no response I know he knocked me up but he has no responsibility for the baby no I know I'm sighs shouldn't have even bothered to call him that was probably wrong of me I'm imposing on him and then we're treating people as bigots for not indulging our fantasies and our desires we're treating this uber driver as though he's somehow bigoted because he won't indulge this woman's fantasy that her baby isn't really a baby that the baby that she's explicitly going to kill somehow isn't alive or that the offspring that she has begotten somehow isn't human it's probably a platypus or something it's probably like algae or a goldfish right no it's obviously a living human baby it's her baby this Buber driver realizes that she's pretending that it's not her baby and then she's calling him a bigot because he won't indulge in that fantasy or that desire what I mean when we talk about the questions of religious liberty if this is not the religious liberty case what is it's a man saying I politely would like to refrain from helping to kill a baby and this woman is using the force of Corporate America and is trying to use the force of the state to compel him to participate in killing a baby corporate America is already doing this corporate America has already totally destroyed his religious liberty totally gone over his rights uber fired him in a second oh you won't drive a woman to go kill a baby you won't help to do that act okay you're done well I don't care why you object to it you're just a bigot now she's trying to go to the government and say I want damages I want him to pay me because he wouldn't help me kill my baby and it'd have vindictive how vindictive is this this you notice not just on a question of abortion you see it all throughout the country we are so vindictive to people who don't affirm the fantasies that we hold who don't affirm the desires that we have we are so vindictive if you I was on campus yesterday at Cal State LA talking to all of the students apparently at that school they get a diversity manual about this thick diversity which just means left-wing ideology they describe all the various sexual orientations one of them apparently is is BDSM sadomasochism that's now a sexual orientation and if you object to something like BDSM you're a bigot and you will be punished because then you're not inclusive then you're not accepting diversity if you don't affirm any little thing that the left wants you to affirm not only will you be smeared as a bigot you will be destroyed your career will be destroyed you will be socially ostracized you will be professionally ostracized you will be politically ostracized and the overarching theme I see from this whole story is how clinical we treat each other now when we people talk about their boyfriends or their girlfriends among my left-wing friends do you know how they introduce them to me they say hello Michael I'd like you to meet my partner even if it's a straight couple gay couple they say hey this is my partner partner what do you have like an accounting business together partner you're you've invested in some stock together you've got some corporation together no no it's my partner and we're in a relationship they're not in love they're not married they're not engaged they're not having an affair they're in a relationship how pathetic how pathetic is it that we have now somehow made sex boring we've somehow made romance bland and boring George we'll made this point years ago he said Cole Porter didn't sing let's do it let's be in a relationship now he said let's do it let's fall in love love is a wonderful thing romance is a wonderful thing even if in a fair at least there's some sauce to it at least there's some emotion to it at least you're participating in it is a human there's nothing human about how clinical all them all of this is you you have a child you beget a child and you go to some sterile room with fluorescent lighting and you have some sadistic doctor killing you I don't know maybe you have a couple drinks in a wink with some guy down the street and you beget a child and you say I'm gonna kill that child and the guy just hangs around stays around his apartment then you try to call him because you've come into some trouble he says I guess you'd better call the abortion clinic let him know you're gonna be a little late huh mm-hmm all right we gotta go the game's on all right bye know how clinical how you treat your child like you're calling an uber and then you get the uber driver to come and you treat him like he's some robot like he doesn't have thoughts or feelings he doesn't have beliefs about anything his beliefs don't matter because he's inconveniencing you all that matters is you it's it's all about you nobody else matters not the baby not the boyfriend not the moral law certainly not that uber driver he's not a person he's just some grunt who only exists to please you and to acquiesce to any of your whims no matter how immoral no matter how wrong compare the reaction that this story is getting with the reaction to a story from Coachella over the weekend at this story at Coachella has become now a Ford a news story five-day news story this from TMZ Coachella woman caught in an utterly despicable act gosh what was the act maybe it was this act of this woman in upstate New York right no no woman caught in an utterly despicable act against puppies ok social media do your thing to help the cops find the culprit puppies the the story goes on this is from TMZ this is utterly despicable a woman in Coachella was caught on video throwing a bag of three-day-old puppies in a dumpster and now