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heart hardly problem you have to make dark
blue period time and i have been library in the cafeteria definitely provide more
about that record carpet you’re going to be apparently are going to report to the
carrot invited but i think i could be reelected in trivandrum that definitely
buying there could be if you could qualify for a minute ago
through a good lord programmer biology lab breakthrough do a lot to relieve the
breadth of the pool kaboom i’m knackered doctor karadzic thank you
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dba greenbelt regular ordinary one rather cold column for about an hour ago here are pretty
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redmond my bricklin overload barbara kopple eroded what their clinical what’s
going on for uncooperative remarkable wanted more cost-effectively
well why don’t you tell how it happened to you about a i’d rather pick up and
would welcome the king what are called the conflict packard
agreement for for quite awhile back and probably will not go everyday without
permanent after another one that one would have been putting all my
paradigm harry reid d k a record remarkable homework a little bit of
three point lead up but like andrew bird flu electorate of
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don’t mind off water record button at the top of my bathroom you happy with a different type of
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abhorrent recruit reverend remarkable column there were more worthwhile white crumble macbook apropos com and try to talk about couple parenthood
riverboat going regard recruited who lived in my heart dot what
do you think of the etc a michael bonnet blacked out the paperwork daily drama whatever character in a about eleven
o’clock at night and government doesn’t break if you don’t mind approve it
before appointment preferably from the
photographer particularly and right now i want to work part time recruiter
comparable ok bite the bullet proof i’d uh… helped ordered pressure to what i
wanted room heard lawyer would grow program you know but there are people parker i’ve been through level it practical or partner carpet i got a
little remark mister cochran broader bible who walked out bottleneck well the bottle liberal perot perfectly bill clinton will with perot a fire uh… progr barbara ben prabhu thing where record book at the of that will be a little bit
thank god for quite a problem rock you love me baghdad by all applicable uh… from all
over the low latrobe learn a
rather inadvertent contact your that book that the ever repel thank you the broke group though quite how to be good night i received your political open well i never thought they could do
properly well i did without that everything that
could happen hybrid with looking older carpenter will
or routine here i’m thinking back to you don’t like the idea barbara vitally important for barbara within the group and i think that the
mood i wanted to live alone and agreed to work i’ve got a retrospective of anybody else rupeemail rather quickly and i’d like to have them by the end of
the day you’ve been working to reconfigure it up to louis welcome i
think i can get many goldman apple modeling one-third directly that ingrid
user burden of proof drinking water the former by the end regret ragtag and well i wind up here ordering them along the road windsor ct
zero olap writing and reading a lot about dramatically but a what cardinal
talking about carpark i want to require more equitable
compartment whether recruiter yeah but not practical your own home but my heart like a dog
pound we’ve had a problem what you’re talking about area vibrant crap that at one o’clock in the
state department entrepreneur like fried apartment with a little confident i will
collect the water they come back down artwork or about the cause of the book
look like about it because i think i can do are backed by three cabinet
departments about the police are not going on here what colour poland not
readily booking lukewarm hoover plan problem without we’ve been
looking for a wonderful wonderful problem through corporate retirement
brock i read about it via our order certificate oliver orbited the moon here what
approved let the whitewater committee your here powermac farragut program with bragging rights and homeless on the quilt you want well most women hope to meet the
lightning and thunder that’ll go like where the admit on repeated madison high
school when she first met mr philip morris
medicine biology teacher he felt that they were plant was that was six years ago and mister bond
still hasn’t read the prescription combat lately i suspected that mister
born with gang on application with someone else aspect that they’ve been morning i point
my position the my landlady connie books how u_n_ bearing witness to brighten
found greener pastures i can tell you whether that green and
not until i find that where you going but there’s one consolation might not be
only female at madison with having boyfriend couple several of my girl pupils are
complaining to rule eyes and i think that nicotine
developing an epidemic name line laughing he transferred from another school a
couple of weeks ago you got to get a lot of the ancient yet
to be no one will be praying for you not city span at are i don’t know what which he transferred
but i’m sure of one thing they had a whale of a course in mandalay sounds like a little pepper pot so that’s the world today yet he says just silly line baby colette when this is quite a surprise and
wealthy croydon thinking thinking about this morning work ilija firm very
considerate harry would you like to see reworking mcmichael usually i’ve got to clean up the
nicotine he david out just finish this it the coffee and
get ready harriet people become his books we had got discuss with you uh… what is it the most important without that book i don’t blame you the way he sticking it out annual girl dolores and robert have told
him with her why should he be an exception most of the mail you pick madison making
google i gather but i wouldn’t worry about water if i
were you had it i’m sure it’s just a passing fancy it wasn’t to be served or but there’s only one way i can be and
that’s what you’re going to make a statement of purpose uh… throughout the divers about
welfare wouldn’t be good to publicly lacking but if you want to discover and terrible
and now wait a minute harriet you know i don’t like to make into the personal affairs of any of my students
skills needed to know if you think he had to use it bucking the plate dot did you make a statement smokes acknowledged sophisticated wildly wives eligible should temple i’d tell you what i’ll do harriet you keep talking to me and i’ll keep
talking to her but now the first to in defended that probabilities handling and now the first remember
duplicates a little bit harriet alliances and the sender and i’m in the
middle de la villard robbery i’ve been using right and then all you had to do is look through the
baseball hockey and track teams in there well i don’t but me and my student
personal life chinchilla nuit madison and your
popularity with the blazes so spectacular i thought i’d only fair to
warn you potluck about what we did intercede allies the quickest way to
lose your popularity is by running around with the wrong prasad and as far
as you’re concerned while they’ve been is definitely the wrong pat i’m beginning to smell a rat and how you got that day happen attractive i think thank you why didn’t current robert how can you make such a fantastically
accurate charge i need to do you have to think that i
like it was going to happen back you can get franklin and having more orbit to live no where women like peeling me he here dropping in yes admissible nobody’s denying that
anything like this past week even though i know he amount now the last i didn’t that as you say welfare not memoir after learning that mister bond and
every evening of the past week with the mother de la red manner such children robert i was about ready to hit the ceiling preferably with mister bond it an example at the school cafeteria i had
calmed down considerably and was apparent that he wanted to be
forgiven for breaking i date on the previous night i’m sorry i thought that they’d be less
but ms brooks with that was on the political after all it’s on the new computer code
you wanna make them feel of all you wanna make them feel at home i want to make a mistake state-owned i know you’ve been seeing the large
robert mother record of the matter is that the giving missus roberts driving less well not that i’m interested but what
happened happy with them giving our lessons or some or other we don’t seem to wind
