Patient Perspective: Concussions

so I’m Ken Lee Burton I go to Hopkins School and I graduate in 2019 so I’m a senior this year and I was diagnosed with a concussion my freshman year I was in a car accident with for the girls and the seat that I was in the seatbelt wasn’t working so when we got into a car accident the car behind us actually rear-ended us and we flew into the car in front of us as well so it’s a three car accident and I went flying forward because my seatbelt wasn’t working and I hit the seat in front of me and the seat behind me it was like a double whammy I had never had a concussion before and neither had anybody in my family or any my friends so I didn’t really have any idea of what was going on so at first I didn’t have any symptoms I felt fine I went to the team dinner I watched a movie I was on my phone I was talking my friends and then I went to bed and the next morning I woke up and I had a severe headache there was like a pounding in my head so I went immediately to my pediatrician and I took an online test after talking to a specialist I found that actually taking that test so soon after the impact was the worst thing that I could do because going on a screen is not what you’re supposed to do when you have a concussion well my mom says I was irritable for a year but I was better in like three weeks with no headaches I just got a slip of paper that said that I had a concussion and that we were to give to my school and that like qualified me for like extra time on tests and then he told me to just rest I was just supposed to like lie in bed not do anything and then actually later talking to the specialist they said don’t just rest because it stresses out your minds like you should be reading so what was most helpful in treating my concussion was listening to audiobooks or having my mom read to me books that I’d already read so that I already knew the plot and by reading it like took my mind off school and then also I found that getting massages really helped while I had my concussion I was just lying in bed I got really worried I was like when are my headaches gonna go away how long is this gonna last I can’t be out for school for this long I’m gonna be so behind and looking back it really wasn’t that bad my teachers were supportive and I was able to get extra time and they gave me substitutions for the work that I’d missed I was only out for a week something specific that I wish that I’d ask my doctor is how much I could be pushing myself to get better for example like how much activity I should be doing each day I would definitely get more massages and I would read more so don’t actually read yourself but listen to audiobooks or have your parent read to you and read books that you’ve already read before so that you’re not focused on the plot so much can I’m able to do everything that I was before the concussions now and like if he looks at me you would never know that I had a concussion


  1. Expecting more videos in pharmacology ……pls do upload a lot of pharmacology guys …🙂….enough of pathology 😅😃

  2. Would love to see a patients perspective on post concussion syndrome, completely different than a standard perspective as in this video.

  3. I had a concussion, but it was a time when I needed to maintain a high grade so I wouldn't lose scholarship, I was a time that I forced myself to study hard and took a lot of Tylenol and coffee through the severe headaches. After seeing this video, it appears I did the right thing.

  4. I had a concussion a few years ago. What my dad told me, is that I fainted and hit floor, and that I out for two minutes. Good thing it was on the rug and not the tile, even then, I still lucked out. I when came too, I could barely move and very disoriented. The headache lasted for a couple weeks, and I was using the pain meds from wrist surgery to help manage the pain.

    Today, I'm dealing with the affects from the incident. I still need to see neurologist to get tested for Post Concussion Syndrome, though.

    Note: I did go to ER the next morning. Apparently, my Dad was more concerned with my calcium levels, than getting looked at for my concussion. For some reason, he didn't quite understand what I was going through after I told him. So, I didn't get looked at.

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