Peco-InspX’s Corporate Mission and Service Philosophy

Welcome I’m Rich Cisek and I’m here
today with quick tips with Rich to tell us a little more about Peco-InsPX
corporate mission and service philosophy. Peco was founded in Silicon Valley about
50 years ago for can inspection applications. There a lot of peach orchards
fruits here at the time and they had trouble with dud detection. Today we’re
a worldwide provider of the most advanced x-ray machines on the planet.
Our imaging technology is so good that it just doesn’t exist anywhere else and
we’re proud of that and that’s something you can expect from an American made
provider Silicon Valley source imaging hardware. The other important part of any
x-ray company is a service. We’ve designed our service to be the best in
the world from the telemetry in our machines that tell us our technician
everything and what’s going on inside the machine and makes problem
determinations simple, to the worldwide team of service professionals that we have
taking care of you. If you have a problem in the middle of the night and you pick up the phone,
you’re going to get a hold of someone who’s trained, available, and focused on
your service problem and odds are they’re gonna speak your language
whether it’s Mandarin Spanish English French or German. So, if you want the very
best in x-ray inspection come to Peco-InspX or to learn more click on the link

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