cops are on the hunt to find her the Riverside County Animal Services released security footage showing a woman pulling up in a white Jeep Wrangler at a local business earlier this week and tossing a bag filled with seven puppies into the trash bin about an hour later someone rummaging through the trash bin discovered the puppies fortunately the puppies survived the ordeal and are being cared for at an Orange County rescue shelter the Riverside County Animal Services say cops are investigating for animal cruelty but need help identifying the woman ok social media do your thing and find her this became widespread outrage throughout the country trended on Twitter everybody covering this for days news organizations are still covering and it's Wednesday when did this story break Sunday Saturday because there were puppies in a dumpster I like puppies I like puppies just as much as the next guy I don't think we should throw puppies in a dumpster now do babies the baby that that woman in upstate New York killed and then got her uber driver fired for not killing and helping to kill and then is suing her ooh BRR driver for not helping to kill that baby is infinitely more valuable than all of the puppies in the world combined infinitely more not just 10% more not just all some babies are no good as some babies cry too much and some puppies are really cute no the worst baby in the whole wide world is infinitely more valuable then the cutest little puppy that's ever existed and the left gets this exactly backwards we talk about this all the time the left inverts reality all the time it's not just that it gets it a little bit wrong we all get things a little bit wrong that would be understandable what what sets out this perverse ideology is it's not even just perverse it's inverse it gets it exactly wrong we weep for puppies and we are totally neutral clinical when it comes to the killing of babies how do you explain that I know I know all of the arguments for abortion I've heard every argument for abortion that has ever been made they're not terribly compelling arguments but I've heard them all out explain to me how you could get yourself so worked up over a puppy being thrown in the trash but you could have no reaction to a million babies a year not just this one baby in New York a million babies a year being killed three-day old puppy three day old baby because we're not just talking about abortion at this stage at which the baby doesn't quite look like a baby where you can convince yourself oh it's not really a baby it's a tadpole or something oh it's not really a baby it's a little duck no there's it because we respond to physical resemblance there's a stage of human growth where you can convince yourself oh it doesn't really quite look like a baby also a terrible argument by the way are we now to judge whether people should live or die based on how they look so what you're advocating well I don't like the color of his skin well I don't know he doesn't look that he doesn't look that cute the puppy's so much cuter is that how we're gonna judge now but there is that stage where people feel that way that's not what we're talking about these days in our abortion debates the abortion law that was just passed in New York isn't about a baby who's a week old it's about a baby who's being born the abortion law that was just passed in New York allows babies who are being born to be killed no questions asked no big deal the abortion laws that are being debated in Virginia go further than that the governor of Ridge you said a baby who has been born can be killed oh it's okay listen to how clinical he sounds when he describes killing a baby that's already been born there are you know when we talk about third trimester abortions these are done with the consent of obviously the the mother with the consent of the physicians more than one physician by the way and it's done in cases where there may be severe deformities there may be a fetus that's non Bible so in this particular example if a mother is in labor I can tell you exactly what would happen the infant would be delivered the infant would be kept comfortable the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother the infant would be delivered and then the infant would be kept comfortable and then a discussion would ensue between the mother and the physicians as to whether or not to kill the baby that's already been born and is crying and moving around on the table and then we would call the mother and uber and the uber driver would be compelled by the force of Corporate America and by the state to participate in an any number of abortions we would like and then the uber driver would drop her off at her apartment and then maybe her boyfriend would answer the phone a little bit later in the night if he wants to no big deal I don't understand what all the fuss is about why are you all looking at me like I'm some sort of sociopath who just described killing a little baby that was born and is crying on the table what are you saying I'm some sort of sociopath are you accusing me of being somebody who would ever tolerate throwing a puppy in a dumpster I'm not I'm not a bad man like that I'm just talking about killing babies who have already been born it's no big deal you know unless you think that we're just pointing to Andrew Cuomo in New York the governor or Ralph Northam governor of Virginia as outlier egregious examples of this don't forget the entire cabal of Senate Democrats voted these sorts of laws the entire cabal of Senate Democrats voted to deny medical care to babies who survived abortion all of those