Panic Anxiety and Holiday Gatherings

hello my name is Nicole and thank you so much for taking the time out to listen today we're going to take a look at mental breakdown or mental disorder we have individuals who unfortunately have gone through this those who are currently going through this they're not going to be able to explain too much because their mind is under attack unfortunately we have some ignorant especially in the african-american community when it comes to things like mental disorders in general you have individuals who will say things like why don't she just snap out of it I mean come on now she didn't went through this and went through that isn't she better now okay there's the cold-hearted individual that one that could care less you just simply show up to the next family holiday event you just make sure you bring some chicken and some macaroni and cheese and cornbread and don't act stupid when you show up here you see I know some people don't want to hear it and some folks will even say well that's a bit heartless to use that example but let me tell you something I grew up in this atmosphere okay and there is no politically correct folk there are those individuals who simply want what they want when they want it how they want it okay there's no fear or reverence for the one true God there's a disrespect concerning the things of the Lord as well as the people of the Lord and so when you got a lot of this sort of thing happening repeatedly where people could care less about what you're going through you have no choice but to either safeguard yourself or you can go through the fires and continue to make excuses for ignorant people I mean it's up to you 10 signs and symptoms of a panic attack also known as a mental breakdown or nervous disorder or mental disorder psychotic breakdown some folks will look at that as well but let's zero in on this panic attack and and we're going to talk about how it plays into why some folks simply don't want to be bothered with family 10 signs and symptoms of a panic attack a pounding heart chest pain you may well worry about having in a heart attack difficulty with breathing fearing you are going to choke they need to be more specific hear from someone who has been there and done it but there's also a fear that you're going to die okay feelings of unreality as if you're not of this world a sense of detachment from yourself fear of going crazy and losing your mind okay we're going to find out a bit more on this particular site called professional – counselling calm constant least that the article is the science in seven common causes of a nervous breakdown sometimes individuals will feel like there's relationship to disaster of some sort sometimes they have evidence and proof other times it's not a relationship issue of a great magnitude to those on the outside looking in but it is so the one who's going through a lot especially if a person finds out that they're being lied to cheated on separation and divorce will also contribute to a nervous breakdown some of you all took some relatives a bit too lightly when they went through their divorces others you thought she was gonna be okay and alright once she separated from that man and she wasn't others in same-sex relationships they go through their share of issues and people can be very cold because they don't agree with that sort of lifestyle a traumatic event or perhaps a series of traumas that will also cause a mental breakdown a drip drip effects finally taking its toll not unusual in emergency service personnel and when caring for someone who suffers from a long-term illness basically you started to experience all sorts of odd behavior within yourself as you're trying to help other people and you can't quite get ahold of what's happening to you but it just doesn't feel right on the inside other work-related stress will also contribute to a nervous breakdown panic anxiety attacks mental disorders not having eaten or slept enough this is a contributor this had something to do with an anxiety attack that I had some time back I hadn't eaten and the next thing you know my body was shaken my nerves were on edge and my stomach of course was very hungry once I ate the food I was good to go yes something as simple as food can trigger things like that domestic violence is definitely a serious challenge with so many that will sooner or later cause you to go into some type of mental breakdown the best way that I could explain it from my personal experience was that my body no longer wanted to be present simply put something happens where your body says enough is enough I cannot deal with this this is too much soon after talking to my mother a few years back and a few months prior to I lost my grandmother I ended up having a panic anxiety attack that was quite severe ended up going to the hospital the doctor asked me what all was taking place with me at that particular time and I told him simply put I was going through some family issues and I was very specific about those and he recommended I had no business getting involved with any of it okay any of it when you have a doctor that tells you that you don't need to be involved with some of the people places and things I trigger you you better listen unless you want to end up having an attack that just might affect you permanently you may not come back around some folks have had mental breakdowns and did not come back to their senses I want to take you over to health what is a nervous breakdown a nervous or mental breakdown is a term used to describe a period of intense mental stress okay