Outpatient Addiction Rehab at Northpoint Recovery

Ashford and Evergreen and all the outpatient components that we have are just it's like sealing the deal it's where you build all the tools to walk through everyday life evidence-based research says that if you come to inpatient treatment and you continue to followup with outpatient your terms of success or greater addiction in alcoholism is in 28 days or a year or even five years it really is a disease that's chronic and just like any other chronic disease you need to treat it for as long as you have it for the rest of your life we have different levels of care so some people are here 30 hours a week and some people are here one-and-a-half hours a week but all of our counselors bring something different we have some trauma specific counselors grief and loss family and marriage and so we continue to do is we reduce the amount of professional interaction over the course of the year and at that point people are really they're doing it on their own steam go to a meeting together go try something new go meet new people or I'm really struggling with my recovery right now I'm really struggling with life in general right now I can lean on this community and know that I'm gonna get support back in a variety of different ways that's what really makes us special is you know we keep it simple and easy for the people coming in so that they have this there's amazing path to success [Applause]

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