Patch Adams Presents: Eliminate Debt in Medical Interaction

And so everything was going to be free. And not free for poor people. We wanted to eliminate the idea that there was debt in a medical interaction. It seems so counterproductive to developing the kind of friendship relationship that we were interested in having. Medicine was not a business. It was a service to its society, and we are very corrupted Society with money. And the medical profession, especially over my 50 years in it, has now become such a vulgar business. I call it a medical business, not a medical profession. I also could spend as much time with the patient, as I wanted to, because I wasn’t charging them. And, I could be exactly the doctor I wanted to be. And it massaged the relationship because, yes, the visit with the doctor was free, whatever we did to the patient was free, them spending the night… Because I liked for a patient, and their family, to spend a couple of days. They’re not necessarily sick and recovering, but to make a relationship. I mean, how does one prevent a suicide? How does one notice a symptom that wasn’t mentioned? And, how do you build trust so that by the sixth visit they’re really telling you stuff they wanted to tell you on the first visit? So, they had a nice meal and they were in our home as pals. It’s funny, this word, rich. I grew up where I thought rich meant money. Rich can be experience! It can be the pleasure of life, good health. These are all kinds of richness that this experience gave me. It energized me to become intimate with people. I guess if I were to confess, my gold are the relationships I have with people. What’s nice is they didn’t charge me for doing it.


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