up in her living room i see based you give lessons and you get left
behind going to someone’s living room the
finisher driving instructor doesn’t seem like a necessity to me with p_b_s_’s well this is actually missus robertson me nothing
about to get in bed o bb please you should know that when it
comes to anything really important the first person i think of issue didn’t burn victimizers i’ve got something of extremely personal
nature to attend to you’re the only one i’ve ever asked to
help me but do you want me to do tonight well millie one of my favorite white
mice died yesterday i thought you help me barrier year-round mandate salute you pick the right assistant connie bruck unfriendly undertaker multi by that i was very fun miles g died in the interest of science away
vanderbur that little patch of ground behind the
athletic field you know where i put agnes and mabel all
the guinea pigs and mice who might consider martyrs of the march of science but i’m practically finished in in your
own even touching your lunch was brought something about this conversation not
conducive to eating a cheese sandwich tell me next appointment at the complex
now about the secret burial plot of your was certainly not for a few never
condone using school property for such a purpose matter of fact the feeling of that
suspicious but my level there this morning and one
of the lord personal i think you telling you are waiting for
a bill of rights just said i was going to do some
planning that might be flying looks like we having company for lunch while the games coming up faculty members nevermind larry while they’re you know
final exams will still be judged on their merit uh… that’s building up a little back a
lot of good will well i think that would not familiar
shot glasses deploying thanks a lot more let’s go to help out the right for you and now if you’ll both excuse me for a
moment to get some milk you want to bring the troops now i’ve
still got his down that’s what i witnessed by gang oscillator isola di mr bling salatiel anti had been a little far relating which leads me what i hear you are
something of that don juan yourself these days you know i’m not going to deny your
interest in the sticking the large robertson you know home page reliance making all happy i wouldn’t say
i’m smitten it’s just that whenever she company in
the land in chicago but catalogs plaintiffs the quality of life it’s cute you know i
think harriet meeting the cafeteria and i want a word with their before he goes
nobody really missed last message me fat make-up to after school xox and show you a lot of unite it’s my specialty abit companies how did you make a copy of the top of
the lord marie our live companies terry it was to find
out that you and i are in the same boat this divine been going with the mother
and walter with the dog we conduct market even people who went
well we’ll look at your place tonight no had it i’ve got something to do
tonight one helping mister bond there in l_a_ it’s his latest scientific casualty millions of white males semi-private
setting up in the area next edmondson mabel behind the athletic field all that you must agree that way to get
here finding doesn’t know about it but don’t worry me first i want to know them if it wasn’t going i think i’ve got the perfect one what is it copyright later this month ninety and him when his carry it live i don’t like the budget and people like
this but stealing time you’ve been seems to
britain when i get up at you when you go on my god would you have to wait admin simulating
the other women in his life well we’ve talking about what happened
to them islamic regardless of what he had been sitting government thumbnails atlanta’s women
can be found a week and a notion alight they’d have
to dig up happy athletic he’ll be proven however your personal something your
film room we to union utility morning than with you behind repeat
you’ll with people who are use them a word last movement will love is all good
compliments of speaking well what about you what do i know about this appointment
private life well outside of the fact that he’s going
with one of our teachers amidst through i’m afraid i don’t know
if worker and she just a few removes uh… to uh… of course he doesn’t disappear acm revolves around but what happened to them there at the moment of the athletic will that the various diplomatic please watch this is positive you did have a cell phone is left
reversal tonight uses got one idea annoyed well because of having accomplished
little story missus robertson mister cochran suspected that they might have a
blue beers in the mix a move that hadn’t been burying his
victims all over the school athletic field however later that night that spoke to mister jordan are doing is
burying his past miles there were almost finished so i’ll just smooth out this should do
it admitted union minister might not like
to look for stoned hotmail is fine elected way without the industry’s
eleven jobs of the time you about roadworthy bloody the you minimalism scotland for uh… what are you doing at this time of
night my questioning then the board what are you doing here at
this time of night roads or know that you copy with the
good so to speak out might as well confess the truth and i’m very millie pairing newman it’d be good really money darkened you didn’t walk once you got used to the idea well you do you think tell me optoma climate the company this books what you’re doing well i i know it’s it’s alright books
with the company knows about it or suspected of political woman those in the molineaux i apply all up but is it because book enormous through how we should that
usually helping with the baby usually been the word others besides limited ali
a sudanese did that optimism quibble with report i think they’re closer that two dozen
scattered around here debunking with a gun to my net banking u worldwide well you can’t do it you can expect him to leave them lying
around his lab goodness bo qua who feel any remorse naturally so when you’re supposed to
them that i was you hate to see the gold ticket is left hotmail es whether ivy weidetan beady little eyes uh… he certainly was our lively went
alright outdated lively couldn’t even stand a minute island hopping all over the place but you know i think eglinton harry with
just a few jalan years we will wild about harry and what yet pipeline your eye on the road bb easement without me in the company uh… you’ll want it to revenue sure travels fast i’m afraid it foods of her if you are here to help with the digging
your kayleigh who evening this is this book she uses talladega harmony with that twenty four evidently making that protected everyone dot com what are you doing here never mind that
then what are you doing here do you like going on here i considered a privilege to study in the
master like mister point it’s i’m seriously considering following in
his footsteps beyond in i don’t think i let my little girl uh… i’ve heard off team i don’t believe food orbit i thought my own eve paradigm incredibly can be picked up by
the model winter no submitted by the toilet serotonergic when she suicidal unique carry-on that way about it being
white by uniquely like-minded that what you’ve been carrying out their
white migrant unit efficiently with varying people contact and to that let me know that but utah and this is robert thank thank thank you because i’ve got to stop a tel aviv well
i’ll tell you down your daughter harriet concocted this idea because he didn’t
like the attention water with painted the line you tried to explain it to drop it occupant u_s_ amnesty meat electric you pick that altogether by because that’s not what the don hahahaha supply lots wistfully fieldwork program
from excuse american was reply well into the students in a class talk
one might think that on this book severely email english teacher at
madison high school decisions now several english teachers uses he uh… nine disciplines passion would just deftly invited there accepted so bright and early thursday
morning i called the butler an audit opera added his bonds favorite ph what and mission wet thanks and into the breakfast nook
and meet my landlady the night you any hunts house v tears and uses this visit days it’s skills scott he’s just use that’s nobody can you help department in
the market this morning ko silicates and pieces stinks what kind
of state that that at new york test let kids and absent sis it’s in the marketplace typically believe me academically he hits his testimony using him spot like he his useless arguing just suckers swiss lonely dinner for one that’s when she
told me how fucking unki land lovely company accompanied
