PA Program White Coat Ceremony 2014 — Penn State College of Medicine

>> Today is so meaningful because we’re welcoming
the new students here. It’s been a long process for Penn State to
restart their PA and we welcome the alumni back. We have real patients, part of our application
process, that they interview the students. So, if a student is not good with the patient
or is uncaring with the patient, this is not going to be their program. So, I think Penn State’s going to be very
innovative, we’re in the right setting, we’ve got the great support and we’re going to lead
in a professional education here. >> Growing up somewhat close to this area,
I knew the reputation of the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. I knew the reputation of the College of Medicine. I was thrilled when I discovered that they
were going to be starting a Physicians Assistant program. This to me signifies the first step in that
next journey to where I ultimately want to be in my career. >> I can’t believe I’m like, wearing a white
coat. I’m very excited. It’s been a long journey, a long path to even
get to this point and we’re not there yet. We have the white coat, but we haven’t graduated
yet. It’s only the beginning and we know it’s a
long road ahead of us, but we know this is the start of something special and I’m actually
just excited to get started. >> I chose Penn State Hershey because I’ve
been to this area before. That was kind of the first straw is the area. It’s, you have a lot to do, but yet it’s not
a big city feel. Once I got to the campus and interviewed here,
it was unbelievable. It was different than any other interview
experience I’ve ever had. It was more of a sit down at the dinner table
talking with your relatives, kind of place. It wasn’t intimidating at all and after hearing
the curriculum and things like that. It just seemed like a great place to be. >> I know that the white coat symbolizes going
into the medical field and what I will be practicing, but to me I think it symbolizes
also what my family and friends and the support network that I have, what they have done for
me. And without them I couldn’t be here today. So, every time that I put on my white coat,
I think I’ll be reminded of them and all the work that they’ve done to help me get to this
point. >> I was inspired by a really good physician
assistant who treated my mom for her GI problems and every since then I’ve just been so inspired. Penn State has an excellent reputation. I have a lot of friends who go to the med
school here and they love it. They love the community, they love the professors. They call the professors by their name. As soon as I heard I got in, I cancelled all
my other interviews, so, which was really good.

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