Pasadena, TX Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Anita Udayamurthy

– Hi, I’m Anitia Udayamurthy. I’m one of the Internal Medicine doctors here at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. (bright music) I like to help people. I had a very good role model with my mom, whose also an Internal Medicine physician at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. Knowing how much she made a
difference to her patients really inspired me to
become a doctor as well. I think the body as a whole is a really important thing
to care for and treat, and so I like learning about all the different organ systems, as well as the continuity
of care that you get when you’re an internal medicine
or primary care physician. I love working for Kelsey-Seybold. I think our patients get great care here. It is wonderful to have all of our specialists within one system. It makes for a good continuity of care and it makes for great
communication between the doctors. Mostly I just listen to
what my patients say. Try to put together the pieces
of what they’re telling me in my head and figure out
what the best plan of action is in terms of a diagnosis
or further workup. I think that’s a big part
of easing patients’ concern is listening to what they have to say. I think MyKelseyOnline is a
great resource for our patients. We use it to communicate
with our patients directly and we can time
sensitively get results out and our patients in turn
can communicate with us. Most of my patients are signed
up and they really like it. Seeing patients,
diagnosing their problems, treating them, and then
when they come back and they’re better is always gratifying. It’s humbling to me for
patients to come to me for care and trust me with their
healthcare because your health is your most important
thing that you have. (bright music)

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