instances missus visas you don’t know lucky look at some point he may be telling this for us it down outfield inside a poor thing invited lovely here indicate and she found a new idea but mister
clinton over here tonight gcm she deliberately wind of this
invitation that appeals chinese let’s see that’s the beauty light length of the sister you’ve been
watching succulent is electorate marketing
company he would use issue electronic at night uh… use the night like usually notice a lot of used
used strain the speed peace and your last chance for a little
thank you universities perhaps down re terrifying half going forward justice much smiley drives entrances to
your response to keep the teacher i would like to take the liberty of
remarking vehicular manslaughter distance discontent based on some of her lines in the immediate past or disable
future if we all know that women fun yes of course on and sweets anti-terrorism institute one day siege you begin this morning to assess market there i’ve got my mother with some
shopping and their ran into this and i can tell my mother sister and got placed no overwhelming absence of affection you
to feel preacher i’ve figured out that you must have a date with mister boyle
sprinkling invitation for missus davis was also on the market you are hispanic water conceded that careering sdn persists action districts last august a
little more satisfactory conclusion do we stand alone suggested chilam vigilant again invites you to give mexico ask y assault on the type of mr point return on the
radio and dance with mr point i think he’s right completely he’s sneak albeit meaningless
conversation labs i cannot believe this is for us power to keep an almost constant
volunteer force calculate this is the most behind the list is endless takes
wearing premises is only one of the lesser manifestations of shock mind-body seven-time optional xxx you’ll excuse me got to stop michael into my own
plasticity in the past adjusting to life you’d market suggested me to join us at this point in
this case right now home denied iceberg laptop i’d let you know i walked this morning
and i think completely slipped my mind group rotten even and he yet yet yet people out there here i was walking on mon minded nine
business that yeltsin group the convention up that way we ag out everybody wanted i’ve been holding my breath macbook but profitable resource right
through the door distorting room what use that biology at the character at that as you should know by now within the
confines of this and though i do not approve of president nixon between fact
of the members of the office sick not in right simple this deployment is a man you load uh… didn’t tell miss the point though i thought i’d better way to
improving corporate older that dad thing like that to make fighting
infection after all you yourself for a married man
you don’t know the meaning of loneliness but that’s beside the point also like unelected repeal of the time they’ve
used clubs in re that just today she informed me that the
key but delivered some local robert but i’d still be console winds liquid on my own well i’m sorry about that one i think in
my little daughter celtic that betty looked at that that is i’m planning on having the me have find uh… what we have a good bit
of it that what we have been the biggest crowd you ever thought that
the i’ve never when i handed the school
cafeteria and as luck would have it on widens the bond index sitting down at
the table talk during i mean i think that it could be lifespan
development uh… justifying mind i think that a lot of all the books fest value yes lead you to understand depending on the
debate is that part we won’t be dining alone we will now she invited someone else
this morning this is an setup eleven defending chain
reaction and wind up by having quite a dinner
party i hope you don’t misunderstand me for
further genuinely disappoint but don’t you agree i don’t think the cost yes indeed levels in the present motherboard review alone this you me you reduce two of us we could split the pot
filled new romantic who wouldn’t i can’t wait until the nightly except
the fell on me and kathleen but mister bonior lovely doesn’t agree
with me very well i’ll forget admin vartan mid-atlantic and figure of speech they’ll be watered and harriet
compliment because mr kanchan why mr koh dependent y going to enhance my inlet
harriet he is here and i invited yet overruled but it was a condom mistaken what he has one more person i haven’t
mentioned it mean enright will be present to lucerne world travel because then headline path no i don’t think she goes much sparkle well it could be worth that i might be thinking lambchop with those
little camped on the minority felt about and no one really annoyed me about the
entire affair and the lambs and might wind up millions of taken out of the
david what you do lundberg you’d meet market he did
everything but the death phen-fen camille group licenses u woman employing a bit of innocent
deception the retainer in resided canine well actually it’s all good actually it shows that yes indeed using agreement reduction clearly indicate that lived in
light of thinkers flow so you’ll never grow do let’s
forget about his and i’d love it appears that we keep getting his way with a
right review lulu coral tonight ninety five young men birdman of the tonight political chip found on that and i just
love the allowed the bag opted yet elites are you today he’d be a gave day known the knotted all without the lives and live it’s really looks to be in from all the
time to get myself a cup of coffee i see you’ve got your tonight about you mister united flight i’m pregnant but had not planned but beaming me and that night but i can talk to you yes or no no i’m sorry hud’s i’ll be back in a jiffy the whether that means that i think that
they did between you and goodbye it might be habitat making below i love it too bad in the long without looking last night litigator and deeply well eating and that within and win left-wing crop bacteria get handily breeding it you know that i can tell you about
that have difficulty with the you’re about to move in are you leaving tension don’t you mean i might you yet me lapd leading all right below that flatly
topping flap over the the k and website nick and i attended it by
returning the favor you think that uh… rather wide manufacturing the right
behind me well you’re not wearing docking with mir dodi let me again like we may not be overly
fond of each other but we’re adult human being variable carefully about the trial
date more material on the program well thank you mr fein thermos and ready
already front of the department replacement like and volatility thank
you for that that cut they don’t like date we might have a home cooked meal for a
change last night i think that the netbook door yes that’s what you just need last saturday
in yours right over here a minute that none of
them anymore ritualized levinson little the seventy i had roast beef when we were there and
it only cost meet fifty campus well at night the part of madison high
who was invited themselves have been arrived in israel um… times tyson a little never to go on another them on its he you are like it no uh… uh… i’m not really needing
your life is looking for mine late getting home socialist perhaps
lifers this won’t lay out then i’m hungry enough to read of the and open up you’re all of the in you tell me on the phone that you have
the proper ready by six thirty shot he stanley unit summit called recently have been
yes you better get back to the kitchen and your magic touch to the forthcoming
read it’s six fifty in one of the others
coming honest about you you know yes indeed you’d be a factor skies line al welcoming blind i think you good evening everyone minus
two points you bring your customarily outside at
long denied blood my nose as that the specialists how did it outlining the sandinista father u_n_ uh… and i’d i’d like to
get these days might it’s just that cuba let’s set the eleven com knowing uh… grows it’s tonight by your you you don’t demystified gannett you see he’s distt filmmaker snappy everybody’s almost
six-two eight rather depressing bulletin park avenue yet hours to cook what mineral written judsen this is a on that yes he is no doubt week u yukon as you know he will my had been
expecting a baby well it just that i didn’t think you
have a dot another wilmot husband is on the road i think it would be better if you join
us at the hospital immediately yards in haiti thursday what colossal having updated a timeline hotkey companies as well as what did you miss lewis i do but join
them as soon as i found the hospital would you got me all the want i guess i’ll have to well i must admit i’m terribly
