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I could say one thing that was uncool or accidentally offensive and then cringe for days playing it over and over in my head like god I'm such an idiot I can't believe I tried to show them pictures of my cats I would see a graph in my head plotting time against catastrophe my mind is a Hubble telescopes constantly scanning for reasons to freak out should I'm a small talk be deep make a joke am I talking too much too little am i making in a by contact am i making too much eye contact my eye contact is really intense maybe I shouldn't make any eye contact at all but then is weird but I'm not making any eye contact and they're like 16-ounce soy latte for Bill I spent most of my life terrified of interacting with people especially ones I didn't know you would never cut a conversation short just because it's going well where's I've often thought hey this conversation is going great if I end it now I can leave without them thinking I'm weird about six years ago I hit a wall of emotional pain and I decided to break out of that isolation I started getting out to meetups the first thing was a meet-up for fans of a firefly I found other meetups to go to I even did okay Cupid all my life I felt so much pressure in conversation to prove that I was witty or smart or something turns out I didn't need to be interesting to make friends I needed to find them interesting so I would ask people about themselves listen and imagine myself in their life so lesson find ways to be around people who share your interests or demographic and show up regularly it's fine to impress people but it's more important to be impressed so I went from being nearly homebound to getting out most nights of the week for years now very comfortable around people I have my own Mita so if you suffer from social anxiety you can change patterns of thought and behavior that have ruled your life for years but I told myself let it go you got out and interacted with people even if you did screw it up it's a win lesson failure is progress and rejection is the means to finding your people


  1. You can overcome ANY anxiety you FEEL, because EACH one of you are STRONG. And remember, failure is progress.✨

  2. You know I have social anxiety and fear to interact with people but I am trying my best to cHange that because really it's sucks I hope the best for everyone and thank you for the video

  3. if you forget yourself and focus on them you'll meet a lot of people, know a lot about a lot of people, and they will think you are pretty cool. downside: quite often you will find yourself wanting to open up and share but you may have a difficult time doing so – especially if you have surrounded yourself with people who always talk about themselves. strive for balance in conversations and relationships.

  4. I love this kinds of messages so I started my own channel to inspire athere people it would be great to see your support

  5. definitely it is true your time is important and anxiety comes to you you habe to overcome it

  6. Great advice: become a GREAT Listener! Most people don't listen! You do that, and you are WAY ahead of the game! This way, you can help people, and by helping others, we elevate ourselves without knowing! It's beautiful, really! It truly is better to GIVE than receive! Also, learn to not take things too seriously! Learn to laugh at yourself and your shortcomings! Sexy is confidence, and confident people can laugh at themselves! NO ONE is perfect! If someone thinks he/she is, then they are a narcissist and you don't want them in your life anyway! Laughter is the best medicine!

  7. This isn't real anxiety. Anxiety comes from the results of actions, and sitting there worrying about social perception is because you dont have problems that could put you in actual loss or danger. You have to make a fool of yourself to get over the downside of people's perception of you and realize nobody ever cared that much about you, they're apathetic, at the worst you need clinical evaluation.

  8. Wow, exactly what I needed. I mean, I talked about similar things to (loneliness & being alone) ( https://youtu.be/OMjvtXbhqZI )

    I don't believe in consequences 🌚

  9. With great difficulty lol. Anxiety is always a tricky thing to gain an upper hand on. The points you covered were good as is changing your base again of thinking. Picking up something to read helps because you cannot concentrate on your reading and your worries at the same time. Thanks for the presentation. Well done 👍

  10. this was radically shallow and too simple. It was like talking to overcome depression is to be happy. I'm disappointed with the channel. Unsubscribing

  11. Worrying is carrying tomorrow's load with today's strength- carrying two days at once. It is moving into tomorrow ahead of time. Worrying doesn't empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength

  12. Best way to overcome anxiety is to try to surround yourself with people who don’t make you anxious or go to the gym somewhere that you feel at peace ! Or go smoke weed lol

  13. Overcoming your fears will leave you in a place where anxiety can not thrive.

  14. Anxiety is just a mind perception. Cure it by practice and mindful living. Practice makes perfect.
    Fear is a reaction – Courage is an active decision.

  15. From an evolutionary standpoint, the more anxious your ancestors were, the more likely they were to survive!

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