PEN15: Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

Seventh grade is going
to be so amazing. It’s going to be
really, really good. It’s gonna be, like, the
best year for our lives. Shuji, get off the AOL. I feel like we
should make a pact. Let’s, like, do
everything together. Yeah, no, duh,
like, all our firsts together, like our first kiss. Hey, Anna, did you– Dad, get out! I was just looking
for my Discman. Get out! Get out! You’re 13, and you’re
still playing with dolls? How dare you do
this to me, bitch! Alex broke up with Heather. It’s happening. I guess he, like,
loves me or whatever. I’m really, really,
really, really sorry. It’s chill. Are you here with your mom? We’re here alone, bitch. Did you drink this beer? Woo! Wow! Yeah! Maya, we’re going
to be supermodels. I don’t know what
you’re doing here, Maya. You know, you almost looked
like you were missing. And I know you’re not,
because you’re right there. Thank you for the note. What if Brandon wants
to kiss me tomorrow? Are you guys talking
about masturbating? It’s just porn, dork. Why do you think she’d lie? She might be going
through something that has nothing to do with you. Maya. What’s the smell? I don’t want to
do seventh grade. You are my actual rainbow gel
pen in a sea of blue and black writing utensils. So we’ll do it together? Yeah, duh. One, two, three. Go! Go! What happened in that
closet with that boy? Like, he wanted to hook up
with me, but I was like– I’m a scarecrow. What?


  1. This looks a bit like Big Mouth, but… strange… There all the teens are voiced by adults, this though… doesn't sit well with me if I'm honest..

  2. Soo lucky and glad i got to experience mid school in mid 60,s … things were SO MUCH different then, really feel for kids nowdays, missing out on the age of accountability and having way more REAL "things to do" … w/o reSTRICtions.

  3. honestly, after watching for a while you kinda forget they’re older 😂 that’s how good they’re acting is like fr this show is amazing

  4. A horrible portrayal of prematurely aged 7th graders that look 30 or older and never looked good at any age. Vocal fry in a 7th grader? Please, spare me! Skip it unless you want to see part of the history of terrible shows being made. It's a lot like watching senile women play in a nursing home.

  5. OMG is they dont renew for season 2 the kids from the first one will get older! Kids that age grow so fast Hulu get get on it. .

  6. Dude they look 30 because in real life they are older women acting in a their own TV show duh. Its funny to me how older people pretending to be young on TV is more disturbing to us then white people trying to be colored in stuff like Alita battle angel the last air bender the lone ranger prince of Persia, Aladdin is about to have people playing middle easterners who arent. STOP PRETENDING LIKE YOU DONT LIKE THE SHOW BECAUSE SOMEONE DOESN'T LOOK THE PART. You know it was funny and we accept a lot less from other shows so…

  7. Bunch of disturbing comments on the age. The show takes place in the year 2000. The art in them being 30 playing 13 is that this is exactly what it was like for us 30 year olds in the year 2000. Its cool to be taken back and reminded. It wouldnt carry the same meaning if it was 13 yr olds today pretending then knew what it was like in the year 2000. It be weird. Maybe your not in the right generation to understand.

  8. I’m reading the comments, and people keep commenting about how they look “30” it’s apart of the joke, because of the time Era.

    My girlfriend made me watch it, I was skeptical. But it’s actually hilarious! I just turned 30 this year, yes I’m old. But I completely resonate with this show because of the technology and usage of words and the music they play. It’s actually really good and since they literally lived through that era as teenagers they really knew how to bring that nostalgia back. Give it a chance it’s super funny. I thought it was going to be a chick flick type series, far from it.

  9. Best show ever! Had me dying of laughter and the acting is so good. And I don’t think they look old at all.

  10. i watched the first two episodes today and its no that bad, in fact it really grows fast on you, give the show a chance !

  11. You basically nailed two of my best friends growing up. I have pictures to prove it. They look identical. They acted identically.

  12. Using 30 year old actresses lets them do things… that you couldn't have a real 13 year old girl too on screen. If you watch the show you know what i mean lol

  13. I like how that one kid had a wrestling tshirt every time they show him in a scene. Very accurate of the year 2000

  14. Just finished it today. This has managed to take someone with spiritual depression away from it from half an hour at a time. But it felt like an hour! Will actually rewatch! Anna and Maya (real names-real childhood personalities too??) are SUCH TALENTED ACTRESSES. Very underrated. Searching whatever vids and other moving they're in. They're so adorable too everything about them! Didn't watch this on Hulu in all honestly. But if this is the kind of original AND I MEAN ORIGINAL (AND ACCURATE) yet contemporary content on then then… Netflix who? Downloading hulu. 10/10 100% recommend. Season 2!!!!!???? Thanksssss love and appreciation from London 🇬🇧 💖

  15. Loved it all the way to episode 6 when they had to follow the trend that white people are big bad racists. This show was something fresh and new until that episode. Just had to follow the "white people bad" trend that's so popular now. So now it's not something new. It's actually just like everything else that's on TV.

  16. Why are 30 year old women playing 13 year old girls but boys are played by actors their own age? That's digusting and weird seeing an adult woman seducing an underage boy. Try reversing the roles and see what happens.

  17. One of the best shows I've seen – it'll simultaneously make you laugh and cringe! Excellent acting!

  18. Wth is everyone talking about about them looking 30? They have the bodies of 13 year old girls and do a very good job of looking 13. Sexism at play here. All of the popular teen shows are cast with actors in their mid 20s, who actually look much older than the age that they play.

  19. Shows today are so dumb and unfunny. This type of “comedy” is too common and just obnoxious and is supposed to be funny. Misfit kids and quirky grown ups is played out. No talent at all

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