disappointed postal service is upside down hartwell well you won’t get me in that jazzed up or so
yeah you’ll ties fault u preliminary alike lost right hit loan reading his books solution called the hospital was the reason for that meditative
looking you know erin over this afternoon at lunch you said you couldn’t see anything wrong
and a woman implying a bit of deception icky man yeah this what is the win this one uh… times we not gross and call me mata hari it’s it’s hosts streets or you are women in parker here you go
remove wrote laurin orrin removing them how to but with more me holding down the job for the have
five years of it looked like sunnybrook could ever get a crack at it the last week in that compound abandoned
and that make the conklin my printable wouldn’t you think would not only
repairing they can go back to lou and blue when i have to mind blunt reply implement the fed welcome friend problem and that that would have been
what braun who planned and probably the reason we’re allowing laboratory at the time
ten work wasn’t going to going to have a
morally moron none and yet he did that make it not to
embarrass them and let the limiting anyway that in money invested i was talking to my landlady did today
that’s about it well what do you think david keene
without get the job completely and immediately shouldn’t herman i’m free but can you see any reason why i should
missus davis noel coward you’ve been confirmed significantly improve recommend that you
department heads of the political whose political yes it is for the phone grouping how do you mean
he davis anything and treatment uh… colorful uh… obedient and fall sinful the no uh… no no and maybe i’ve got to
get the wrong thing i did not have had happened to count and
opinion and threatening might work out something to do with it hadn’t benton county they’re working on
everything to do with it now but i think maybe a better to get
the whole thing abit any of the things that people get
no you’ve been admiral lead-free didn’t and like you know that
the plane like that time he’d invite them into the company too program and that the company that i had
my plant we’re great friends then that would mean clinton at the
company formatted to pretty good people can do
anything remarked about being exceptionally high that mike and completing the old you
making between right away we might need to do this in open for a
while making new but then a math and reading about it i needed to be made to the department
are not to be playing him in nineteen ten hangman it
completely plans and hidden do will keep the ending often confusing lip approaching that time forgot about it he
probably will be even including he felt open-minded poo-poo the only people from uh… for bill clinton on humanity david we have been through complan and you know the absent minded run loading even the loan seventeen and putting them back when the lady me and did not have to baghdad now that the
good thing and people something going on fountain view that we’ve been talking to
you about something amendment in the middle of the clinton that often in the
big topical deplorable really he won’t get com within heading back i’d like to get them through gambled on a different kind well i thought you got that lovingly yet i would you like them i’d like them introduced into the kind
of thinking a little earlier don’t matter to me that maybe they don’t
take them anyway you want your to do when we’re both having flu the on their wedding day dah handicapping debated value carlisle police work thing you know i didn’t get the active gallery
that makes me feel anxious to meet the english department with the additional income then how much of the reasons that well i’m not going to be exact amount of
the day that that is well over nine dollars a month that bank i won’t have to put mutated my
huge when the fellow grad maggie maggie being catered do lately invented by him he talked about this newton continued to work that uh… david and if you get that job ahead of the
english department you’ll be impossible but you wrapped around the pool now is
if he’s infecting the fact that i did down the people dallying the probably the key condemn
dated june twenty eighth and making then and a lot of the indian that can keep up
with you and then the rail beginning today that coming up to that in the track i’m
talking about me enright arrival in the future he got me worry unbilled worrying
about it i’m sure that the idea of the afternoon
helping in combat the in the land of going to have the
baby the baby meltdown seeking i think the mother ship along
with people at the wrong but you know more about pat buchanan that in the baby within fink philadelphia bloomington in four bb you can look at the beginning with the
kitchen allied with david you clean up the
native now clean up the condensation by myself might help you in the kitchen but i’ve
got to get ready to go to school while we’ve been picking up an imminent uh…
well you take a long time you can’t beat the one of them uh…
wouldn’t in accountant who will be company can now have and completion concentration new if you keep computing
don’t bump into cancun speaking he’s appealing to the following two the
warranty account people a weapon for approval twelve million people road leave picking you up good morning
withholding might have a new york cochran is
definitely part of the repair shop analogy david but i think about the
night of the big three and it grows again and i didn’t want it up a little
cardboard to boiling water into the radiator that anything that made its free um… but can’t even find landed here on
the debate it but i’d where it said went to get to double by people who died and i think that the other than that it
is going on there today may be a very important day in my
life really important that figure anything in
your life macbook it’s only exceeded by your important
you’re doing pupil of with if i may be filled both i consider myself one of the
most worship flowing rampant maiden and me thank you all did everything the vacuuming book character traits i guess you call them which are not to be found in any other
teachers have ever come into contact with and i just know that moran eminently fair person plan also know that your kind candles
inconsiderate of those who may not prevent the superior mentality which is
obviously here birthright you know other that today you’re giving up the finally
games in english away a little bit messing with me this
morning when i’m not trying to influence you
give me a better move whom i’ve been over backwards rather
than curried favor but was actually pretty for this
conflict with even kennedy when he really get dragged me to the movies like took my books right up to the
balcony within retrieved setting romeo and juliet detainees rep but i’m curious friendly crammed in that movie what did you read in the dark ordered molly dr they have a three minute intermission
between pictures do plenty of time that we deal with that being insured man not knowing exactly what the questions
are going to be about most of the little conference manipulate sort of drain on the field refno
approximately the nature of the questions and to the point what too because if you had been fortunate enough
to make a personal contact with a teacher who not only admired and
respected the person whose integrity and honesty as an instructor molding such
high esteem norwegian one breville mc gift because he’d run into the school
faithfully and frankly she would relinquished his one thing i told her
that integrity and for them a little advance information about the plant united for life well done variety of the f_a_a_ clean brooklynite produced when the pope completely honest
with myself and i didn’t write it came to a different view daniele maybe we can moan now that i’ve talked a dummy that it’s a synonym of clam up want anyone to know something about
something i know about holly and you know the cabinet has been
delayed that one day when i mentioned much
earlier in the pit that this is an important day island referring to the
final exam that i was thinking of newton inch all
of the night of the english department the extent of the english department
world into thinking that he be medicine because he’d at roman thank you diana become a mother umu but now that content click or a doctor’s appointment b government i think any bernard dot r well then you’re not related to me the
day that uh… you know uh… but now if you don’t they have
been minded by comparing the at the moment is
whether or not i have a chance to replace it with things as head of the
department achievement for european dot macbook you’ve been thinking at madison
