1. You can keep your doctor, You can keep your healthcare plan! "He was a murderer from the beginning, Not holding to the truth, When he Lies, He speaks his native language, For he is a liar and the Father Of Lies" (John 8:44). This is god speaking of Satan. Does it remind you of someone?

  2. This was absolutely a most powerful, insightful, informative, and engaging speech regarding our fragmented health care infrastructure. Total chaos and insanity with  the plethora of barriers and challenges accessing quality and timely healthcare in America; lacking robust,  relevant  and meaningful collaboration and partnership with other service providers to integrate, merge, share,  disseminate and deliver valuable resources/services for the betterment of our patients, consumers and community! Thank you Dr. Saag and UAB – CFAR.   #PASSION

  3. When the Dr. took the stage and talked about the deadly chaos of our "healthcare system" it brought home the reality that so much of us know! 

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