notice intense mental stress during this period you are unable to function in your everyday life okay so the woman who has the mental breakdown soon after giving birth to a baby it's not a good idea to give her the baby back and tell her to take care of the baby there's nothing that changes in her environment there's no support system you are asking for trouble the man or woman who has recently lost his or her partner it is not a good idea to leave that individual by his or her self for long long periods of time somebody at some point is going to need to do a health and wellness check if you can't make it you can get somebody else to do it but people who have gone through something very intense need to be watched this term was once used to refer to a wide variety of mental illnesses we're referring to the nervous breakdown including depression oh she just had a nervous breakdown she was depressed oh he's going through a lot he may be suffering from anxiety oh she's got a lot of stress lately it could be acute stress disorder you just never know although nervous breakdown is no longer considered a medical term it's still used by many to describe intense symptoms of stress and an inability to cope with life's challenges okay strong people end up having mental breakdowns people with much money have mental right now as people with little money had mental breakdowns people who have small families large families doesn't matter people in a relationship out of relationship can be at risk of some type of mental breakdown sometimes what others see as a mental breakdown may actually be an undiagnosed mental illness okay there isn't one agreed-upon definition for what constitutes a nervous breakdown is generally viewed as a period when physical and emotional stress become intolerable and impair one's ability to function effectively now you just got a mouthful of a lot right concerning a nervous breakdown we know a family members and friends who have suffered all sorts of things the words to describe what they went through wasn't necessarily nervous breakdown but we know there's something physical psychological behavioral occurred with them and cause them to no longer work for a period of time to take care of children to deal with partners to participate in their beloved holiday celebrations or stay up to par with their various hobbies okay we don't call people crazy and stupid and strange and weird and I don't know what's wrong with her so I'm just gonna stop dealing with her and meanwhile there are those individuals who are called to stay connected to people who are going through much okay they are called to do wellness checks they are called to sit down and help them at least for a period of time but then if you care for someone else while you got your share of issues it is best to pass those responsibilities on to professionals out there some folks folks income qualify as far as having people come by to take care of them more specifically personal care assistants or nurses people of that group as opposed to fam because sometimes family will only do nothing more than send you back into that nervous breakdown or that beloved one who's going through much and we don't want that if people are not qualified anointed appointed to help others they should not be forcing themselves just because the deceased said take care of so-and-so or because you owe somebody something or because they put pressure on you or influence you or even manipulated you in such a way to be by their side and you know for well you don't have the mental capacity nor the physical strength to deal with all that comes with them even God will tell people let go let go in Jesus mighty name let go you have done all that you could possibly do depressive symptoms such as loss of hope and thoughts of suicide or self-harm are common signs of nervous breakdown when you hear people say things like I just don't want to live anymore I can't wait to be home with Jesus I've had enough of this life if only I had enough courage to take myself out you need to be on alert sooner or later something is going to occur anxiety with high blood pressure tense muscles clammy hands dizziness upset stomach and trembling or shaking some individuals had many of these signs leading up to their deaths okay pay attention especially around holiday events insomnia I can't seem to sleep I don't know what's wrong with me some of you all heard about relatives having a combination of all of these symptoms and for some of you all you didn't pay close attention you just thought they were just saying the same old same old because it happening so often but these are signs that something bigger is about to take place hallucinations they see things and nobody else see extreme mood swings or unexplained outbursts one minute she's so sweet and nice next thing you know she's up in somebody's face she's freaking out she has an attitude problem what is wrong with her once again these are signs somebody's body is breaking down panic attacks which include chest pain detachment from reality and self extreme fear and difficulty breathing okay some folks are on edge because of the money that's being spent because of all of the pressure that's put upon them to be out this person sauce in that person's house paranoia such as believing someone is watching you or stalking you some folks won't even leave their homes because they're fearful that there's all sorts of bad stuff going on outside the home flashbacks of a traumatic event this happens a lot with our veterans which can suggest undiagnosed post for my traumatic stress disorder