wanted to be the principal mister clinton should directly to your
local anybody else how badly denied uh… anyone from about her proceed even though they knew i didn’t
she only one of advocating i’m glad you can’t get on welfare nobody could be over the years morning anyway don’t you worry about it with uh… so we can significantly decreased a
little chaplain you know genomic charm sort of you mean better enough his bottom up yet unknown sample in at the moment as a good job you did on me this morning
you can get a prize from the very end and the twenty eighth and garden will continue in just a moment but both the innermost thoughts of the second missus britain are yours
do share as you follow her life story monday through friday over most of the
famed fiction and like all of the people you meet in
c_b_s_ radios daytime dramas the second missus britain if someone who’s thoughts
and feelings are worth knowing burdened by the shadows of her husband
first marriage and often in conflict with her strong willed mother-in-law the
second that the first meet east new problem that bands in the way of
happiness with courage and with intelligent who tomorrow and every monday through friday followed
the engrossing story all of the second is important remember you’ll meet her right here on p_b_s_
radio where when the war young dr lolol are gallup someday backstage y north right and my apartment along with the folks on the road of life the romance of helen france have the
right to happiness all add drama and excitement to your
date time with me uh… c_b_s_ radio court rally i mean grabbed my arm and denying you know every time i look at the
al-kidwa i wish for just one thing let that bother which i would still moving that they were the final coming up actually book in their some we hope to get him he
could make me feel like pat buchanan they’ve made a revolving antidepressant
directly well you got a good argument but now the
park the car i want to thank them and and good luck today i’ll thank you
mister and whatnot it row badly needed having a good mood this
morning melodic morning could be anywhere in the power point net point in the morning
management which is interrupted simple eloquence front worried about from worry immediately that you that i did usable uh… that death in the new part of a
fine using called elephant while i will be well you know i do have something on
what’s left of my mind harriet it means i think he’s leaving the fool
yes or no preclude going on a dat y who told me that this important i think
the and harriet and you must know you’ve always been one
of my favorite pupils i’m glad to see you next week you are my very favorite he here and that it on the arm of the new from he cannot be funded newman from i’m
dead then measure of father yes i know ahead do you think that related using he’s warm enough for bothering
this morning do you think i could have a little talk
with him in his office thoughtful well finally got the replacement you
think you’ve made of the english department and i think but of course u reform depth in the record mouth again rumor honeymoon happened over a year anything that smith harriet i don’t want anybody doing
feed for me because any personal relationship we may have built up
between when i’m trying to pay his but i
wouldn’t want any principle daughter not even a clever bright pretty and i think
talented intelligent man like itself to become a big problem for me yelling at folk nothing like it they
would play getting one the stock mother not bend over backwards
rather than to get things aren’t going to school i don’t know if you will your next point
of the english department that even the funeral poem about now if you don’t think it was the
landing i mean egging anything the m speak english department about i pleaded with them for you to
newfoundland with comp cuban hampered and bill humor
back when it comes to mind working your makeup for five years yaa manual forthcoming fans whether i’m briefed him on my feeling for you will be from
especially a price tag units broke mohamadi head of the english
department about to be great evident throughout it wants and crowds and big screaming
into the notepad everything an implied warranty of fathers layer
again opted funny what kind of a moodys and frankly
mistook it isn’t too good when the new whatever that means that
people here are for the money that women down to defeat and then he should be compelled to take
a bite out of me lo havin sliding mitochondria and uh… do that and how are you using right here you may be and gain political there
have been deprived do now what can i do feel it will take
longer than a few minutes although they didn’t like you can do for
me that the county it’s what can i do for you i know i shop in content so far you yet
bottom april i don’t want to go shopping on the defendant sober aunty ended up taking a minute hair hidden battle of lake line but ideas in
your family in it see what abducting with you more about that you
have enough for the week on part of it broke so i don’t want an event like
paintball always really no comment on the contract kaplan of engagement vacant field
privilege who inflicted man and handling of anti-lock braking actin
like and i think that the oil a day when mississippi leaving
madison and their position that that that the endless without using lacking but notebook i think i told you that that will be a
good bill yesen car i think that may be preparing
my final examination paper that i think that my mind he going to have a dat why didn’t he why
here hand created by to have a bit well i don’t
know they’ll be happy to get there do becky what else i can do to make it
offers no home away from home for you i now allow death wins out fifteen
lighter for u uh… if that happens to be a blue pocket handkerchief i got two
quick without michael or they’re not happy begging for you yeah i think you have a lovely eyes the
color combinations of the contents you don’t tell that would be pretty
proposed how you’ve got on running seems a little league the rag and nick that you tried to get in there group look that data now you know about the same color what reading in the book i don’t know what to expect ya and i
think i think that the other departments and why in the world of that big
openings will have to be treat right in the middle of everything because i like
it that way dot at the new york i having been taken no time break the moving
papers like the pink lemonade when nowhere is the will perch book antibody about that at the conference intended to do that dashes you anyway i will get a modern dip down exam as you know i’ve spent considerable time
in the army as a major yes i know mickey kantor and it would be a great feeling of security
did know that somebody like me why uh… do do then the book from miami experience it’s obvious to me
that you are balking both of them document to campaign if the colloquia live in this book it
means that in order to gain by the end of your when you are acting like an
eager beaver content what happened detected that when i got one of the body
like iowa it at concord here the deadly stagnant works is needed one more day dotting you know if that means that they would do it it’s a lot uh… bringing don’t sell at a jolly heading
n_p_r_’s like and that the it back to the battleground you might have been a copy given to be
done about here dot casting at that time do i want to write a review begun right or into the market will do for me sitcom if you’d like that and i in three
years uh… not completely volume at the top of that
got the favor then right onto it’ll take about field day things whether citizens already straightened out of bed parlay
that with the content until you can pick up another blood like
that perot five r six hundred dollars if i had to get i’d like to have these were cargo craft and that antiplatelet labor of love with
the couple’s had left on the facts only available on the battlefield faith
is it’s not like the people who these people menu making magnetic if i hadn’t been granted
the privilege of working thank you wallow problem hinted at brown include melted the brunch if they did
not do do active apartment that night but with the group is leading medicine it did did that it need not be you would be much better
than you did when we heard about it then tuesday blumenthal life deadline view of the fact that you are eligible
for the position that missus been is relinquishing i feel that i kind of the fifty-fifth up compton that everything i do you can get one even if you think you’d
they’d never make a night sleeping bag party alone included no later that part of a will be
based largely upon the results to a few convert even their final exams this
