Overseas students get medical education at Dali University

teaming up to slow the nerves of his vlog these are foreign students are conducting a routine medical experiment at the China Society University in Yunnan Province Nanoha from India says it's a lot easier to do it together it's not a burden for the student that keeps studying everything in one go practical orientation is that then the laboratories as you can see we are sitting in a particular lab only they are actually very well equipped teachers are really taking good care of us individual student has being given taken care of the school Hospital offers internships for medical students who have completed half of the six-year program they learn and get feedback from some of the most experienced the doctors the beating here and what we learn here it's very advanced and then all this thing you can use in our country and it is very helpful the university offers more than 60 different majors or undergraduate 70% of foreign students choose to study clinical medicine issues the party tortured Metro education is one of Tolly University's leading these Plains having a history of cool decades mainly from South Asia and Southeast Asia compared to get better medical training visited the countries where and freight rates work and feedback it's great curious Hong Kong for people total outside of the campus the city of Dali is a famous tourist destination it has a profound connection with the world trade and the cultural exchanges in this Asia in the city of a Dali began more than 2,000 years ago back then the video was an important hub along the land base the Silk Road and it's a maritime equivalent there's a long-standing connection with the other cultures continues today with many overseas students choosing to attend University here sally university has the chance the highest number of international undergraduate nationwide is a roman to openness with foreign students in 2002 over thousand have graduated my main in going back from here is to work as a full-fledged doctor in the areas where people doesn't get facilities particularly maybe any kind of a remote area where people really lack facilities after longing and everything from here and doing internships learning from high quality doctors in here and I can do the same in Nepal China established the belt and road scholarships in August 2015 the company sponsored 10,000 a foreign student in all each year from countries all afternoon the goal of has a plan to force a new blog and saw the new connection which also CDs in Yunnan Province

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