this also happens with those individuals who have been repeatedly sexually abused or tortured in some way okay now here is where all of this ties into why doesn't she come to the family event why doesn't he go over there and see about his mother or father or sister or brother why are they so standoffish it's not what some individuals think people are going through okay people experiencing a nervous breakdown may also withdraw here we go may also withdraw from family friends and co-workers signs of such withdrawal include they avoid social functions and engagements this was something that as I learned more about anxiety disorders and had my share of panic anxiety issues I realize this is why I did not want to attend some events because of the way I was feeling on the inside and I felt like I was out of control now why would I want to be around a bunch of individuals and start freaking out on them and then they say things like is she going crazy what's wrong with her you see but how soon some people forget you tell them things or they've witnessed some things or they recall some things but they figure since you haven't had one in a while or you haven't told anyone that you have one in a while I guess it's gonna be okay and alright for you to show up they tell you how you should feel Lord Jesus eating and sleeping poorly are also some things that people experience now if I'm eating and sleeping poorly you don't want me coming around maintaining poor hygiene in the hood simply that person hasn't taken a bath in a while and they stink right they have lost their sense of self so they're not gonna smell too good they're not gonna be in the best mood because they haven't been eating well and even sleeping poorly and besides they don't even want to be at the social functions because they've been coming up with all sorts of excuses as to not be there okay some folks don't want to go through another nervous breakdown or panic anxiety attacks so they simply say from the start I am NOT going to be there because I know what my triggers are but once again when you're talking to ignorant people they don't know anything about triggers they don't know anything about mood swings and paranoia and panic attacks but then for those who are very rude they'll simply say yeah you got all that girl keep your a SS on home you see yes we got those calling in sick to work for days or not showing up to work at all their income is affected they may have already done this and so lo and behold a family situation arises I can't miss any more work you see isolating yourself in your home this happens as well right because you just had a panic anxiety attack or some type of nervous breakdown who wants to be around a bunch of people who wants to be in the atmosphere and he or she's concerned that maybe another situation is going to take place so there are those things that people do in order to get over some of the challenges such as taking baby steps they walk to the door they look out the door they're good and they close the door then the next day they open up the door they step out now they made it to the patio and then the next day they made it down the sidewalk and then the next day they're back in their car they start it but they are not driving anywhere and they just do these small things until they get enough courage to break through the fear the worry the stress while they're being medicated for some folks while they're participating in various healthy eating and exercise there's some things that people do in order to break out of the traumatic situation that has just taken place right and some folks simply don't want to be reminded or be bothered by the triggers and so they avoid them and they do well for months for days for weeks for years ok leave some folks alone when they tell you that they have had their share of mental breakdown nervous breakdown and there or not so climb back up again they don't need you to trigger them right especially loud mouths silly ignorant or foolish family members and friends so I came across this particular article called what I wish my family knew about my anxiety during the holidays and I thought that this particular article is definitely one that some folks can kind of wrap their head around especially if they've gone through this sort of thing with their family so as this computer is taking its time to load this article I'm going to go back to the article and Healthline the risk factors that lead to a nervous breakdown and those would be a person may report having an service breakdown when stress is too much for them to bear that stress can be caused by external influences some of those risk factors include persistent work stress this is why some folks are told you need to start praying and asking the Lord to help you in terms of finding different employment it's getting to be too much for you okay and then of course put your resumes out and do whatever it takes because money is not that important if you're not going to be one day available to make the money you see recent traumatic events such as a death in the family this was what triggered one of my panic anxiety attacks and I was I was deeply hurt because the people who knew of that relative it seemed like after it was all said and done they really didn't care too much to follow up to find out how the rest of the family was doing so it was one of those things that was tough at that time not the recent death of my mother this was another relative serious financial issues such as going into foreclosure a major life change such as a divorce poor sleeping relaxation