morning therefore you will not mark your own
paper but bring them into the top of the media play after the depth of completed
are unanimous in that monopoly broke my daughter harriet is one of the
students taking the trip no do in order to ensure complete
impartiality someone from another department to
correct the paper that the board hit the ball all i know that can’t be trouble closely
on occasion but he’s the hello and i know that he like michael would
bend over backwards to feel that justice is done speaking everybody to bend over
backwards out there man with competing catastrophic i’m habits demystified rather than to make you feel any better
than that i’m not going to him again even and a lot if you could tell me what what this
group that make it through nineteen ninety eight and in right now that the
barn now wait until i find out the result of this morning the band when you are marking born let something i’d rather not talk about
this book you see i promise mister concha y_ know you’ve got to be fifty
impartial mister barnett you definitely have not making out but i i gave my word ms looks fifteen cc
him dean of the mammoth the branch davidian but i gave mister compromise doubts are
there do hangin out about get it done something
the very well-equipped normal people on that day god did his advising alone with him
right recap countrywide network in like the idea of men missus passages like you wouldn’t have the woman self i need to be made thank you i don’t think i should meet in lakeview
c_n_n_ still judging your examination papers effective they know if you’ve got
reported like t where hadn’t at likely they had he today wiki i’ve gotten people
volunteer why don’t you get to graham they can put the facts on them with than i’ve had come into my office
review the wanted fitted brady family it did and have reported to me that they want
to go back to the dummy we will therefore it would have to be my
decision after all and that cantonese the company decided you beer mickey kantor what decided that for the coming fiscal year
type of save the board of education exactly nine dollars maybe five tents
per month there will be no head of the english
department in this hoover slide well mean kept breaking some of the pencils i
sharpen the climate a returns in just a moment but first is your interest in defense of the day
based on business affairs or are you someone who just enjoyed the adventure
of living in either case you have every reason to
demand that news report come to you quickly accurately and with no waste of
words that’s another way of saying you have
every reason to insist on hearing the news on c_b_s_ radio throughout the day everyday our problem
staff of correspondent bring the most remote corners of the world to your
heart by means of they’re up to the minute reports on developments at home
and abroad whenever significant events take place
you can count on c_b_s_ news to bring you firsthand and well detailed
description of what is happening often broadcast white from the scene of the
event you can count on c_b_s_ news and to to
make certain that that is empathize whether you need to know what is
happening in the world in order to know what the violet seller manufacture or if
you just want to be in an every starting chapter in the story of your lifetime
let c_b_s_ news heat u_s_ fully informed as an expert ass and now i want to get marie’s of that letting them in a depressed about not
getting the capital of the english department but i picked up the following night when
at the moment in time to think of the movie and they got dozens dead and he stepped
up to the box office third duplicates please him into buying let me by my own picket appointment that uh… i wouldn’t think
of it now that’s very nice you can pay me feel as we get into that thank you and that night diamond in wind area just window shopping which you could afford for many of the
things you leave us your neighbors by well chances are they have money to
spend because they manage their money well and that includes a sensible savings
plan one that encourages saving for the
future without straining your budget today and here’s that kind of plan the payroll savings plan buying united states savings bonds
regularly where you work with payroll savings money at that aside
for you before you get your paycheck that way you never count on that and
never miss it it’s automatic savings before long you have a stack of savings
bonds each one paying back four dollars that majority for every
reported that means extra dollars for spending in
the future and when you know money set aside for
the future you can enjoy spending extra dollars today dole plan your spending you’re saving
wisely began buying united states savings bonds
on b_t_u_ the automatic payroll savings plan now decline labor written and directed by
allele would be a good battle over that the company was played by gale
gordon other than the type that would jamar debit credit lawyer mcmillan and
mary jane crop the weather to get next week at the same
time for another comedy episode of our best book this is more roland feature colored the the whether we’re going well and that the
other group report they want to comply with the other day at the with and pocket for me to put inside the
actions of the father of our country but i can come up with king that he had
taken more than just one day to be born parker one bay off a better than nothing
i’d have to admit i look forward to weekend about working with considerable
anticipation means that i’m not proud of my pupils i think there are a wonderful hardest
hit the patently offensive lactate they
apparently considered giving up something and taking a parking lot
parking lot peanut art panicked i don’t think the ethical we’re
going to meet usually bashful biologist private surprisingly different barbecued
when i interviewed laboratory held at the bottom of the electorate that is
going to come down to your old on then i’ll get back at right away i would not
have been killed the i’ll get what i a perfectly good here all right or i can
help with literally different yet looked more romantic romantic balloon panel i haven’t been
the most regretted gap in the world of i’d to think of other things like my
biological experiment over there well or personal brickman yet a filled with a man thinks
about a woman whether he’s a fellow teacher or not are now the move my leading up to the
rocket there probably won’t like people but accepted but that that report was recordings of
different i which we were not who look cool
somewhere with a felt breeze blowing julia hare and public or not i think we get back into buying a
don’t know why we have to be able to go there i get that the feel more comfortable
them all for that raha properly dole out there working on
the need conveniently provided well actor robert book patrick cortin
about two forty one with the any for their own where we’ve been lucky enough
to win the championship nothing for the conference warped and we’ve been invited
to play in the state championship motley fool retired quietly this evening we will be
back until next week i’d just what you think though that mont blanc because we have put it we win the
championship how you win it will provide without when
you got a good thing former comptroller without the role of
playing a round robin i think you require came forward and
indeed in the village a nine oh you’re kidding me with with the i don’t mind you know now that i’m leaving other come
to realize certain things about our relationship headlong hormone recognise in that we have a
replacement for dual without getting who basically quickly i’d like to stated in
the past whenever the situation things that this is good because i think that
the emotional reactions that built open putting my foot in close proximity to
you that is some out would benefit they can’t seem to be riding in the divine
couldn’t get a little more basic more quickly waterfront fame equipment that they were
always seems to be some sort of interruption what i want to talk to you
about hurtful things what kind of interrupting hahahaha i think what you mean gonna eleven
printable better than not or corporal we’re out there and then it campaign
divided it by mid two thousand i’d be in the throat and let you finish things
about it north dakota lee evans employed people can bring shop a what i
mean fatburger we could bring a talking at the you locally i could pick up in the week and good
luck with the freemen avoided remember by reading the cabin hooked up
to not only on the auto commitment involved but to bring for the glory for
the already about native of that at the time delorean corrected failing so i wouldn’t bet on the game at
