Pancreatic Cancer | Patty’s Story

(gentle music) >> I woke up in the middle of the night, and had this stabbing pain in my back. I mean, it hurt so bad. Got to the hospital in Montana, and they did a CAT scan,
and the doctor came back, and he says it looks
like you have a tumor, that it was pancreatic cancer and that the tumor, it
was borderline resectable. They said it would be about
a 10 to 12 hour surgery. When I woke up three hours later, I knew something had gone wrong. They had told me that the
surgery could not be done. If I would go on chemotherapy, I would have three to six months to live. >> How you doing? >> Well I think but I don’t know I hope… Once I met with Dr. Wolfgang, and he said, “I can give you more than
three to six months.” He said, “I think I can
get you cancer-free.” >> Patty is from Montana
and she’s very independent, strong-willed, a wonderful person. When she came to see us, she saw the entire multidisciplinary group. We discussed aspects of
her systemic therapy, what chemotherapy to give. She then saw our radiation oncologist and we elected to give her
stereotactic body radiation. We felt that we should
be surgically aggressive and that we had a very good chance of getting the tumor
out with a clear margin. (water running) >> He had such an
attitude around him that, you know, you felt real
confident with him. I really, from the onset
of needing Dr. Wolfgang, felt that he was the one that
I was supposed to go with so I felt very comfortable with him. >> When we have somebody with
a localized pancreas cancer, we need to win two
battles to win that war. One is a systemic battle and
the other’s a local battle. We treated her with more systemic therapy, more chemotherapy upfront and
then she received radiation, and then she went to surgical resection and in her case she underwent
a whipple operation. And, in her particular case because of the involvement of the portal veins, we had to resect that
segment and reconstruct it and put the two ends together. >> Of course when you come out of that, you’re feeling extremely sore
and your whole system is off. You know in 10 days it’s amazing how much better you do feel. >> And you look great
and that’s the important thing too because, you
know, you do all of this not just to stay alive, you do all of this to thrive and to do the things you want. >> Yeah. You hear the word pancreatic cancer and it’s a death sentence
that there’s no help for it and I really recommend a second opinion. It maybe not what you want to hear but then again, in my case it was exactly what I wanted to hear. I’m just going to be turning 70. We just went from January
to March at our YMCA and we did, they called it
Around the World in 80 Days and they had some challenges and stuff. I was lifting weights, I
was doing the elliptical, I was swimming so now I attribute most of my aches and pains just to old age. (laughter) (gentle music)


  1. Shows the difference a skilled team can make ….if you can afford it or it is covered by your insurance. Hoping Patty has many great years ahead of her.

  2. God bless! I’m currently a two year survivor of The Whipple. Tumor was a stage 1b and was respectable. No lymph node evolvement. I had PC ♋️ three years to the month after breast cancer, five year survivor of that.


    In the summer of 2014 i was diagnosed with large B-cell lymphoma. The lymphoma was eliminated with chemotherapy in February 2015. The treatment caused significant nausea, vomiting, febrile neutropenia (fever resulting from abnormally low white blood cell count), and pneumonia requiring hospitalization.

    In March 2015, a brain MRI revealed several cancerous lesions. These were resolved by April 2015 with whole brain radiation, as indicated by a post-treatment MRI. For a year-and-a-half, i was doing very well, even participating in a half-marathon. However, in November 2016, a mass developed in my left thigh. Doctors removed the 3.2 x 2.5cm mass, and determined it was consistent with diffuse large B-cell inter-vascular lymphoma.

    The removal of this mass did not eliminate the lymphoma. In early April 2017, I began receiving medications to treat complications of the cancer. Furthermore, another head CT scan revealed a 6mm cancer lesion in the left superior pons. The test also confirmed resolution of the previous lesions in the right thalamus and basal ganglia. Shortly after the 3.2 x 2.5cm mass excision, I noticed regrowth of some mass in the same area. I received five shots of radiation in April for the new growth.

    More scans in May 2017 revealed new adrenal cancerous nodules. I began taking the chemotherapy drugs cisplatin and cytabarine to combat the cancers. I was then hospitalized between July 23rd, 2017 and August 3rd, 2017 due to acute renal failure and hepatitis, which had been induced by cisplatin and cytabarine respectively. The complications permanently ended my chemotherapy regiment, with chemotherapy stopping in late April.

    I was then diagnosed with relapsed intravascular diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, and leptomeningeal disease.Without the strength to endure more chemotherapy or radiation, doctors could do nothing more, and i was forced to try an alternative treatment.

    In early May, i began researching for alternative treatment where I came across Dr. Musa's email address, i contacted him and explained my issues to him, he assured me that everything was going to be alright and all i have to do is to follow his instructions and use his herbal medicine as prescibed by him.

    I started off with small rice-grain sized doses as prescribed by Dr. Musa so as not to over dose my self until i get use to the medicine, after a week i then upped the dosage to a gram a day, and within two weeks i noticed beneficial effects in general, feeling better and having more appetite. On October 30th, 2017, i had a follow-up examination which revealed i was doing much better since being off chemotherapy, and that the left thigh mass “actually regressed spontaneously.”

    A months later in Another exam from November 24th, 2017, the results revealed that there were no more traces and from the Doctor's statement i have fully recovered.

    up till now am doing well with no re-occurrence. Thanks to Dr. Musa's herbal medicine.

    you can contact him on; [email protected] To get your permanent cure, no matter the problem you can talk to Dr Musa.

  4. I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2011, and that year we were excited to be celebrating my six year survivor-ship anniversary – a survival that was not remotely contemplated in 2016. Since i diagnosis i have learnt a lot about lung cancer, the first few years were confronting.

    I had no clue that my LUNG (left) was responsible for these combined symptoms! Fatigue, chest, neck and shoulder pain. My life changed in just one breath when my Doctor diagnosed me with advanced lung cancer that was INOPERABLE, INCURABLE and TERMINAL. I will always remember the pain and tears from my husband’s face as well as my daughters and my close friends. Like many other people this was not the first time that my life was impacted by CANCER. In 2002 my sister was diagnosed with leukemia. Fortunately for us she was diagnosed at an late stage and she pass away. So when my doctor gave the news about me, We all put in mind positive energy to fight against it, Because I was not going to let that put an end to my smile. now i lives a normal healthy and active lifestyle thanks to the “Dr Adebola Herbal Herbs” which my husband doctors prescribed him. SO many good people have lost there life because of greed, The government will preach against herbal herbs because it only one true cure, But will make profit with pills because the money you treat the more money you spent, Thanks to my husband Doctor who told us this. I will want to advice anyone out here going through sorrow with Cancer to reach out to Dr Adebola and I guarantee you that you will be cured. Contact him via: ([email protected])

  5. My wife died 4 years ago when I was 23 now I'm 27 and I've been drinking heavily since her death and now I have developed pancreatic cancer and now I don't need a reason to not blow my brains out.

  6. Cancer is like a bully u can’t let it pick on u or beat u up, u have to fight back and you have have to be strong and positive or else cancer will win and you don’t want that. This video was amazing and I’m glad your okay.

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