personal history of anxiety disorders usually if you have a history of anxiety disorders you're more likely to have future ones future attacks family history of anxiety disorders a lot of times family had this sort of thing or annoying but they were just told so and so just went crazy one day or so once I had a nervous breakdown girl but she's okay she's alright she had kids and everything else but there was a lot of symptoms and a lot of things that was show up in the family just dismissed it as that's how she is okay recent injury or illness that makes daily life difficult to manage okay sometimes people will have that accident or they'll have something that was sudden that was traumatic an illness that is terminal even and so these sorts of things contribute to IANS IOT to what we call a nervous breakdown or mental disorder okay let's see if that article showed up okay this was one of those that was written around Christmastime close to Christmas time by Hilary white and it's it's got a lot of love in this particular article and that's the reason why I chose it in addition to the fact that it is an article related to what I'm talking about today about anxiety panic attacks things of that sort she she titles it what I wish my family knew about my anxieties during the holidays she starts off saying she hates the holidays okay and she really means it she hates the holidays okay she finds that she's experiencing a lot of anxiety around the holiday season and this isn't just the typical stress that some people have this is a type of anxiety where she doesn't want to be around people okay she said that she felt like she was an actor that was playing a role even in front of people that she's closest to and so she wrote this article because she wanted her family to be more understanding in terms of how she feels during the holiday season and not to take what she's doing personally she says that she don't she doesn't hate coming to see them right she just panics over the planning to get there and see selfish people don't get this they really don't they don't factor in how much it's going to cost they don't offer to pay for people to come they don't look at folks work schedules they don't think about you know all of the typical stuff that goes into putting putting the effort into pack to get children ready especially whiny children little children rebellious children children ass going through they don't factor in all of that I just want you to come and bring the kids you see and so a person who has a history of panic anxiety or they have their share of issues it's not an excuse it's not an excuse you got some folks are just an excuse it's not an excuse when you go through something that has a traumatic effect on you and you don't want to experience that all over again you do the types of things that doctors and other professionals have told you to keep you from going into that place again that brings up the anxiety right increases it and you know all of that but once again selfish people they always have selfish things to say don't they it's not about being understanding it's not about being compassionate it's about what whatever they what so she wants them to know getting out of a routine makes her feel unbalanced right when you're used to life being very simple a lot of people who have gone through nervous breakdowns anxiety disorders what-have-you they take good advice they want their days to be planned and plans well they don't want to have to experience anything that just throws everything off but if it does usually they can manage it in their environment in their city you know around the people they're familiar with but when you go somewhere else in somebody else's territory right and somebody tells you we get up at this particular time each day and this is what we do and bla bla bla bla if there is going to be anxiety raised because for the simple fact is is that you already have your share of challenges and now here comes somebody placing all of these things upon you when you have heavy levels of anxiety yes you do become a bit irritated you might have the attitude bit angry and folks they misconstrue that in the african-american community is considered disrespectful is this respectful when you raise your voice is disrespectful if you're talking with a high pitch it's disrespectful if you're looking crooked I from across the room you know so meanwhile they don't know you're going through a lot on the inside and they don't want to sit down and go deep with you about how you feel or what you're going through or what your days or weeks or months have been like or even years if they haven't seen you in a while so you know some folks I'm sorry can't make the event I know there's not gonna be anybody there he's gonna understand what I'm going through and they've already marked me as crazy next right you're gonna protect yourself when you know you have your share of difficulties she says that she's grateful for the things that these relatives do right planning a Christmas holiday it takes a lot of effort but you got some of these folks especially narcissists who they want you to make a big deal about their spread of food they want you to make a big deal about the gifts they buy they want you to make a big deal about all of their decorations and if you who are already high-strung already had maybe a panic anxiety attack the other day okay nervous breakdown what have you you if you don't react in the way that they wants you to react oh she's so ungrateful she's ignorant she's rude I'm telling you some folks are very hard very cold once