the top of the uh… and i would rural a right over there uh… dot that mopped up etc up don’t worry with but we’ve got the hype
going for the conflict in our opinion or project at out there for tradition that pop back up oily equipped by victor
dog billy kopit bahut haircut the acted dr thank you the inappropriate that her
boyfriend republican right finger cut your that that uh… pelvic out his
state of mind what they’re doing it that they did
quite happy don’t not a brilliant youth but now that you can you know what that
meant brookline julian brew uh… from what i hear the board more of
that i what ineligible for other poor during the commander i’ll do whatever i
can get the kaplan the carpet without to give the camp without any crop
indictment but there a lot like captain hook uh… running
along up that does not want to bring the fact that uh… out that now where where we all that you know who you were telling
me something print no but i would like to have people focus too exp remember
what it looked like that like how how could i probably remember what you get
minutes ago you could get something about you’d like
to think that in the past whenever the situation p dot thank you for the
painstaking emotional reaction you felt about finding a cabin type activity to
be guided outward manifestation let reichman youth that could we get a
little update before quickly right annual interrupted when you want to talk to me
that’s a good thing and then you’ve got what kind of a drunken do and then i
wrote whoever did that go up here program account comic crackpots patio feingold
yet but i a lot of please collectible operable breakneck making milton berle prac netball there if i can find a making
time a for what you think that around anywhere gone up to the that throughout lucky contract when kennedy became well
known i want to give me a popular action
political operative whatever party knowing that he can get a lot that read
dot the correct and meaning do you think that that there thank you and that they wanted then i
think he’ll reflect it picked up fifteen beat mister barney
plate with a five year patiently fitting them and we are preparing aggregations
that could be matching bath off of welfare parabolic popular in that whitewater implicit
brooke if you think that within that mean you need a kind of cut now right copper that then the curtain i’m widow cuppa and books my hairy blowing in the breed again the plane ticket would try to get me the
prologue opinion led a field trip with my leaving tonight we will be that
little weekend now mister fung coming have all right trek allied done uh… wouldn’t roman
growth a well how do you feel about our
impending junket don’t want to know how you feel about
the trip yet taking that evening well i don’t go on a campaign don’t figure waco a what the
public sector auditorium there’s nothing wrong with me physically like trouble is mostly mental
adopting self-conscious cut daughter technically i can help of a particular reporting ucr product girl apparel lurking that make flattened out top
quality nut candidate outfit yet with brooke but i’d rather talk to you alone if it’s alright with mr point boy
certainly stretch i’ve got to go to the gym proteolytic anyway restriction will try to pick them up or
do you know how important is predicting i’ll be back in the divine good repeated
like that now that that kathy hear all about it i know i a couldn’t englishman wrote you are not threatening the idle what filler kit to protect you could
meet i do that with the improve and get the kind of marketing with a always
coburn or the softball i know i got a lot to learn yet but sent them back to you i feel that you’re more than fifty
future for two hundred blankets and that when i
come to you know very much blog if it right out macbook lemon law en route whether what abreu a role walter capps group about popeye getting any language
al you’ll find a county that you’ve got a crack at harriet campaign exactly when she’s in the fans were
pretty much like great went together of what you’ve got to be what we’re gonna
play over the weekend michael the waco in the book are now wait a
minute day could you tell larry how you feel about
although what walter either or whatever leader of the field but that cant play without the written
word then looked at i’d heard that they’re going to show the
game dot television right here in madison that means that how it will be
an extension of the ride on the pipeline watching your every move or leftist book
may i follow a border a fair hurt with europe and the family tonight namely the
different dipping the martingale well it’ll be ratified by archipelago
off correct and that he wouldn’t be playing at the bargaining you work on a couple of minutes yes funny thing about him though birth mark scientist you’ve got great
lied about getting someplace sometime i catch what do you mean like what do i
mean who you are black pretty bringing the future with no
other attachments and you don’t do nothing about it yet that broke you might get flapping
your left out unified will continue and at the moment but part event that appealing sorry for so
cinderella only have a good thing for the for the out party every monday
through friday over most of the dayton secret about buying time even when he
was on fri thing apart all that fun with health care about the
lcd or get done better adequate in the murder one bit he went
off of that band paper f all of those my leader but wonderful thing about how far they
insisted that and i have five days a week if that’s easier but you’re working
rafting are out driving the car europe ending up at the threat qualified
dot pending a quiet evening at all you’ll find the hype there at the top
party he invited mail carrier right over it through the evening ahead well well i think i think that what they
can live if you would think that one-hour make fantastic mile apart
parade came up promptly at eight o’clock on my feet hip-hop promptly at nine
hitting the basketball caught up with about defiantly detail info on prom
night warm there inundated my dad they give a sitting in
the living room i opened the door yahoo com corrected they’d then eric make a tank
but novotna panic about carmel yet debated but didn’t they goodbye patent no who will be going to open without even
but i think they’re opening up little bit me today that this afternoon in the laboratory here
emphatic that i can i’d like an interested party out but he happened nothing icao involved
with the trial configurations of the fact that baseball player and unrequited
romance back the weekend of the product matlock
at the plate dot i pleaded for a few days and i a hahaha clinton cannot patil
i have been very elaborate plans that day to feel like i’m going to have my
pelted who teaches pmd he won’t be flown a plane that now often bad dealing evening out that
my car gets into the bathroom and look at taft hartley still talking about
it’ll probably be deductible of indian i could bring people when they pick you
know the park the cap rock the party get dads on comment that that market replied five dot dr king faud i haven’t
liked complaining different but when you get to decline olympic park political
forum i don’t think i think that a lot of people fabric dilated than ever that
you do a lot of the things that uh… repeatedly you’ve got a long time to
find my updated but model in the world and that they dining catch what are you feeling here why
aren’t you worth about people lethal again the calendar of events right macbook admitted today it you’ll remember threat at moved up in the project that cokie with
the now making you’ve been playing volleyball at canopy dot correct what
you will with brooke naturally it might make me a little he not give up
on what bob butler there how about the state one baltimore note
thanking david have been sent anybody wrapping up look firebrand part if you’re pretty cute supported me with
brooks they with that what flat right behind the to david dedicate
walking into the kitchen know that at that popular that metallic
go the winding up with the king it carried with book even though still became a play on
television i won’t be able to deliver i was afraid
you’d figure that out but not fat articulate bank picture of harriet intended to have a o
you had if i think i got my my part that settlement wrote who would like to have a picture of
harriet well i wouldn’t want anybody in the
overnight water what that but i doubt that you
would not hurt water or harriet art you do out there feeling believe me i’ll get the picture without
anyone knowing full well that content i hate to be the problem through your
book one of the football tickets outside of
an epileptic fit me and i think my name is something to do
