Patient Hotel at the University Medical Centre Mannheim

Even if it may look like one, the new patient house is not a hotel but an independent unit which can accommodate patients from various medical departments of Mannheims University Hospital. It is not the patient who decides if he or she can stay at the patient house but the physician responsible. The decision is based on how much care
the patients need. For they can only be transferred to the patient house if they are to a large extent independent. The treatment which is still required is given in the specialist department. The patients go there without assistance for their treatment and examination appointments. However, there is a treatment room in the patient house where a qualified nurse is always available. Minor medical services are also carried out here such as measuring blood pressure or changing dressings. The patient house is also equipped for
sudden emergencies. And after all, all units of the large University Hospital
are in the direct vicinity. Jutta Albrecht manages the patient house which has 120 beds. Around 100 of them are so-called standard rooms, though the patients enjoy the atmosphere and luxury of a three-star hotel room: Television and radio are free of charge, telephone and internet connection are available at any time for a fee. On top of this, there are 20 so-called junior suites available on request. These are a little more spacious. Those who have stayed in the patient house, have very much appreciated it: I think it’s really the only positive thing
about my whole hospital stay. For me it’s really important that I can work without being disturbed. I don’t have to see the other patients and I don’t really feel that ill. I felt comfortable and at ease. I don’t feel like being in a hospital – really I felt as if I was staying in a hotel. The staff are all very friendly. That goes for the nurses, physicians and the other attendants. So yes I thought it was very good. The patients have a lot of peace and quiet
here and a greater chance of a better recovery. It’s amazing! I feel as if I’m in a first-class hotel and I think that the atmosphere really does a lot to help the patients make a much speedier recovery. As soon as you walk through the door, the reception area makes you feel you are in a hotel. And just as they would in a hotel, the patients can fetch their post or have their meals here or hand in their key
when they are out and about in the clinic. If friends come to visit, they can go and have a drink in the small bar and sit and have a chat in comfort. It’s also part of the patient house concept that the people who are admitted are self-reliant and taking their meals mostly here in the dining room where they are not tied to set meal times. If they fancy a cup of coffee or a piece of
cake, they can have one whenever they like. A further part of concept are the community areas together with a roof terrace which gives the patients the
opportunity to meet. On top of this, seminar rooms which can be used for training and patient consultations.

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