Senate Democrats voted to let living babies who have been delivered died on the table while they cry for their mothers not just the Senate Democrats the Democrats who are running for the presidential nomination in 2020 here's Pete but a judge Pete but a judge tries to play himself off as Howdy Doody just as American as apple pie he is a moderate he's not one of these extremists he's asked by morning Joe whether or not he thinks that the abortion laws now being debated in New York the past in New York in in Virginia among Senate Democrats whether he thinks they're too extreme maybe we shouldn't kill babies as they're being born and after they're being born here's what mayor Pete has to say support the late term abortion legislation that was passed in the New York state legislature as well as in Virginia I don't think we need more restrictions right now yes that's what he says I don't think we need more restrictions right now nine words could have said it one word yes do you think that we should restrict the laws that have been passed in New York in Virginia no we shouldn't restrict the laws Pete but a judge asked any of the other candidates running for the Democrat nomination for president what they think about abortion as babies are being delivered we're after babies have been delivered either as survivors of abortions or lying on that table in Virginia ask them what they think about it they'll all give exactly the same answer and they'll give that answer because they are trapped in a clinical lie they're trapped in the lie that love is an illusion human beings are just automotives they're just individuals we have no bonds of love or kinship to anybody else and ultimately all that matters is not our love for the Creator who made us is not the moral law is not our loyalty and allegiance to our parents and our families and our children it's not that it's just what we want it's all about me me me don't you ever interfere with numero uno I like people as much as the next guy but stand in my way and I'll rip you to shreds that's what they're all saying they can't face the reality they look at clinical fantasy they can't face the human reality the human reality of people like John Franklin Stephens who every single one of those Democrats in the Senate and running New York and Virginia and running for president right now think should it's perfectly acceptable to kill they can't face people like this man Frank Stevens who simply want to be recognized as a human I am a man see me as a human being not a birth defect not a syndrome I don't need to be Eve allocated I don't need to be cured I need to be loved valued educated and sometimes helped allow me to use my life as one of them as one example of what's possible now every one of those Democrats Pete but a judge the Senate Democrats Andrew Cuomo over jigna governor Ralph Northam would kill that man would kill him just as soon as look at him and if he survived their attempt to kill him in the womb they would let him die on the table they all voted for it every single one of them and then they'll cry over puppies in a dumpster well the puppies are so cute that's the inversion that we're dealing with that's the politics of 2019 that we're dealing with we're not we're not allowed to protect little babies in the womb according to the left we can kill children and according to the left it is immoral to put children on a diet it's okay to kill them it's immoral to put children on a diet this is a crazy news story unless you understand the totally inverted logic of the left we'll get to it in one second first I've got to say goodbye to Facebook and YouTube go over to Daley wire comm 10 a month $100 for an annual membership you get me you get the under Clavin show you get the Ben Shapiro show you got the Matt Walsh show you get to ask questions in the mailbag coming up tomorrow get your questions in you get another Kingdom you get to ask questions backstage you get so much and you get the leftist ears tumblr I was at Cal State LA yesterday the Q&A session got pretty rowdy to say the least there were professors at this University who came up to me looked me in the face and said speech is violence who said Michael look up the definition of violence you'll find out that speech is violence spoiler alert I looked it up it's not very crazy crazy professors frankly the professors were far more extreme and far more ignorant than the students sure you can check that out I assume we'll put that online today if it's not already online you're gonna need the leftist ears tumblr to watch it though you can't it's like looking at a solar eclipse you can't look at it directly or you'll blind yourself you have to look at it through a certain instrument you can't watch the video at Cal State LA directly you'll drown yourself you have to look through it with an instrument called the leftist ears tumblr go to daily wire comm we'll be right back with a lot more according to the left we can kill our children kill our children after they've been born but we cannot put our children on a diet this is according to a fat sex therapist I'm not describing her as fat by the way this is the title that she goes by the fat sex therapist Sonali Rajah toir she is non-binary she says so I guess I'm not even allowed to use the pronoun she' I have to call her like Robert or Laurel I don't know I don't know what the correct non-binary pronoun is she was giving a lecture at the University of Texas on the quote business of Medical fatphobia and here is what she has to say about the morality of putting children on a diet and I truly believe that a child cannot