Pasadena, TX Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Victor Simms

Hello, I’m Dr. Victor Simms, and I’m the chief of the Internal Medicine department here at Kelsey-Seybold. I look at each patient as not just a physical being but also spiritual, emotional and intellectual beings. So I think the doctor’s role is almost like ministry. You really are helping to treat a whole person and not just a one disease process and I think if you look at it that way that is very rewarding. Kelsey is concerned about the value of our care rather than the volume. The focus has turned especially with accountable care now more so on what kind of quality do we give our patients? What kind of service do we give our patients? What’s the patient experience like? It is a very patient centered and patient-centric practice. So my philosophy is that you bring evidence-based medicine and combine that with the art of medicine and give compassionate care. And you have to have both. You need to be well-trained, you need to be smart. You need to be educated and have the most recent, up-to-date ways to treat disease but then you also have to have interpersonal skills to be able to relate and give that knowledge and and care to a patient on an interpersonal level. A Master’s in Public Health gives me the ability to kind of look at populations of patients and their health as opposed to one individual at a time. So you can treat one person at a time and make a person better, but you can treat a community and then make hundreds of people better at the same time. I think education is power and when you take the fear and pull the covers off of what you’re dealing with and deal with the truth of it, then the fear kind of dispels. If they know what you’re dealing with and we have a plan and they know they’re not alone in that endeavor they’re gonna feel better about it, and they’re gonna be more trusting towards the physician.

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  1. Dr. Simms is a wonderful doctor. He has taken care of me for years and never disappointed me on any medical problems.

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