with it when they repeat well i really miss baby like that micatin you’re qualified accepted to
five p that inevitable added that that that who sisters and one brother and do they
have the peculiar named through although they held up perfectly normal name it’s like the other day when i was
popular like that were part of a lifetime static abilene here take my family when
you get back to nitpick that but right now you’ve got to rejoin the team come
along you what we get to bed a picture with
brooke i want to get back to top the blackened it by again plan both not that dot family volume
well not that bad i dedicate the water belvoir look pretty cold at that at about nine a
platform group of people plots copyright
advocated i’m afraid you know that what i got a little collab reading about the
fact that like that out co back to the bathroom tile wet blood products are poor kitty hope that they’ll update
right overhead we couldn’t wait to talk about what
they’re calling the police i could get the them there attack their scranton pa and i get the flow dot
div uh… well not another interrupt and
back fuck private endemic inequality that’s
about all i have tried to take a battleground at the white macbook about
getting plenty of practice and that a lot of pressure he disappeared from the station it
english heading that direction he didn’t come here water but i think it back down
to the people can pick up particularly maneuver i want to come here about he wanted to
die he’d be a lot of water it the or home p anything like that somebody could gotten
back and let go but the fact that without we’re looking at economic power the
power once you get solidify basketball player i catch high-tech about the
detailed water but beckwith miserable about that situation even if it was
pretty miserable and a crucial time if you like to curl she should tell what
he meant by shocked that the other juror cut what do you make it felt that they
had dad move date that they didn’t get it back to play the game of his life now you get back to the people don’t
they are worried about what i felt bright graphic i’ll try to get people
protect expected kyle buffalo humane everything included back shaping
but multidex out i think that it won’t appear nab pat could be warmer i’ll add
a little adn recollect acting in another not adopt opting in camp but the fact that he had learned
from all walks had a festive seemingly violent attack
and if anything can be quite a career convert head out to be done right thing and the bad model happen again dot com singing in the back side hoping that that all the connective or anything like that but it
was reported that the critical but before he seemed are contacting you want
to think that the people who haven’t tied with profusely saltwater working on
the way back to the back gate old correct that have done it before i left my
thought was a good quite upset know everything will be all right side of
covered with books to you next week a back-to-back they have a lot about docket technique that i think that that they’ve
been taking that bad now i couldn’t have gotten collector paper
time pick patrick deftly that like temperature i don’t have to let out a
drought ferragamo road our own now it’s not really getting fat overload to a dot on the affidavit the and welker came back to the people but before we look at them and that i knew knew what i couldn’t go
a lot of the without a trough area i get can’t play unless you really in the
steady are like decked out there like that but that that would be totally farm
worried a little bit growth and that it’s about a fake jacket ran over to the
problem ast ham and i one of the packet that might make it
happen but it probably enjoyed what that if in the wind that championship that
the federal macbook but you know that hard it yet but i think that what the
pain critical it up revealing their own it what they want to repeat he reply
private but i think that the for but now i know
all day tomorrow how walter reed and the one who requested to
come along harry agreed with that will be kickball the what about walter pruning lobbying but by their it’s all about the
accompanied by a crush on her and if you would not be independent warning that we
have there’s really no harm in that know how
did it but mountain village four hundred miles
away basketball team to propose entirely our
fault or even at the point workshop on but black all that alcoholic wait a minute but before that coaching the team your
leader several your foot have come a long time ago being applicable who only that but we can but watch out that the fourteen play a
round robin with at the end of the bank that her mother was a good one cap one
thing that the problem here you think they have a bad happen but i
think they are the whatever part that i work at it but i
think that be riding on the fact that you and i think that that the problem
but that ko carter private company friend full of better
article what happened and i think prepping but cannot employ but but but
but european window that nobody but private but the and it had a crowd of about if you would expect that you extra
pressure here but they would want to get back at the
people i could be barred we can’t let that epic or some also i think they
would not press trek dot i’ve got the quality of up an
appointment at the feeling that strictly for drink alcohol but but part in the world a quick it with the maya with dessert while you’re at it give you stop a
breakthrough smiling to the editor of our expanded
and i’ve been using call on the hour long robert duvall that show over the lighthearted programs come your
way over more to be stationed each monday through friday night and saturday
in the daytime too and each of them and any number of way
that the let me go back it is an anti the king fish in all of
our friend including some of the biggest names in show business open for business
six times a week now at their musical invent their business to the pleasure
you’ll find a happy place to be robert jewish o offers you unlimited
opportunity for having a good time to they block in the darkest for the backed
them up judy johnson and yesterday a federal any or all of our news blog it
would be the business of course zone informal action robert drew lewis
keeps the lapd coming with on flagging speed so tomorrow or any monday through friday
night and i’m flattered and at a time from now on bill ureport chair of the
smile here the and liberal and a musical and the robert jewish o and when you do yet that the bible
old-world smiling back on now one hamare our middle road
founded the company period from the only way i could when i came up with him but
to give up my feet distracts from the budgetary they could not and i went home dot and that and
goodnight dot byrd middle course but the bathroom now i can relate to uh… motivated to help connie i’ve been
trying to put fuhrman never that kept him out but she yes wouldn’t make any and all that uh…
when did you go to the fact that the david defeat many cattle well i can’t wait any
longer either move over miller but where you’re going to look over the
world red riding hood i’ll bet you’re going to be a
grandmother talking about the basket of goodies you have in your life you’ll hear about that red riding hood in the first place it’s not a basket of
goodies of mileage significantly i’m not going to my grandmother passed
i’m staying here in the third place i’m not a little girl
in the first place but a full-fledged member of the ground up the recorder
spotting planes here on the field into their beliefs potter needed for all
of ships help people complain defense network
operating twenty four hour today if you have nothing better to do then
jump out at people from behind trees i suggest you might use your time more
valuable e by volunteering for the ground at the record herself civil defense they’ve everybody fits little growth throughout the world
forgetting to ask mark the date it’s hard to help guide your own home
community from danger from the air why don’t you join your neighbors were
already a member of the she always seat wherever you live whatever our different
view at the place for you in operation
skyline yes radio urges you to get in touch with
your local devoted and papa more information about aground october
crop god
arm is broke darania garden it product by letter
written and directed by our worked with music but we’ll come back that the government played by ko booked others in tonight catherine jane morgan
etc rather gloria mcmillan letter to met and frank mail we would have again next week at this
time time for another comedy efforts all about arm is ra


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