1. This video is mainly just to spread awareness and it’s a main reason why we film because it’s a distraction to this part of our lives. We wanted to show the bad not only the good parts of our lives.

  2. this hit hard. the frustration, not wanting to be touched, irritation and annoyance at haydee trying to distract you even though you probably know it could help but not being able to function well enough to accept that. not many people understand and end up getting defensive whenever frustration comes to the surface so i was very happy to see haydee be so supportive and calm. thank you for sharing this <3

  3. You can win with any anxiety by changing your lifestyle and training your mind <3
    I did it and I got free in 3 months 🙂
    Get to know my story: https://youtu.be/mOB1MXtGPGs

    Have a great day! 🙂

  4. Hi I have panic disorder so I really feel your pain! You may have tried all this but the thing that always really helps me is making myself aware of my surroundings so what you can hear what you can see, smell all of that and it helps you realise you’re not in danger and nothing bad can happen to you, thank you for sharing the video❤️

  5. I have adhd, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder and it sucks

    Edit: so if your a object well you make me panic

  6. It happened to my son 7 years ago, for a whole month while he was studying for his finals. This would happen at night, i would walk outside with him for blocks until he felt it was passing. I know what you're going through, who know's maybe you can try walking. Take care. It went away on its own. Here's a video that might help, i wish my son would had seen it. God bless bro… https://youtu.be/uA05sgCeQ1E

  7. hi had intense panic attacks and i won't lie at times i still feel anxiety. but ever since i tried( ifs therapy) it finally helped to stop the panic attacks at least to the point were i had only 2 so far this yea.r find a therapist who practices ifs therapy internal family systems by the way it is really popular to on the east coast as a method to stop panic. it has to do with the parts of us that make up who we are and healing those scared anxious parts by listening to them and helping them deal with what's afflicting them these intense sensations. if you live in los angeles i highly recommend Dr. Allen Berkowitz phd in calabasas california. you wont regret it, i know.

  8. Oh my gosh. I felt like I was watching myself. There have been so many times where I want to grab my keys and take off to the hospital, too — and I have to keep telling myself, "You're okay. You're fine. Just breathe. You're not suffocating. You're not having a heart attack. Your throat isn't closing up. You are not dying. Just BREATHE." <3

  9. Im only 19 I have a panic attack, what I have seen in your video is just like what I am experiencing everyday of my life. My parents told me that I made a ghost that stuck on my mind, but all those things will never happened it just because I'm afraid that Im gonna die but it wasn't. Panic attack has big impact on my life I run out and go home from school because I feel like Im starting to have it I can't finish my exams and quizzes, I can't go out with my friends and travel an hour thinking that I will have another attack that no one will help me, one thing that helps me is knowing that I have God in my side I will get through this that after a minute or an hour I will be okay again and safe. I know you can and you are blessed with that Girl on your side she's so brave and so you are💕 I'm not taking any medicine nor visited psychiatrist it just my love one's who are encouraging and motivating me and helping me through out the day. If they CAN overcome it, then we CAN also. We are the strongest warrior for this battle😊😊😊 sending love from Philippines😊

  10. I know how u feel😭 cutting my hand helps not saying u should r anybody should😭 omg i never want anyone to go through wat i go through

  11. Man, I know your girlfriend is trying hard to distract you, but asking someone who's having an anxiety attack a million questions is only going to make it worse. That being said, there are breathing exercises available online or better yet, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Hang in there !

  12. You really did a great job at tryna help him, I don’t know that much about anxiety and panic attack’s but I feel like he would just rather you sat with him quietly until it passed and just be there with him instead of being at him to play with you and distract him, Someone tell me if I’m wrong because I’m very interested. Maybe it helps for her to to this I’m just curious?

  13. Good spreading mental awareness, I know I am not there or feel the fear,but I suggest that she is trying to distract him but frequent questions will only add to the panic, instead have a 2 or 3 readymade plans to try in panic attack, also keep extra set of batteries with the machine. Music can help

