Paramedic Services Week 2017: The Peer Support Team

York Region paramedics respond to a variety of emergency calls on a daily basis many of the calls can be highly stressful the York Region paramedic services peer support team is there to support the mental health and wellness of their colleagues the peer support team is made up of 25 medics were who are all nominated by their colleagues the goal of peer support team is provide support the frontline paramedics and is not restricted to work incidents the sport can come in many ways the simple greeting help them clean up after a call just talking through an incident we’re just talking anytime you do – boasting peer support team members of some form of past life experience during it almost any incident or stress this ensures that peers do not feel alone or lost after critical incidents in the field or when dealing with problems in the personal life as a 24/7 operation members of the peer support team are there to help determine and respond emergency calls the healthy mentally and physically so they’re able to provide that best case we get to learn more about the peer support team visit the paramedic services Week campaign team and join us in celebrating from May 28th to do 2/3

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