Parker’s mystery disease

Parker who is currently 17 years old has experienced no medical conditions up to this point he has had no allergies has been on no medication has had no surgeries or endres while playing a game of soccer at the age of 16 Parker began feeling a week during his soccer game this weakness began to carry into his daily life while he was at school and going about daily activity due to Parker's complications we first visited our general physician dr. sink to try and figure out what was causing Parker's symptoms dr. sink performed a handwriting test because of the hand tremors and weakness Parker had been experiencing dr. sink told us to bring in a sample of his handwriting from a few months ago to compare it to his current handwriting there's a great difference between Parker's current and old handwriting showing something was wrong dr. sink then referred referred us to a neurologist named dr. Hoffman as you can see here Parker's writing before and his current writing are greatly different assuring that something is wrong with him the average salary for a physician is 187 thousand two hundred dollars per year the education for a physician is a four years bachelor degree in biology or pre medicine followed by a four year medical school and residency a physician looks at patients and diagnosed them for endless illnesses and treats them for injuries some duties include prescribing medication ordering tests for other medical professionals to perform design a plan of treatment and discuss topics such as hygiene and nutrition when we visited the neurologist dr. Hoffman we described the symptoms Parker has been experiencing and told dr. Hoffman what we talked to dr. sink about dr. Hoffman said it was likely Parker was beginning to feel the effects of ALS dr. Hoffman explained that other diseases and conditions such as thyroid disease lack and vitamin b12 hepatitis where cancer can cause similar side effects as ALS in order to rule out these conditions dr. Hoffman ordered a blood test from a phlebotomist the average salary of a neurologist is 243 thousand one hundred and five dollars a year the education of a neurologist is a four years bachelor degree usually in biological sciences chemistry physics or pre-med followed by four years of medical school and residency the job description for a neurologist is being highly trained physicians who specialized in diagnosing and treating injuries or diseases in the brain spinal cord and autonomic nervous system the phlebotomist took a sample of Parker's blood to test the results came back a normal range for TSH at point nine Parker was also in the normal range for vitamin V twelve levels at three hundred and seventy five nanograms per liter Parker's blood was also tested for HIV RNA HIV antibiotics and HIV p24 antigen which all came back negative the test results for epic hepatitis all came back negative along with the cancer test coming back negative as well the average salary for a phlebotomist is thirty one thousand three hundred sixty dollars per year the education fir phlebotomist is non-mandatory associates or bachelor's degree in phlebotomy with some states requiring a certification the main job a flow of a phlebotomist is to draw blood from patients using needles and other equipments after being recommended physical therapy Parker began going to his physical therapist every other day Jeff performed a basic assessment to get a baseline of Parker's abilities from there Jeff did exercises and stretches with Parker to help with Parker strength one of the main exercises Jeff had Parker do was kick a ball around and shift his weight back and forth with doing so this helped Parker with his strength and his ability to work on his muscle communication at the beginning of Parker's physical therapy Jeff performed three baseline test to compare Parker's results to normal 17 year old males doing a mile on a stationary bike should take a normal 17 year old four minutes but it took Parker 6 minutes in 26 seconds doing two miles of hydrotherapy a normal 70 Roadshow to be able to do this in 32 minutes and it took Parker 53 minutes in 17 seconds during a mile of assisted walking would take a normal 17 year-old 15 minutes and it took Parker 19 minutes and 23 seconds the average salary for a physical therapist is 88 thousand eighty dollars a year the job requirements for a physical therapist is a four years bachelor degree usually the nanny is the algae or biology followed by a three year Doctor of Physical Therapy degree followed by residency the main job for a physical therapist is to help patients recover from previous injuries or surgeries while also helping patients regain movement and manage their pain after being recommended dr. Martin by Jeff we sat down with dr. Martin and explained all of Parker's symptoms along with Parker's recent loss of sensation we explained the process we had been through with Parker and his complications dr. Martin explained that he thinks Parker had a similar disease to ALS called Kennedy's disease except Kennedy's disease has a loss of sensation on like als to make sure Parker had Kennedy disease Martin performed a EMG parker's EMG results showed that Parker had very few action potential discharges whereas a normal person wouldn't have much more suggesting that Parker has Kennedy's disease dr. Martin sat down with Parker and his parents to explain what committee's disease is today's disease is a disease that affects the motor neurons and is caused by genetic mutations it's a slowly progressive disease which is why it hasn't affected Parker so now kinase disease causes weakness and wasting of muscles Cain's disease is very rare disease affecting only one in 350,000 males worldwide the life expectancy is normal although a few percentage of people with Kennedy's disease died to do too swallowing complications in their 60s and 70s dr. Martin explains to Parker and his family that there is currently no cure for kidney disease because of this dr. Marlins Parker to continue to take naproxen continued physical therapy and wear knee braces to help maintain his current state prevent Parker from getting worse in 1964 Kennedy's disease was discovered by William art Kennedy when a patient named George B became a patient of his George was the first recognized person with Kennedy's disease progressive proximal spinal and bullbar must feel our auto fee with a sex linked recessive trait residing on the X chromosome citations

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