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everything that we put on to Oxford medicine online is intended to have the clinician jr. through experience doctor has its end user to be the one final source of every year every bit of information that they need Oxford medicine online is an online platform that takes titles from our medical group in the US and in the UK and keeps them on an online platform for subscribers we have well over 600 titles we add to Oxford medicine online roughly 20 to 30 titles and every month it goes from monographs to textbooks to board review material it has case based information and what we've done is develop a core content that really doesn't have a geographic boundary people outside of the US anywhere in the world should be able to actually access this information and use it in their daily lives well it has the advantage since the Oxford label has so many textbooks and so many others monographs on it has the advantage going to one place to be able look up almost anything you want to look up our medical group has a variety of content all our contents high quality we seek the best authors everything's vetted from proposal stage through several lines review then we also you know get content vetted during the manuscript process so all our contents really high quality it's top-notch we'd get the leaders in the field I do check the authors the authors appear to be knowledgeable and authoritative otherwise I wouldn't be using the Mayo Clinic toolkit is actually a partnership between Mayo Clinic which is the largest not-for-profit clinic in the world and Oxford University Press what this series of books does is it provides board review material it provides text books it provides clinically relevant information that any practicing clinician should have at their hand the toolkit itself what it does is it allows the mgs or to prepare for boards it emphasizes the use of the oxford elearning platform which actually runs behind the board review books the e-learning platform is a tool that we're adding to a lot of our online content and the reason being it provides an opportunity for students or trainees and different medical specialties to take board style questions in their preparation for board exams it also gives us an opportunity for CME style questions so if someone's going into a field and doing more research in that area they might want to test themselves so we're going to have more specialized content I think that what we do and what we do well is that we have key content that is authoritative and it is probably some of the most useful information that any clinician needs to have we are more than just a book repository what Oxford medicine on online does is that it strives for the future but not in a vacuum what we do is we actually listen to what our end users are doing what they're asking for and how they're using information and then we continue to build and develop Oxford medicine online to better meet their goals you

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