Over medication PSA

is America over medicated with our current society it is normalized to rely on pills as a first option and reaction to minor discomfort through that Vance man medicine over the years we are able to fix these problems in a matter of days or weeks with antibiotics antidepressants etc some issues that have been occurring with this are that we are relying on prescription drugs so much that pharmaceutical companies are gaining mountains of success which leads to doctors prescribing pills for every little issue our body has then again these pills come with side effects overall this can lead to opioid addiction and is linked to the super bug but super bug is a bacteria that has evolved due to over prescription of antibiotics it cannot be killed and led to many fatalities lastly doctors prescribed kids with ADHD with stimulants such as adderall ritalin and other central nervous system stimulants instead of natural remedies in conclusion doctors and pharmaceutical companies are disregarding horrible side effects of oral medication so remember don't overmedicate deliberate thank you

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