consent to being on a diet the way a child cannot consent to having sex that is why identify what I experiences child of non-consensual diets this statement got me in a little bit of hot water cuz folks our folks feel like we can't call things sexual violence that they don't if they don't include an experience of assault but I experienced diet culture as a form of assault because it impacts the way that I experience my body you cannot after leaving this room continue to call yourself progressive or leftist or a radical remark fist or a communist or socialist or or an anarchist and still hold on to fat phobic values because fat phobia is tied into ableism fat phobia is Ted in two classes and fat phobias tied into capitalism into this understanding that a system is telling us that there is an inherent rank and hierarchy of body worthiness she does make one good point fat phobia is tied in with capitalism in so much as because of capitalism all of us are extremely rich and people are getting very fat because there's a of abundance there's a lot of wealth and food to go around so it is true in so much as fatphobia is tied to being fat being fat definitely is tied to capitalism if you want to get rid of fat phobia you've got to get rid of people who are fat and if you want to get rid of people who are fat I highly recommend socialism socialism does an incredible job of thinning people down you can look in Venezuela you can look in Cuba you can look in the Soviet Union you can look in China you can look anywhere socialism has ever been tried you can look to North Korea socialism does a very good job of eradicating fatphobia by eradicating fat people really by eradicating people to begin with this woman so Nellie Russia toir says that children cannot consent to being on a diet any more than children can consent to having sex okay okay let's follow that argument to its logical conclusion what does so Nellie Russia toir think about children who say that they are transgender what does sonali Russia toire think of the treatment of children who say they're transgender and then their parents stop them from going through puberty they inject them from a ton of hormones with a ton of hormones and they that castrate them can children consent to being castrated can children consent to being shot up with a bunch of hormones can children can be consenting to not going through puberty probably not let's take it back a step further if children can't consent to going on a diet can children consent to being killed in the womb because I don't think you ask the babies permission when you try to kill it in the womb and actually we have lots of evidence that babies fight back that they don't want to be killed that they're in pain in some cases they certainly from all everything that we can tell the babies are not consenting to being killed in the womb even if they were even if they said yeah bring it on we're all for it yeah what by your logic babies are too young to consent to being killed in the womb surely being killed in the womb is far more egregious than being put on a diet or more just than being shot full of hormones even more egregious than being assaulted because you're being killed where why does that logic hold up to fat kids being allowed to remain fat kids and not being put on a diet by their parents but it doesn't hold up to the transgender argument or to killing them in the womb something tells me this is all about subjective preference this is all about fantasy this is all about desires and making everybody acquiesce to your desires the woman calls herself the fat sex therapist so I'll take her at her word if you can't see the video she's very very large she's definitely not healthy nobody thinks that this woman is in good physical shape when you're not healthy when you're morbidly obese that has very difficult health consequences you can die sooner you can develop a lot of illnesses you can develop type 2 diabetes you can have to go on lots of medications you might have to be taken care of under socialist health care systems we all have to pay for your medical care it's not good to be morbidly obese doesn't mean you're immoral doesn't mean you're gonna burn in hell doesn't mean you're a terrible person if you're morbidly obese but it does mean something's wrong maybe you can work on that thing that's wrong this woman is not standing while she's giving her lecture she's sitting in a big comfy armchair I assume that's part of the presentation I assume that's part of the point she's trying to make which is how dare you tell me that I should lose some weight that it would be better if I lost some weight she says I experience diets as assault I think we all do we just came out of the period of Lent Lent is the period of a penitential season before Easter where you're supposed to deny yourself a lot of people eat less food during this time it's not fun to eat less food you are denying yourself you're making a sacrifice it's good to deny yourself it's good to have discipline it's good to make sacrifices for something that is outside yourself but by these sorts of arguments fatphobia just being the the new word that we're using you could use any of the other new words it's just a way to rationalize prioritizing our subjective preferences over objective reality it seems to me this woman doesn't want to lose weight she says as much and her justification for why she doesn't want to lose weight and become healthier is it doesn't make her feel good she's I don't wanna that's her justification that's the beginning in the end of her argument and then she's trying to