Pasadena, TX Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Jaime Chavarria

– Hi, this is Jaime Chavarria Internist at Kelsey-Seybold. I find now through the years
that some of the patients, they have difficulties with the language, and it’s difficult to
understand the issues that they are facing without
somebody who speak Spanish. So for me it works great. The majority of my practice
is just Latin people, so I’m very happy to participate
on the care of this group. We follow guidelines that
Kelsey-Seybold provides. All the time we look, what
would be the best x-rays or labs to do the investigation. The coverarity you know is very nice and I’m very happy to
continue working here. To help patient from the point of view, psychological, physical, and spiritual. You know, sometimes we spend times with the patient explaining
the reason why things happen. People feel comfortable, satisfied in the we approach the problems. It’s very rewarding. Happy, comfortable
working here with Kelsey. From the x-ray, all the specialties, all the labs, pharmacy,
everything is inclusive here, and it’s one of the beauties
to come here to Kelsey-Seybold because they don’t have the
time to go to see the doctor, to go and see those specialty. And these people work in this community, and they depend so much on
the hours that they work. One day of work, well it’s
a loss of income for them. So that is the reason why they come. We try to provide all the labs, all the specialty referrals
the same day if it’s possible, and it’s something that really they love. (upbeat music)

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