Pasadena, Texas Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Adriana Gonzalez

I’m Dr. Gonzales, I’m an internist at Kelsey-Seybold. I’ve always been interested in medicine, it’s just a good combination of life science and being able to take care of people, and helping them also learn how to take care of themselves. Kelsey-Seybold has a good reputation about providing quality care for patients, so I wanted to be part of a team that takes care of patients. It allows the patients to be able to have options as to which physicians that they can see, and there’s different physicians that can take care of different or multiple issues that they may be having, all under one roof. I would say motivation, like motivating the patient to learn about their condition, learn what their options are, be willing to be a participant in basically in their overall care. So I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping and seeing patients actually take care of themselves, seeing them go from being really sick to actually starting to get better, and get better both physically and emotionally.

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