again they're not considering what you may have gone through even if you did explain it to them they're gonna I roll and Eve sighs she wasn't excited about all what I bought and all of the work that I put in and the food and I mean come on now but you see here this woman has to write an article to help some folks understand what she goes through and then you don't tell everybody in a family your personal business right you don't want everybody to know yes the other day I went through something or this particular time period of my life I had experienced a mental breakdown of sorts and I don't want to be around people who's going to trigger me but da da da da da da da da da you know maybe I'll see you guys after a holiday or when there's less people around once again so people don't get that they don't understand and I just gave some folks an idea maybe you should maybe you would like to go when it's less people around that's what I used to do when my grandmother was living I'd wait till after a holiday and I had one-on-one time with her and we'd have quality time but everybody in that little apartment that she had and the most of them were smokers I mean it was too much and some of them like to get high before they showed up to the family event and now my anxiety levels are raised because I don't know if a fool is gonna act stupid and I don't know if I'm gonna have to you know watch my mother's back because I knew at the time that she didn't go long with certain people it was just too stressful but how soon some people forget and now we got folks who are mimicking that lifestyle all over again bringing children and grandchildren into all of all of the dramas and traumas so this brings me to the next point being around people constantly can be exhausting I mean there was no start time and in time it was all day okay it was all day some of these holiday events and if you didn't drive and at that time I didn't drive then you were stuck you were stuck letting people who deal with anxiety have their space in a lone time right that's important but you got people who like to suffocate you got controlling people you got abusive people where you going who you talking to why are you over there you need to sit over here with us okay the preparation and expectation can be a lot for her she was explaining this once again to her family members the last thing she wanted to do is hurt anyone's feelings or upset them but she's got to protect herself right she knows that emotions run high during holiday events and so she didn't want to be caught up in all of that you know it can be very very stressful for some people and she wanted them to respect the fact that she needs to be alone at times right some folks they gotta be alone for long times because people just don't want to do right it said we're so true some people had to cut off some folks since they've had their mental challenges and physical disabilities and you know the rest for some of you all because you just could not be triggered you could not be brought into an atmosphere where people were going to cuss and flus and Ike like fools and then get you all upset and then the next thing you know for some of you all who've already been in jail you don't want to go back to jail okay behind some of these people so yes communication in her article she says is key but I hate to say it though in some communities in some cultures you can communicate until you're blue in the face some people are just not going to understand they're just not going to understand but I appreciate her very much for sharing her information across the internet like that now when we get into the scriptures about worried real simple we are instructed in Matthew 6:34 and this is a very popular scripture it is therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself each day has enough trouble of its own some people worry the day before they are headed out the door to go to the airport to that family event others they worry weeks and weeks in advance and they try to prep themselves mentally some folks have had to have cognitive behavioral therapy learning how to respond as opposed to react when conflict arises others have had to go through hypnosis or hypnotherapy just to deal with relatives yes it gets deep okay and yes I'm giving some folks some tips if you just can't seem to deal with the family issues okay and you've prayed and you talk to the ministers some folks have to be medicated before they show up to see family okay yes the Bible once again does tell us not to worry Matthew 6:27 says who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his lifespan so for some folks you're just being reminded you don't need to worry about these family holiday events or any other holiday event because if God spoke to you and told you that this isn't the year to be around certain people places and things and why don't you just listen and stop the worry usually we worry a lot of things because number one we have no business even doing some of this stuff that we do okay some point a woman worrying about all the money she has to spend for a family for a Christmas decor for a family holiday event first up should you be even spending your money is that even your money to spend sometimes women are spending their husband's money or their husband is spending the woman's money there his wife's money to impress the family so all that worrying is happening because some people are doing things they shouldn't be doing once again Bible reminds us Philippians 4:6 be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and petition with