Pathways to research – College of Health and Medicine

Within the college we challenge students
to try and understand where the knowledge that they are learning came
from and how it was generated it’s understanding that we are constantly
building on knowledge that has a long history and we’re building on it by a
process of experimentation we therefore provide students with access to
researchers and laboratory situations and research environments everyday
interaction with people who know about research and do research students get
the opportunity to work with researchers right from the start of their degree
they come to realize that the work that they can see being undertaken by their
lecturers in the laboratories or in practice with industry is in fact
informing their curriculum we are trying to take advantages in the
unique opportunities that we have the size of the cohorts makes the ability of
the students to be recognized noticed and supported much greater that small
size provides students with access to leaders within the profession who can
become role models mentors and people who nurture in their careers

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