Paul Merson Opens Up About His Gambling Addiction | Good Morning Britain

why is it the worst when you've tackled drinking you've tackled drugs why is gambling the worst I've just found that when you win you want when you want to get drunk or you want to get high you have to put stuff into your body if you don't pick up that first drink you're never gonna get drunk when you have one cannot stop yeah gamble you don't have to put anything into you you don't have to put it in it's there you know it's it's just a weird feeling and when it gets old of you just bricks you it's it's not just the it's the people around you as well you know you just constantly looking at your phone and it's just draining that's the hardest thing up you know I know I'm an alcoholic and I know I'm a drug addict if I don't pick up that first drink today I'm not gonna get drunk and I'm all right but with the gambling it's it's in you know you just haven't is it so accessible is that the problem for you because I mean in the old days you would just you would have to go into a betting shop yeah now you can just look at your phone so I mean I was getting up in the morning betting on you know the top might live for Wayne in under-20 basketball matches I mean now you pricing up them I mean under-20 basketball matches are you trying to earn money are you getting the dopamine hit of putting the bet on and hoping for the success because you know as we said in the introduction you've lost millions millions I don't you know what the money is not the problem it's this sunny it's this an a more than anything I mean you know you go you go insane this means the insanity of constantly keep on doing it as soon as the bets on after the bet goes on you you like what's not doing that for it's weird-feeling you search and search to get the bet on and to to get all excited as soon as you've done it you like I can't believe what I've just a lot of sports but and then the self-worth comes in and you hate yourself and remorse then it starts you're not a sports on thought so a lot of sports will have addiction problems some some kind many of them have said to me over the years that it's down to when you're in that cauldron of professional spoole playing in front of 60 70 thousand people it's such an adrenaline high that when you leave it and you retire you feel just completely sort of listless and there's like there's nothing too all that adrenaline void is that part of it for you or not I don't I don't think so I personally think you're born with it I think you're born with it I think with alcoholism you know which is it they all come in they all go into it is you I just think you're born with it I don't if you if you have a nut allergy you're not gonna you're not going to eat nuts are you you know I I have a I have an allergy to alcohol if I ever drink I can't tell you when I'm gonna stop and I honestly I don't know when I'm gonna stop and it's the same with gambling time I say right David Beckham hasn't as much time on his hands as I do right David Beckham doesn't do what I do he didn't do what I did so I I think you you know I don't like that oh it's just time I think he's nice yeah that's an excuse you either have it or you don't you you talked in the back of the cab about how your life was falling apart and that you'd lost control I mean listening to you I desperately want you to recover and I'm sure everybody watching just thinks is the something that can be done that rescues you from this hole that you described yourself as falling into because you must have been through therapy and treatment yeah through the treatment never fear I mean I need to go to keep on going to meetings I have to go to me is this yet this is the only way that it can help it is it was really weird watching it on the telly six months after the actual show because with addiction to sit there and I'm having a much better place that I am much better place hundred times better than where I was six months ago but to watch yourself six months before and to see where you were cause addictions is a strong thing and it can soon tell you sometimes in your head you know what I'm all right now I'm all right now you know what coz I'm all right now maybe I can have a drink maybe I can just have that one little bit you know and and that's not the case and I and it was a massive wake up massive wake up just to realize that keep on and I have that now where I can always just keep on going back if I don't go to the meet is yeah I'm never gonna let's talk about something a little happier Paul for you England with to puck two parts of last night one your reaction to the racist abuse of the black players were getting what do you what do you make of what happen last I've hear things disgusting I think it is such a shame I feel I thought we'd have moved on in society with with this kind of stuff I'm I mean when I played I can't really remember happened i played with great black players IAM right people like that in a john barnes points you know and ii cold people like that i can't remember it happening they experienced it you mean that during games that you were out with yeah play that you know i didn't really hear it but now it's just got worse again and i just i can't a connotation against i need to get yeah i'm bad people you need something it has to be done you know quickly that was obviously not the happy bit they're happy bit is english performance last night my form is generally in the last year on the Gareth Southgate it looks like we've got a pretty thrilling team on our hands we have we have we got a young enthusiastic see I talk to Garrett a long time ago when he got the job and he said I want to try and play with a lot of pace I want to try and play a Premier League way and and he has I mean it's all about timing if you want to be every weight champion in the world you've got coming at the right time you don't want to be you imagine being the second best boxer in the world with Mike Tyson's round you ain't winning but we've got a good team yeah Paul it's great to see I'm looking for everything so good today and thank you very much for coming in all the very very best and I know that everyone watching will be saying the same thing also to win the league next year the meetings with me a static synonymous I have it all adding that it's to be incurable I think that I've always think you

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