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the American healthcare system is sick no other nation let's truck companies pick prices out of thin air and then says shut up and take my money 83% of Americans support allowing the government to negotiate with big fat drug companies but that's technically illegal whoopsies the surge of healthcare mergers is giving us fewer choices in the drugs we use the pharmacies we buy drugs from and the hospitals were we seek treatment healthcare in America is becoming an increasingly difficult pill to swallow turn your head and call for me big boy hit me with my theme music let's talk about drugs full disclosure I was a pharmaceutical and medical device rep for several companies yep paid for my house I worked in the industry for 10 years and the one thing that I took away from all of it is it I am verifiably hot now suck it dudes I have a degree in journalism so I am totally qualified to tell you which Hopak pathways your SSRI will be metabolized in I can by the way but if you think that's fucked up take a look at how America's privately funded health care system creates an environment of broad consolidation and opacity pills pills pills in the next month nearly half of the population in this country will take some kind of prescription drug next to my mortgage this is my greatest expense and sherry is not alone according to the CDC last year Americans spent a whopping forty five billion dollars out-of-pocket on retail prescription drugs an estimated four point five billion was spent on sleeping medications seven billion on drugs to treat ADHD and 11 billion on antidepressants in some cases the enormous costs are linked to brand-name drugs but why are they so high pharmaceutical companies say they have to be because new drugs are so expensive to develop and manufacture it takes about 10 to 15 years from the laboratory bench top to a pharmacist shelf and it costs on average about 1.2 to 1.5 billion dollars America's drug industry isn't the flawless free market you think it is just like nude beaches aren't filled with sexy young nymphs instead it's just 60-year old dudes named Gary why can't they make a drug so your balls don't look so old Gary anyway drug companies are welfare queens dependent on government support they get tax and sweet 20-year patent deals for drugs acquired from taxpayer-funded university research so we the American taxpayers we paid twice grave I present to you genexus this is the pill the industry wants us to swallow that tells us that generic drugs are the answer to the growing influence of big pharma side effects of genexus may include high prices inability to fill prescriptions and blinding rage Barbara Heller has an autoimmune disease called PBC she takes the generic drug her dial to prevent liver damage the last refill that I got for Ursa dial cost ninety four dollars and fifty cents for three months in August she called for her usual three-month renewal expecting her cost would still be under $100 your price for this drug is one thousand two hundred twelve dollars and thirty cents I was upset I didn't know what to do I need Ursa dial every day probably for the rest of my life cost can't be a factor in not getting it press one if you want to live press two for not prescription drug spending hit three hundred and seventy four billion dollars last year why more people get diagnosed with the Jimmy legs no fewer drugs lost patent protection so there were fewer low-cost generics I now present scam at or the pill you take when you want to jack up the price this is Martin shkreli who totally looks like the dude in every frat that gets a dick Traum on his face when he passes out totally dick face you bro he raised the price of daraprim a drug for toxoplasmosis by 5,000% overnight I personally care about this because toxoplasmosis is also known as crazy cat lady disease and you can get it from litter boxes and while he was vilified in the media he's merely a poster boy for an insidious practice that has been going on for years side effects of scimitar include loss of morals blackening of heart and uncontrollable erections at the mention of profits shares have plunged for a Canadian company that just weeks ago was more valuable than RBC the US Congress says Valeant Pharmaceuticals has some explaining to do Congress claims valli and bought out a smaller drug maker then on the same day jacked up the prices of two heart medications in the u.s. one of them by more than five hundred percent at issue today are too rarely used heart drugs nitro press and issue pro the rights to the drugs have changed hands twice in three years and each time the u.s. price went up by hundreds of dollars Valiant has built an empire by buying the rights to existing drugs and increasing the price value doesn't even make drugs they make deals I guess you could say they're a deal company with a drug problem I now present in Iran iam the pill valiant wants you to swallow so you don't short their stock let's see how valiant used independent pharmacies to get around those pesky and surer regulations side effects of Iranian may include pending litigation congressional hearings and deteriorating stock prices Valeant Pharmaceuticals they sell drugs in the US and they had very close ties to what's called a specialty pharmacy essentially they had what was nearly an ownership arrangement with this company Philidor Philidor had been very aggressively pushing some of the drugs that Valiant sells getting them into doctors avoiding some of the insurer restrictions it was a big part of valiance business people are thinking maybe ten percent of their sales for coming through this pharmacy as it happened and as we broke news last night Philidor was doing things like when an insurer would reject a prescription in the united states they would shop it around through different pharmacies that they controlled trying again and again to get these drugs reimbursed they had exceptionally close ties it looks like nearly fraudulent behavior that can only mean one thing but someone else is getting indicted turns out other drug makers such as apathy and Teva also use sketchy pharmacies so your doctor who was persuaded by a valiant rep right to a script for jublia which then gets filled by a shady pharmacy even though a cheaper generic is available and your insurance sees this and raises your premium and you still have toenail fungus jublia I now presents PAC myiasis when hedge fund activists and Silicon Valley venture capitalists are salivating to get in bed with drug companies it reinvents the devil's three-way and patient care goes to hell side-effects of