Peak Potential Therapy Overview

We have a variety of kids that come to Peak Potential Therapy or we see them in their home. So we do see a lot of kids with a lot of different issues but we do specialize
in the pediatric population and helping kids with
any disability. Peak Potential Therapy provides speech pathology
services as well as ABA and educational services. We also run several camps throughout the year. Every part of their life is very important,
and speech therapy, ABA therapy, and our tutoring services, all of those things come together and family
is a really integral part, so we make sure that the family is incorporated
into therapy and the treatment plan as much as possible. My goal for the children I work with is for
them to improve in any way they can , whether it be in school, socially, mentally,
physically. The thing that inspires me the most is when
I see one of the kids I work with make progress of any sort, to help them be more functional communicators. They try hard, they want to do well. These kids want to learn and it’s up to us
to provide the right environment for them to learn in a way that is good and comfortable for
them. We have a lot of kids that need an environment
that is more structured to be supportive for them so sometimes going to their home is the easiest
way to provide that kind of structure and scheduling. The kids that come through here are very energetic,
they’re very fun, they always have smiles on their faces. You’re working on a target behavior and all
of a sudden it just clicks, it’s there, and you’re like, yes they did it, and you know they have it forever. It’s not something they’re going to lose the
next week. So for families who are considering starting
services at Peak Potential Therapy, we want to express that we are here to help
you help your child, no matter what stage they’re in, whether they’re
verbal or non-verbal, whether you want services in your home, in
our center or in the community, we’re here to help you and support you and
your child through fun and meaningful activities.

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