Our Story: Raw Herbal Extract — From Seeds to Supplements

Global Healing Center is finally excited and proud to share the latest developments in the dietary supplement industry, designed specifically to
create a powerful change in your health and life. [Intro Music] After 10 years of research, innovation, development and testing of what will benefit your health and have the most positive
effect in your body, we revolutionize the natural
and herbal products industry by creating the world’s first
raw herbal extract technology. We accomplish this by
meticulously analyzing every step of the herbs
life from seed to supplement and synergistically merging
ancient alchemical principles with modern day herbal
extraction techniques. Our goal is to provide you
with the most researched highly advanced multi-step
extraction methods. They’re designed to gently and naturally concentrate the most valuable and health activating
components of the plant. The process starts with choosing the freshest herbs of the highest quality, then extracting energizing and preserving all the prized elements of the earth to create the most powerful
essence of its healing nature. All without using high
heat, or toxic chemicals. For the first time in history,
you can now experience and enjoy the natural
synergy of the plants unique, earthy taste, scent and color, just as if you picked
it fresh from the wild. The exclusive handmade process
we developed is so advanced, that producing one batch of
a raw herbal extract formula may take 10 to 20 times longer than the traditional extraction methods used by most manufacturers. These extracts are raw, potent, full spectrum healing substances with a heightened therapeutic value that enhances the body’s
natural healing abilities. Through rigorous controls,
advanced production equipment, and innovative extraction technology, each product is created in small batches for maximum benefit. Your health, purity, consistent quality, integrity, and brand responsibility, are our guiding principles. These principles shape our
work and all that we do here at Global Healing Center. Over the years we’ve worked with some
of the finest herbalists, farmers and researchers
from around the world to continue to improve the quality and efficacy of our product. Our philosophy is that
unmatched health benefits and 100% customer satisfaction,
define and inspire success. Because of these guiding principles, we are one of the few
brands to back our products with 180 day guarantee. So how does the raw herbal extract and energize trace
minerals technology work? The herbs we choose are certified organic or wild harvested
from clean environments, in harmonious cooperation with nature, to maximize their quality and potency, and to ensure that we obtain
the best freshest herbs. Our top priority is to be
good stewards of the land, to protect and nurture
the therapeutic plants and to preserve the
soils that nourish them. Our adherence to organic principles means that we use green
eco-friendly technologies that reduce the strain on the
local and Global Environment. By demonstrating sound
practices and instilling love and positive energy in every product, we strive to create a
model for future farms and green manufacturing projects. Our handmade, raw herbal extract formulas are extracted in all glass vessels, not the standard metal extraction vessels that most manufacturers use. See exposure to metals can alter the sensitive energetics of the plant. Our unique extraction technology
was designed to capture the plants essential aromatic components, sterols, lipids, waxes, oleoresins, resinoids, high density polysaccharides and other constituents. All in their synergistic
full spectrum state. This involves a sustained multi-step cold processing extraction procedure. And depending on the herb, this may take between nine and 30 days. This preserves the plants
delicate components, vitamins, minerals, co-factors, fragile essential oil complexes, and subtle energetic signatures. Organic vegetable glycerin
and triple distilled water are used exclusively for
our extraction process. Triple distilled water
is free of chemicals and is pH neutral. The more times water is distilled, the more it can absorb light, herbal compounds and subtle energies. Triple distilled water, which
is considered to be bioactive was the only form of water
used by the ancient alchemists for extracting, energizing and stabilizing all of the components of herbs. After we produce triple distilled water, it’s added to USP kosher, certified organic palm-free
vegetable glycerin that’s derived from mustard seeds. Our unique alcohol free process preserves the botanicals constituents and stabilizes all the various elements. Alcohol destroys or inactivates many of the plants bioactive constituents, such as aromatics,
enzymes polysaccharides, constituents and other co-factors. This is very important because many glycerin based
extracts on the market today, are first extracted with alcohol before being combined with glycerin. Extracting and preserving herbs
and alcohol can deactivate many of the herbs vital compounds. Unlike alcohol, glycerin
and triple distilled water act to micro encapsulate more
of the vital constituents and compounds in the herbs. Glycerin also preserves
the original taste factors important to the efficacy of herbs. No other solvent or
chemical extractive agents, such as alcohol or methanol possess this life giving quality. After a nine to 30 day
glycerin extraction process advanced cold filtering technology is used to purify the product and deliver
the most consistent taste, texture and viscosity possible. Global Healing Center is
one of the only organic nutraceutical companies in the world to utilize such technology
in the production of herbal extracts. The final and a very
critical stage of production is the addition of our unique blend of energized trace minerals. Our method of activating
and adding this unique blend is based on techniques used by the father of alchemy, Paris Celsius, who concluded that the
addition of trace minerals causes the herbal extract to
become exponentially stronger, as well as more bioavailable,
balanced and stable. This powerful, energized
trace mineral blend is created using methods developed
more than 1000 years ago, and prized by alchemists because they incorporate
the five elements of nature, water, earth, air, fire and ether. Each step of the trace
mineral production process gathers and concentrates
monotonic elements and sends them into a
High-electron Spin State. These minerals and trace
minerals are activated and pulled into organic
complexes where they are fixed and preserved in a
readily available state. It’s all the result of a
10 year long dedication to discovering, testing, and crafting industry leading herbal
extraction techniques that produce highly energetic, potent and the most effective
formulas designed to promote optimal health and wellness. Be on the lookout for more
Global Healing Center products that are certified with
this Raw Herbal Extract and Energize Trace Mineral Technology. From the earth to your body, your best health journey is our priority. Global Healing Center keeps you in mind for every step of the
handmade product process. Our priority is to give
you the best health journey that will change your life forever. [Outro Music]


  1. Dr. Group never ceases to amaze me…I'm on day 3 of my full body cleanse right now…sippin' on my distilled water and ACV tonic as I write this.

  2. Is Global Healing Centre the best supplement producer? Is there any companies that can match it? I would be grateful If someone listed the best supplement in the North America. Unfortunately, the GHC (global healing centre) doesn't sell Vitamin C or B-Complex. What companies in the USA can be compare to the GHC and offer me the best Vitamin C and B-complex in the USA? Thank you for any recommendation.

  3. I bought cbd from a different company that I can't return so I guess I'll have to suck it up and finish it then I can afford to buy Dr groups version. Mine only has a measly 500mg too

  4. Dr Group is very meticulous on choosing the ingredients for his supplements
    I am very picky on taking supplements if not good quality I prefer to abstain to take any
    I love his handcraft products
    His ingredients are clean , organic raw, natural
    IAM always amazed to read the compound of his supplements no match left to read just the product itself that’s all
    Thanks Dr Group for your sincere honest work
    Customer from Canada

  5. I hope GHC will have more products and the cost will be suitable for everyone
    Thanks for Canada free shipping
    You are among the best perfectionist

  6. Brilliant video, Dr. Group. You've earned a ton more of my respect! You're killing it out there! Keep saving lives, brother!💗

  7. If you were selling me an organic tomato I would buy it from you and pay the taxes to the UK! ! I make my own for my healing journey but the THC can make me sleepy. I will try yours and hope it relieves my tendinitis and help the healing journey too! Blessings to you, keep on making a difference, Karen UK.

  8. I just got my SELENIUM it looks like you guys make the BEST products out there. Thank you 😊💚

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