extrapolate her subjective feeling to children so say if there's some fat kid who's being fed a diet of 5,000 calories a day and he's really fat it's wrong of you to tell him to lose weight why is it wrong because if you can tell him to lose weight you can tell me to lose weight and I don't want to lose weight well let's take her argument just on its face if it's immoral to tell fat kids to go on a diet isn't it also immoral to feed cat fat kids are really highly caloric diet the fat kid can't consent to go on a diet any more than the fat kid can consent to eat what the food that you prepare for him fat kids don't make their own food their kids their food is made for them by their parents or if their parents don't make them lunch by the school or by the government they're not consenting to one or the other why is it wrong to put to put the kid on a healthy diet but it's not wrong to put the kid on an unhealthy diet they can't consent well maybe the kid wants to eat chocolate all day okay maybe he does but he can't consent the argument of consent can't work in the instances that are convenient for you but not in the instances that are inconvenient for you you have to have a rule you have to follow objective reality not subjective nonsense now I think some people are waking up to this that's the hopeful side of it because obviously you look at that video and you say this is so crazy there are a lot of people who believe it there are a lot of people in that audience I was at Cal State LA yesterday and there was a girl who held up a sign it said anti-immigrant speech is violence and I said no it's not she said no it is violence I said no violence is when you harm somebody physically nobody in this room has been harmed physically they said yes yes no your speech is harming racial minority students I said there is not virtually the entire audience was made up of various racial minorities I said I'm looking at all of you none of you have been injured I'm not I can't see there is no physical difference between how you look now and how you looked when you walked into the room and there was a young black girl who called out she said we'll have you asked any of us if we've been injured said no I don't need to ask you if you've been injured because I can see with my own eyes I can see that my words haven't left out of my mouth and grown big fists and marched over to you and punched you in the face I know that's true an objective reality now what she was trying to say that young girl is you can never know if you've harmed me only I can know if you've harmed me only I can say if you've harmed me only I can define reality you can't perceive reality especially as a white man or in my case a slightly off white man you can't define that you can't perceive anything only I can that's not true the fat sex therapist says that her opinions are true because she feels them and she really wants them to be true it's not an argument the girl at the theatre said we've been hurt say no you haven't show me any evidence they say my feelings I want to have been hurt not an argument when I was leaving the University of Missouri Kansas City a week or two ago all those crazy screaming students were walking out and they said we're oppressed were oppressed we were you're awful you were pressing us I said I'm looking at you you're here in the most prosperous country in the history of the world you're in the most just equitable country in the history of the world you all have nice clothing on we're in a very lovely place temperature controlled room you're in a university getting a college education you're here voluntarily at a lecture you must be really oppressed huh and they looked at me dead serious with those crazy eyes and said we are oppressed yes yes we are no you want to be oppressed you want to be oppressed because being oppressed carries with it social advantage social privileges you want to be special you want to get certain social advantages and so the only way that you any American could say I am oppressed is to say only my subjective feeling defines reality and that is a bridge too far even for some really out there people that is a bridge too far even for share I am loving this watching the progression of share you know Sonny and Cher the singer crazy leftist becoming slowly a Republican that's what's happening we're getting woke Cher when it when you know Bill Kristol went from being a conservative to being I guess a liberal now or something and he's very certainly on the left now they they called him woke Bill Kristol now we're getting woke cher woke cher just tweeted out after that Town Hall we were talking about yesterday where Bernie Sanders and all the other candidates said that terrorists and the Boston Marathon bomber should be able to get the right to vote Bernie Sanders said that the Boston Marathon bombers should get the right to vote in prison cher tweeted out does Bernie Sanders really believe people in prison who are murderers there's a crazy capitalizations and strange spelling so bear with me who are rapists who are child molesters than all caps Boston bombers still deserve the right to vote yes Bernie Sanders really believes that it's not just Bernie though Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon asked all the other candidates said you don't agree with Bernie Sanders that the Boston Marathon bomber should have the right to vote right and what did Kamala Harris say well I know it's very important I think we have to have that conversation so what s Pete but a judge do you think that terrorists and rapists should have the right to vote well yeah