Thanksgiving present your requests to God so what is your request do you really want to go if you don't really want to go then don't go and present that requests to the Lord you'll be surprised you may say I don't want you to go and what are we to do 1st Peter 5:7 we're supposed to cast all our anxiety on him because he cares for us right he cares for us he really does he cares for you right but we are so many people who they're always talking about I gotta do this when you ask who told you you gotta do this and gotta do that well and then eventually you find out it's just them putting all sorts of stress on themselves as well as their husbands well as children grandchildren it's ridiculous you see and what are people going to do in your absence anyway right if you were to pass away think about it life was gonna go on anyway right so why are you stressed about I got a beat here I gotta do this and that you see Luke 12:26 and I'll close out this message I hope so I feel encouraged today I really do not to be getting yourself caught up in this worry and anxiety and bring it about another panic anxiety attack or nervous breakdown because I tell you here's one who I've learned over the years to protect my sanity okay Luke 12:26 since you cannot do this very little thing why do you worry about the rest right why do we worry about the stuff that we don't have any control over why do we worry about the people who we have no control over right you know you don't have control over that mouthy woman multi-man mouthy relative so why in the world would you put yourself in an atmosphere with somebody who cannot control their tongue but we have those that well that's so or so well if you do have to go you better make sure that you avoid that person as best you possibly can but it's kind of hard when the events in somebody's living room and there's really nowhere to go if you didn't drive yourself I just thank the Lord for just freeing us once again out of all of the trials and the tribulations and the weirdness that goes on around family gatherings I just thank him he just note he knows what's about to go down that's why he keeps us out of it you see we end up not being on a front page news so to speak because we simply go to the one true God and we say Lord should I go on that plane I train I try lead a bus should I be the one driving or should I have somebody else drive should I be the one that has that quiet time at home this year or is it my calling for me to be out there and if it is my calling for me to be out there I ask that your angels of protection go before me in Jesus mighty name I pray Lord Jesus that you just anoint me from head to toe and give me the words to speak when the time comes to make that trip you see I just pray these sorts of prayers in Jesus mighty name and I'm telling you the Lord has oftentimes told me and that it is not my time it's not my season and to stand out sometimes you got to stand down during times where everybody else says things like well you should stand up no sorry that's your opinion that's why we walk with the ones regards so that way we're not influenced by wayward men and wayward women people who are not sold out for the lure people who do not want to study and show thyself approved unto God we keep a far right especially if you are in ministry you got to be careful where you go anyway because you got people who unfortunately don't want to see you succeed they want to see you fail and if you act out of pocket they're ready to whip out that cell phone in a minute you see or that camera or whatever else they got to record you acting like a complete fool God is a good God righteous got it just a loving God and also a God that will judge those who are enemies who want to force people to do things knowing full well that they have mental anxiety okay shame on them may God be with you thank you so much for listening to YouTube and I'm enterprise 7 feel free to like subscribe comment also you are welcome to check the description box and if you feel so moved to give we do welcome giving thank you in advance blessings to you


  1. I just said yesterday that I hate the holidays. My husband died 5 years ago, when my son was 18 months old, so I struggle for his sake. My mother is a narcissist who told me she has a problem with my ways and that I am demon possessed. My mother in law is always being petty, saying stupid things like I am just trying to make them look bad by wearing a nice outfit. My dog peed on her plant and I did that on purpose. This is the woman who laughed at me trying to walk immediately after a c-section. I am sick of them all, but my 7 year old doesn’t understand because they dawn over him. I also don’t have the money, and stress over the long drive by myself with a young child.

  2. Thank you for this video…I went through alot of NARCISSIST ABUSE dealing with family on both sides ….never really grew up with my mom because she herself had a mental break down back in the 90s after my father played her and married someone else all while still going back and forth after the marriage cheating on the new wife and still having my mother thinking they still have something between them SMH…She has never been the same …..I have major depression and really bad anxity and pray everyday for GOD to remove these feelings away from my life you really broke everything down and I have a better understanding of what I am dealing with and how to find others ways to protect my peace . Thanks again πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ™πŸ™

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