Pamela Fairchild, M.D. | Gynecologist, Michigan Medicine

– I became an OB-GYN, because I like taking care of women, and I like that the specialty
offer the opportunity to take care of women
really across their lifespan and in very many different ways. We’re able to see women in the clinic and deal with issues there, and then I really also
enjoy the operating room and the way we can improve
women’s life through surgery. As a urogynecologist, the
services I provide focus on women’s pelvic floor health, and that’s really across the lifespan. So I see women after childbirth who are having difficulty
with their healing. I also see women in the postmenopause time when they’re having issues
with incontinence or prolapse and really any aged woman that’s having problems
with their pelvic floor. What I love about my
work is the opportunity to improve women’s health. I, as a urogynecologist, deal with issues that are often difficult
for women to talk about. They’re very sensitive. They’re not things that commonly
women within their families or with even in their friend
groups talk about frequently, but they are common issues
that have significant impact, and I hope to normalize
those and let women know that we have treatments and solutions that can improve their quality of life.

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