  14. I firstly just have to say thank you for showing such a vulnerable piece of you. As far as tips go its hard since everyones comfor and threshold levels are so different. But (i apologize if i have your names wrong) Haydee my biggest thing for you is dont take anything personally, when you are in the midst of a panica attack everything seems either against you or just really ticks you off its its nothing personal. I will say as much as i know you want to comfort him physically the majority of people having a panic attack want zero human contact unless they are in potential harm. So move the keys farther than it takes for him to get up to get them, double lock the door if you can so you have time to relock it and get to him if he does try to leave, and have him take off his shirt or sweater, sometimes you get hot flashes and it only helps the panic get worse. I will say i love how your dog was attempting to help, he/she can be useful during these situations. If Scott, if you feel it coming try just holding your dog and petting them. If they will sit still long enough in your lap the pressure can help ground you even if only slightly. Or if he/she wont sit still long enough put some peanut butter on a spoon or your hand and just let the dog lick it of while on your lap. As far as what you can do to help trial and error plays alot in this. For me at least background noise is horrible all it does is crowd my head. Try asking him simple questions that make him think but are super easy for him to follow. Like "what did we have for dinner last night?", "have you see my left shoe", "oh do you remember that joke so and so told" in my opinion these are good distractors because they are familiar times when the person was comfortable and they are easy to answer. Try to avoid baby talk or phrases like " your fine", "calm down" , "youre gonna be okay" these tend to make people more agitated since they are usually already telling themselves this in their head. Try to remove things that will increase their panic like that bp cuff he had on or was it a pulse thing? Either way move it, hide it, keep it away until you REALLY feel you need it. Watching that thing go up in down will only make it worse since all he wilp see is that thing rising the more intense it gets. Elevate his feet and ask him to think about his breath and you do that with him "breath, inhale, hold, exhale" repeat but make sure you think about each breath not just doing the exercise but actually taking note that you are breathing and breathing deep. I hope this helps! Also Haydee you are a trooper pushing him infront of the tv while hes on the couch you go!

  15. Bro I been there & got charged hella times at the E.R. bro. I started exercising more & jogging to sweat out all the stress over time & also worked on breathing techniques like inhaling & exhaling hella slow. Sometimes you just gotta step outside & collect fresh air instead of being indoors. The goal was to avoid breathing fast because you start hyperventilating then you get all tingly thinking you're having a stroke. If you need more info on how I got passed it lmk bro. I been there.

  16. Am sorry for that scott,,Philippians 4:6,,do not be anxious about anything,,but in everything,by prayer and petition,with thanksgiving,present your requests to God and the peace of God,which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and your mind in Christ Jesus,,,haydee pray for scott

  17. Bro u need some 420 on ur life when that happens for real I use to get them it has work and I use more for the gym only but it works to keep my mind calm and clear

  18. Man I use to have panic attack and anxiety but I overcame it by not letting it get to me boy you need some weed to help you

  19. Wow ,I can’t imagine what you must have to go through each time this occurs Scott, but it must help having Haydee there with you as she is very calming and does an excellent job of distracting you. Your both awesome.

  20. Oh wow. my heart broke watching that. because I've been there so many times. You're not alone. I've gone to the er so many times when having a panic attack thinking my throat was closing. ❤ Haydee you did perfect. Distraction is key and you were so calm and understanding. God bless yall.

  21. Try and go to the hospital and confirm if this is not asthma. U said u can't breathe, that sounds like asthma bro. Try and do some frequent checkups on your heart and lungs and try to drink some natural remedies like hot water mixed with pepper, order a tea on Amazon called asthma weed. The attack and panic will reduce 80%. This happened to my brother and my mom used this. Please just try some natural remedies. Take care. And u have a good wife. Be strong 💪

  22. You can try walking around and controlled breathing techniques to calm down the attack.
    When you're walking around it keeps your blood flowing more and increases carbon dioxide levels so you won't hyperventilate as much.

  23. 5:15 when the dog was trying to help him out by bringing her ball so she can distract him
    That was so cute😩😩😍😍

  24. It gives me hope, seeing how much you both love and support each other. I never shared my anxiety with anyone I dated, I just kinda suffered quietly. I wish I could have been more open about it, maybe I would have had healthier relationships. Now that I'm open about anxiety, hopefully I'll find someone that can deal with me… Lol 😎 I sincerely appreciate you guys sharing this with us all. 💙💙💙💯😎

  25. Scott u r very brave 2 show this side of u be brave at least u have haydee with u dude always drink cold 💧 it helps alot

  26. Bro look I know ur pain, I have had these before, we all have our problems. So when stuff like this happens it’s ok. It’s not your fault. Just know that it’s just how you are, and that’s fine. Some people including me, know how you feel. So I just wanted you to know it’s ok. But I just hope you know that we all stand together and are with you through this.

  27. I can totally relate to this video as a fellow anxiety and panic attack sufferer !! No one really understands how severe and debilitating it is. I think it’s fantastic that you made this video to highlight what it’s like . 💕

  28. My heart hurts for you really 😢 haydee was %100 loyal and helping you out it sucks really I'm so sorry

  29. That was a very strong share and appreciate the awareness! It takes a lot of strength to share this and I got mad props for you!

  30. I have ptsd and go through these same attacks my wife left me over my attacks so it’s amazing how supportive your girl is. I understand 100 percent of how you feel going through those best thing I do when it happens is relax and think of things that bring me joy and happiness for me it’s my kids. And after a while it works glad you shared this and your not alone.

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