Pediatric Oncology: A Tour for New Patients

This is the NIH where I see my doctors. Travis’ intro, take three. I’m Travis, I’m ten years old and I’m
going to show you how fun it is to be at the Clinical Center. We’re heading to building 10. I have for an MRI then later today I have
a family meeting. Hi, I’m Kelly, I’m here to check in. Hey Travis. Hey. I’m Teresa, I’m going to be taking you
to get your vitals ok? Ok. Every time when I come here I get my vitals
taken. Sir, I’m here to give you a ticket. One ticket is going to be because you are
brave. I made a lot of friends here. You don’t have to be scared because the
doctors are really nice. So, welcome back. How is Travis doing? He’s doing good. I’m loving it. He’s feeling good and moving around good. Arms up. Don’t let me push them down. Down. Very good. Push and pull. You’re all done. Yay! You did great! Thanks! High-five! Give me a hug. These are some of the people that take care
of me when I’m at the clinical center. Usually I just hang out sometimes and usually
my mom’s doing all the talking. You’re right, mom does a lot of the thinking
and talking and taking notes. Yeah. Yeah. You need help? There you go. Excellent. Oh hi Travis. Hello. Welcome to the patient library. Thank you. Glad you found something that you like. There you go. Thank you. Excellent. Just so that you know we also have Xbox games. We have movies. There’s music. We also of course have a selection of books. Both children’s books and young adults. Even some graphic novels. How are you? Good. Good to meet you. Good to meet you too. We don’t have any particular symbols or
signs so whatever someone’s faith tradition is they can come and make use of this chapel. Cool. Alright. Awesome, thank you so much. Thank you. Hello. Hi Travis, how are you? I’m good, how are you? I’m Holly I’m one of the recreation therapists
that works here in the playroom and with the kids in the hospital. Cool. We bring patients over and they visit when
they’re here at the day hospital as well. A lot of times when kids come to the playroom
they like to do crafts and we have all different kinds of craft projects. Cool. Alright we’re going to go back to the Children’s
Inn, what do you want to do Trav? I want to play with my friends. You want to play with your friends? That sounds like a deal. Thanks for watching and have fun!

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