a crisis include increase of fees lack of transparency and increased douchiness if you look at the CEOs of companies all school would be CEOs that knew something about the industry itself it worked it worked in you know as an engineer's they were doctors or things like that like right bachelors from that you say his name former CEO of Merck was one of these sort of old-school guys now you see these people to come in Pfizer for a while they had a CEO that came out of business school then they had a lawyer running the firm norovirus fired one of their guys and replaced it with a ketchup salesman I mean now the people running the firm's are just you know they're basically expertise is in marketing sometimes finance I haven't seen a group of people that were so innately unqualified since this I now present hi Prince Thea take this pill because these drugs aren't gonna sell themselves America is just one of two countries – we're direct-to-consumer television ads are legal side effects of hypoxia include googling of symptoms walking in the forest while music plays and excessive Terry Bradshaw sightings don't call it crazy call it PBA pseudobulbar affect PBA causes frequent episodes of uncontrollable crying or laughing I've ESD you know the symptoms when they start abdominal pain urgent diarrhea now there's prescriptions i fax in Bell Sam Roffe is a prescription medicine for adults who have trouble falling or staying asleep Bell Samra is thought to help turn down wake messages by targeting and inhibiting the action of erection a neurotransmitter that plays a central role in sending wake messages only bell Samara works this way this is what it can be like to have shingles a painful blistering rash I never thought this would happen to me the thing is about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction well my Agra helps guys with EEG get and keep an erection if sex is very painful due to menopause why not do something about him ask about ospina for significant relief of painful intercourse due to menopause ospina is the only non estrogen oral pill that treats certain physical changes of the vagina actually improving tissue which can relieve painful intercourse lubricants can't do that look I'm not making fun of anyone who has these conditions but where is the innovation drug companies spent twenty four billion dollars promoting drugs to doctors on top of the three billion that they spent on ads comparatively the two hundred and twenty million dollars raised in the ice bucket challenge helped researchers ID a new gene and ALS patients but not you've shown me boner pill ads during football games but it's not just the drug companies we only spend 10% of our healthcare dollar on drugs the other 90% is spent on hospitals doctors and long term care I now present castara the pill that allows hospitals and doctors to charge whatever the hell they want for procedures side effects of castara include price gouging and sticker shock rising hospital costs are an epidemic in this country with surgery now a five hundred billion dollar industry and most of us have no idea what we're gonna pay when we go in for a particular procedure think about it we price shop for the best deal on milk eggs bread and chicken but when it comes to surgery most of us just walk in blind isn't it amazing that when we go look for a plane ticket to go traveling we get on Expedia calm and and look at the prices we get the quotes from different airlines couldn't we do the same thing for health care the answer is yes now a whole list of new consumer websites with names like health care blue book comm nerd wallet calm and clear health costs com are popping up on the Internet these are websites you can use to find out how much different hospitals in your area charging the insurance industry is worth one trillion dollars and we're only one merger away from there only being three insurance companies insurance companies are like the Kardashians you can't tell them apart but you're pretty sure they're all evil which sure only dates black guys though anyway I now present travel licit II take this pill to see that it's probably cheaper to fly to another country for a medical procedure side-effects of Travelocity include waking up in a bathtub full of ice and ending up on watched there are tons of Americans millions of Americans that aren't covered by health insurance still to this day some people who are covered don't have enough coverage to take care of certain procedures so what do you do well if you have the money you could go to another country when I walked into the hospital in Bangkok why I expect it to be like dirt floors like chickens walking around the operating room and it was the furthest from I'm feeling better already so thank you doctor you know if you have an open heart surgery you had some sort of an organ replacement and that would normally cost you $100,000 in the states but there is 2025 it's worth the money and you get to kind of like recuperate and convalesce on a beach it's a much different experience than kind of being holed up on like the the Upper East Side here in New York City insurance premiums are set to rise 26 percent this year 43 percent of people have skipped getting a refill because they couldn't afford it and hospital bills are on the rise here's how to fix everything number one Yelp's me out let's rate drugs Health Canada has a drug Review Board that helps determine not only does a drug do what it says it's gonna do but how effective it is relative to what's already on the market sovaldi a drug for hepatitis C call Sadie for grand but guess what you guys it cures hepatitis C and prevents costly procedures meet two drugs shouldn't fetch top dollar number two check to see if your doctor has your best interest in mind ProPublica has $1 for docs data that contains approximately four billion in payments to doctors and other medical providers number three re-evaluation of the u.s. patent process drug prices dropped by 80% when patents expire but not only does the process need to be more streamlined brand-name drugs need to be more readily available for generics manufacturers number for international competition we should be able to import drugs from other nations we import all their TV shows why not their drugs we're a nation of innovation so why are we failing to secure the basic right of health for our citizens America if your health care stops working ask your country if another system is right for you nailed it hey everybody hoped you liked this video if you want to see more great stuff from tastytrade check out our channel watch our videos and check out our website


