Pediatrics Virtual Tour: AAMC Surgical Services

– [Bella] Hi my name is Bella. That’s me in the colorful dress. And that’s my Mom and Dad. We are here right on time at Anne Arundel Medical Center the morning of my surgery. Mom and Dad parked the car in garage A. The first place we stopped
is the information desk. The volunteers in the blue jackets gave us directions on how to get to the place where my surgery would be done. My Mom and Dad told me surgery is a way for doctors to fix something
inside of your body. We walked past the gift shop and took an elevator to the second floor. Mom and Dad checked us
in at the front desk. – Good morning. Look we have a little
present for you today. – [Woman] That looks just like you. – [Bella] Then I got
to play in the waiting room until it was my turn. Mom and Dad also got a pager so the doctors could get in touch with them wherever they
were in the hospital. After a few minutes a nurse came out and called my name. That means it’s time to go to the prep room where I can get ready. We stopped at the scale so that the nurse could get my weight and measure how tall I am. – 46 inches. – [Bella] When I was in the prep room, I got a band to wear on my ankle so the doctors and nurse would know who I am. – And I’m gonna put this
on your ankle, okay? – [Bella] Mom and Dad got bracelets so everyone would know
they are my parents. The nurse took my temperature and put a cuff on my arm to
measure my blood pressure. The cuff gave my arm a big hug. Then she put a red light up clip on my finger to measure my breathing. Next the nurse used her stethoscope to listen to my heart and lungs. – [Nurse] Good girl. – [Bella] After a few minutes, the doctor who’s going to help me go to sleep came into talk to me and answered my Mom’s and Dad’s questions too. He has a big and funny name. He’s called the anesthesiologist. After that, the nurse gave me a hospital gown to change into, along with socks and a silly hat to wear. Then the doctor who was going to do my surgery came in and talked to us. His name is easy, he
is called the surgeon. – [Surgeon] No reason to be worried, Mom is gonna be with
you when you go to sleep and Mom and Dad will be with you when you wake up, you won’t
even know they’re gone. – [Bella] Then the nurse who will be staying with me while I’m sleeping came in and asked my parents and me some questions too. Then it was time for
me to have my surgery. My mom wore a special blue suit and a hat so she could stay with
me until I went to sleep. – [Woman] Say see ya later, Dad. – [Bella] I got to ride on the bed with wheels called a stretcher while the nurse and doctor pushed me. When I got to the operating room there was a lot of equipment and people waiting to take care of me. The surgeon helped me move from the bed with wheels to the surgery bed. – [Surgeon] Covered up and cozy, stay right there. – [Bella] The anesthesiologist gave me a mask to go over my nose and mouth. And I had to take big, deep breaths while we sang a song. ♫ Bear necessities ♫ Simple bear necessities ♫ Forget about your
worries and your strife Before the song was over, I fell asleep. (singing in the distance) During my surgery Mom and Dad waited for me in the waiting room. There was a TV, magazines,
and coffee machine. The surgeon came out to tell Mom and Dad that everything went well. And I would be waking up soon. Next a nice lady took my Mom and Dad to the wake up room. That’s called the PACU. I remember the nurse told me that the PACU is the wake you up room. I gave Mom and Dad a big hug and everyone told me how brave I had been. They were doing all kinds of things to make sure I was all right. They put a blue tube next to me that gave me fresh air. – Would you like a popsicle now? She did beautifully, no problems at all. – [Bella] The nurse was
listening to my heart and lungs with her stethoscope. I noticed I had a bandage on my arm. The nurse told me there was a tiny straw underneath it, it was used to give me medicine and water to help me feel better The straw is called an IV. Everyone, even grownups, that have surgery get an IV. Some kids get one while
they are still awake and some kids get them
after they fall asleep. I was still a little
sleepy from the medicine, so my job was to eat a
popsicle while I woke up. When I felt more awake, my mom helped me get dressed, I watched a movie while the nurse talked to Mom and Dad about how to take care of me at home. Finally, surgery was over and it was time to go home and see my friends and rest in my own bed. It was so cool when I got to ride in a wheelchair all the way out to the car where my Dad was waiting to drive us home. As I waved goodbye to
all of my new friends, I realized surgery wasn’t
so scary after all. I got to go home after my surgery. But my friend Catherine had a different kind of surgery and had to stay overnight. It was a special part of the hospital just for kids called the pediatric unit. She got to ride in a bed with wheels into her very own room. There she met her new nurse, who had learned everything
Catherine had been through from the nurse who took care of her after she woke up from surgery. The nurse let her pick out her own pillowcase after she listened to her heart and lungs. Catherine even had her
own TV and own bathroom. She said it almost felt
like she was at home. Then one of the nice ladies showed her Mom and Dad where the snack room was with all the popsicles. Catherine got to go to the playroom with her sister and a
child life specialist. Her job was to make Catherine’s stay in the hospital more fun. When it was time for her to go back to her room and rest, she even got to bring a toy from the playroom with her. The next day my friend
was feeling much better, the doctor came in and said she was ready to go home. The nurse talked to her Mom and Dad about how to take care
of Catherine at home. When it was time for her to leave, she got to ride in a wheelchair to where her car was waiting in front of the hospital, just like I did. Later at the sleepover, she told us all the neat things she
saw at the hospital, and how nice everyone was. I felt the same way. It’s a great place for
kids to go to get better. (upbeat music)


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