yeah absolutely certainly once they've gotten out of prison yeah absolutely and Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo both Democrats both left wingers looking at him like are you kidding me what are you doing to my party this is an extreme and people are waking up to this people are waking up to this the phobia language fat foot what is fat phobia it's the irrational fear of being in bad health it's not an irrational fear that's a perfectly rational fear plenty of people have it I have fears about behaviors that I engage in I try to stop those behaviors people are waking up to all of this subjective crazy language which has led us to these extreme policy positions where now you have the leading Democrat candidates for president advocating giving terrorists who have murdered Americans the right to vote the right to select the president while they are in prison share had previously tweeted out quote I understand helping struggling immigrants but my city Los Angeles isn't taking care of its own what about the 50,000 plus citizens who live on the streets people who live below poverty people who are hungry if my state can't take care of its own many are veterans how can it take care of more waking up there saying wait a second you're telling me that we're gonna let in a 3,000 foreign nationals a day come into our country and on average use more welfare programs over generations than native-born Americans and on average commit more federal crimes than native-born Americans and are you we're gonna hold on hold on that's a little too much even for me so share Don Lemon Chris Cuomo they might all share the premises of this radical left they just haven't followed them to their logical conclusions and as those arguments reach their logical conclusions I think we're gonna see a lot of people wake up say gosh that that's not what I meant to do at all sorry we got a reverse course yes Louis talks about this when you're going down a road when you're going in the wrong direction the guy to stop and turn around go in the other direction is the real progressive he's he's the only one who's progressive you might think you're both marching down the road to progress if you're going in the wrong direction the guy who turns around he's the progressive I think we're gonna get a lot more woke people in addition to share as this 2020 race goes on that's our show I'm gonna be sitting in for Ben on the radio show today so be sure to tune in for that there'll be a lot of fun in the meantime get your mailbag questions in I'm Michael Knowles this is the Michael Noel's show the Michael Noel's show is produced by Rebecca dobkins and directed by Mike joiner executive producer Jeremy boring senior producer Jonathan hey our supervising producer is Mathis Glover and our technical producer is Austin Stevens edited by Dani D'Amico Audio is mixed by Dylan case hair and makeup is by Joshua alvera and our production assistant is Nick Sheehan the Michael Noel's show is a daily wire production copyright day Lee Weyer 2019 hey guys over on the Matt Walsh show today an uber driver has been fired for refusing to take a woman to get an abortion it's an interesting case I believe the driver is heroic and in what he did but should he have been fired as he was and does the woman have a legal case now against the driver of as she prepares to sue him does she have a case at all we'll talk about that also Charlize Theron says that her three-year-old son discovered magically that he's really a girl we'll discuss that and following up on a conversation from yesterday I have been told that I lacks sympathy for college graduates because I don't want their student loans forgiven so we'll talk about that a little bit more and what actually is the sympathetic and compassionate position to take on this subject we'll discuss that today on the Matt Walsh show


  1. Everyone here defending the Uber guy is forgetting we are a nation of laws, not ideals. Quit behaving like liberal fascists. If you have a problem with it fight to change the law. Until then, you are just virtue signaling.

  2. If an Uber driver refused to take me to a gun store to purchase a gun I would be pretty pissed. I think he should have the freedom to refuse to take her, but self righteousness is one of the more irritating qualities of leftists. The driver didn't change anything, he just made himself feel better with minimal effort. Actively try to change the law if you have a problem with it. But we are a nation of laws. She wasn't breaking the law. Whether he likes it or not. It's part of being a member of society

  3. This is not an issue of religious liberty. This is an issue of conscience. The Uber drivers "crime" was having a conscience.
    The driver has grounds for suing Uber. In America, having a conscience is not a crime. The Nuremberg Trials were based on
    conscience. The defense of those working in the concentration camps was they were following orders. By the logic Uber
    fired the driver, Planned Parenthood could sue an employee who quits because their conscience got the better of them.

  4. NO baby is viable after being born without outside intervention and care from the adults around it – we don't just let them starve to death or waste away..

  5. Uber can fire him if they want. From a constitutional perspective, I don't think she has a case. (Then again, I see tons of ridiculous lawsuits nowadays). Can she demonstrate that she suffered physically or 'psychologically'? She got the abortion, right? Hopefully, a judge aborts her from the courtroom…

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