  1. Many Americans now understand our "healthcare" system is a scam, thanks to the AMA, the FDA and the drug cartel. Learn how to get and stay healthy and avoid the disastrous disease care system, that reportedly is the THIRD reason for death in the US!

  2. wana know the truth i am 65 years young.can put my toes on a desk put my fist on a hard cement floor an do a easy 10 knuckle pushups.regular pushups i could do about 50.so since i have been doing a hard physical exersize plan since my 20s i have never had to take 1 perscription drug other than when 1 time i got bit by a ticket as far as i can remember.thank god for alsheilmers.dam i forgot how to spel it.i eat hot sauce every day.kills all para$ite$..so when i exersize i do my damdest to kill myself.results i got triceps.biceps.pectorals.yes even a 6 pack.not beer.i dont drink alchol.smoke cigaretts.do any kind of drug except my guitar.i only eat 1 meal a day.which i believe over eating makes you sick,anyway thats my take.with my maker blesings i plan on being the worlds oldest.most fitest human ever,my exersize program will give many 20 year olds a run for their money

  3. Im pretty sure healthcare is going to involve a shakedown. First numerous people are going to have to edit and change their styles of eating and with the emergence of ecigarettes -which changed my life, millions of folks should be making the transition to them as the best alternative. Then health insurance in general should be applied to and determined by several criteria one being age, number of kids, then background and skills. I am thinking high paid professionals making over $60,000 in their prime who exercise regularly and are single should be secondary to at risk groups and even communities. At risk would be among others folks who develop their culture or lifestyle based on their rearing, limitations, mental health and community for example. This group for one may be under-educated perhaps excons or one time drug dealers or users surely the homeless. Regardless you can count on the changes to take some time particularly under the political aspects of the issue.

  4. Vonetta you are the real deal!! Beauty all the way through, brainy,sexy,loveable and if you write this hilarious material OMGodess!!

  5. Wow! This is one of the most helpful episodes I've seen and it was done very well too! You broke it down to where even I could understand it. I knew we were getting screwed here in the U.S. but I didn't know how bad we are being screwed! $25,000 for the same procedure that'll cost you $100,000 here and they greet you at the door when you come to the hospital in China! Shocking! And Vonetta( I love your name by the way) you are a Gem of a lady! She is PERFECT for this series!

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