Parents of mental health care patient: 'The system is broken'

from eleven years old he stuff with anorexia and then she was born to antidepressants fluoxetine and about 12 years old from 13 she started self-harming in their first three so I 10 was shortly after that she first went to Seven Oaks in Kent then via Southampton Woking Hawkinson Manchester Norwich yeah no he's about soon 58 miles more my journey and we did that should have about seven months and the final place when she was it in a car machine it was in there was in Northampton and that she's been eighteen months there okay how is she she's went to model unit in the local town May last year and looking back at her self-harm over the years nothing's changed we've had 13-hour dosed in the last seven months and self-harm has got got quite critical at the moment she's at college now she's doing military were like that but this her still her fears are still there nothing's changed really and I think even private companies that run these monies units do not prepare the local services either for this because when you get her to level services there's nothing there for you either so what support did she receive during that what five years that she's been receiving well the support we had really because when your child relapses has a moment with the mental health issues they takes ages to get in a second and then you did then you can wait anything up to two weeks for a bed and we obviously we but look we weren't too fussed about the distance where she traveled as long as as long as she's getting the right treatments the problem we had is that everywhere she went it was a bed in the UK and you get there and and they vary from from bad to and that's been good really because this places where she's been where they've run out of medication where she hasn't released properly instant happened overnight and we get a telephone and when what's happened you get no information about about your child when you dropped them off at the hospital you don't see the bedroom it's like you've put him for an airlock door and that's all you see you got to ask for permission to go and see the bedrooms and this is a needs that people looking after your daughter I mean the vast majority of staff the problem with them is they're underpaid and we've noticed over the years that they do use a lot of agency staff and I can't see how that's Farsi viable because with mental health issues the pages need to build a trust with members of staff to actually making themselves better and because people change too often they didn't ever get that I don't his patch over the crux really they said yeah she's okay now she'd go about the community and then usually within probably 12 to 14 weeks we're doing exactly the same thing again the long she spent her home with seven months between between units and that was a nightmare because she's so it so power about being hurt by somebody or hurt by something she spent all the time in bed with a mum and why slept in her room and that we did that for seven months because we just want to stay at home we knew she's going downhill but we tried and tried and tried to keep her home and because local services so bad we just inevitable happened and she went back into unit again in what way do you feel that these units numerous units have failed your daughter they failed because I don't I don't think they actually take on board how because when you pass your response begin to want onto that Ponton people they're basically her parents and they don't I don't think they treat them with respect they deserve Jessica stole his stuff that's happened with him was about restraints and stuff like that but we kind of phone them up and say right because we got over the years she can tell little white lies and try one against the other but there's always some truth there somewhere and what do you mention it all you get from these people is all yeah she's she's she's second on the mental health she's probably lying anyway and you try and get information and because she's got more power than we have his parents gonna under the medal of how fat she could dictate what we can and can't know for example their last placement in Northampton we knew she was ligature in because we she see on Sunday very really got a phone call on the Monday but Tuesday Wednesday Thursday make a phone call we knew someone happened and then we get a phone call on Thursday I need bra pants trousers because she's lose all these aren't the clothes ligatures what would you say to the health secretary if he was watching I think need to wake up because I think not just letting my daughter down they letting a lot of a lot of children down because it's bizarre that he spent five or six years out of area when she was from thirteen to eighteen because I think the way it works and it just England pay if you're under eighteen for for your stay in its secure unit I think then transfers to your local authority want you to an eighteen and they couldn't wait to get back to Somerset I think the system is broken yeah how many more children and they gonna let die before something's done

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