Penn Dental Medicine Class of 2019 Commencement

like but you know let's go Oh welcome to Pearlman quadrangle and Irvine auditorium Irvine auditorium is a non-smoking facility restrooms are located on the lower and second balcony levels vending machines and payphones are located only on the lower level assisted listening devices are available upon request please take time to note the exit clearly marked at the front and rear of the auditorium if for some reason there is emergency please use these exits to vacate the building in an orderly fashion for your safety and the safety of others after exiting please move away from the building as far as possible please take the time now to silence all cell phones or beepers for thorough enjoyment of today's presentation by yourself and to others [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] welcome class of 2019 families and friends I would now like to introduce dr. patty ard assistant director of comprehensive care clinics and assistant clinical professor who will deliver the invocation please rise as you're able Thank You dr. Han Gorski Teen Wolf faculty family friends and graduates I'm honored to deliver the invocation and opened the 141st Penn Dental Medicine commencement for the class of 2019 welcome we join together today to celebrate the beginning of the professional careers of these outstanding graduates in vacations typically start with a request to bow one's head today class of 2019 I'm asking you to lift your heads and take a moment to look at this grand historic room at all who are here to support you and share in this extraordinary experience as you mark your passage from ambitious hardworking students to confident professionals ready to take on the world take a good look and recognize how significant they've been in your quest for success and achievement each one has been an important part of shaping who you have become and who you will be they have celebrated your many achievements and shared in your hopefully few disappointments give thanks for all those who are here today for you as well as those who were unable to attend but maybe joining us via livestream give thanks for the intellect talents and abilities with which you have been blessed that have brought you to this auspicious moment of accomplishment give thanks for Penn Dental Medicine which has provided you with all the tools necessary for you to enter the profession ready to treat your patients with skill and empathy give thanks for the opportunities bestowed upon you which will have allowed you to achieve your goals we the faculty and staff celebrate you and ask the following of all of you first and foremost we ask that you continue your educational journey throughout your lives in any path you choose for those going into military service we thank you and ask that you serve our country in all of humanity with integrity and honor for those going on to pursue postgraduate study as well as those who will remain in academia we asked not only for you to cultivate the knowledge you will need in your chosen field but also the wisdom to apply that knowledge appropriately for those going directly into practice we ask that you maintain a sense of what is right and good and appropriate in the often complex you will face for all of the graduates we ask that you do your best to make a significant contribution to the dental profession and improve the lives you personally touch finally I would like to close on a lighter yet inspirational note some time ago I received a book from a good friend entitled good morning good night by lin-manuel Miranda I began reading passages from this book each morning in our PCU group huddle those passages became a daily invocation if you will words of encouragement to inspire everyone to do their best strive to go the extra mile and ask more of themselves so today I would like to share some of these words of encouragement with you class of 2019 as you go forth into your professional lives for your last title a last invocation I quote mr. Miranda good morning allow for the possibility that the best of you is still inside you waiting to emerge prepare the way bit by bit please be seated thank you dr. ard today we're continuing our tradition of light streaming today's commencement ceremony so our warmest greetings to graduates families friends alumni faculty staff members and invited guests extends also to those loved ones around the globe who are unable to be with us today I'm honored to welcome the class of 2019 to the distinguished family of dental medicine alumni your class is truly special you were the first one to complete the entire new curriculum you have [Applause] you're havin dirt construction and temporary facilities and yet you thrived achieving outstanding results both in your academic accomplishments at national and clinical boards 111 of you have enrolled in one of more six honors programs available to you eleven of you have graduated with dual degrees either in bioethics master's in public health education and law your involvement in Philadelphia community-based activities in providing oral health care to the needy in such places as Fuentes dissolute for Hispanic population homeless health initiatives Philadelphia fight for hiv-positive and AIDS patients United community clinics highest immigration services among many others is inspirational and unparalleled the diversity you have brought to our school is second to none many of you are first-generation Americans and indeed you have arrived from over 20 different countries representing all corners of the globe in addition to English you speak 49 languages and dialects they didn't even notice so when you existed thereby creating our own Ellis Island of the Delaware moving forward 94 of you will pursue additional training in specialty and GPRS 12 will join the military and 41 will begin private practice wherever the road will take you I have no doubt and I am sure that you will make us all proud will we shall the best of luck longer the happy personal professional life and the well-deserved success thank you it is my pleasure now to introduce the Morton Amsterdam Dean our Dean dr. mark Wolfe smile a selfie you're not smiling my only guess is that a couple of you parents are getting kids back and that's the grim faces yeah well good afternoon everybody this is a big day for for all of us my first graduating class and that's wonderful I need to thank all the honored guests the faculty the staff the family the friends the alumni who have come in and as well as the soon to be alumni who will leave us but never leave us the candidates for the class of 2019 it's a personal pleasure to welcome you to this very special celebration I would like to extend a special thanks to captain Meehan a 1992 graduate of Penn Dental Medicine he's currently the Dean at the Naval Postgraduate dental school dr. Meehan has traveled from Washington to help usher in a dozen members of the class of 19 in their new roles in the dental cores of the United States Navy Army and Air Force Thank You dr. Mann all of the ten bound military graduates we thank you for your future service and ask you to please be safe as new dean this is a tremendous year of discovery for me one of the first things that impressed me about the school and indeed what motivated me to join you was the outstanding character of the Penn dental student your curiosity your intellect your passion to serve those in need are readily apparent to your faculty your mentors and especially to me you are incredible you have been educated by an eminent faculty dedicated to developing the science and clinical technologies not only to teaching it oops oh yeah we're not only looking at the technologies of today but we're looking for the technologies and the treatments of the future every Stenton school hopes to graduate dentists that are really good that's a standard speech for every dental school being we actually we actually expect much more of our graduates your family and friends actually think you came here to fix mr. cavity I know that you're here to do much much more than that at Penn Dental you've partnered with your faculty to help restore integrity dignity and pride in the patient's we treat you've helped restore function and maintain health not just oral health we make people smile it's a big deal but that's not where this ends you are faded for greatness you are faded to become the future dental leaders and educators and still will be great leaders in the communities whether it's in the PTAs the coaching of teams in the communities in which you practice and live together we work to create a culturally sensitive evidence-based practitioner trained in the newest technologies and techniques we are counting on you to do great things as the generations of Penn dental medicine graduates before you have we count on you becoming the faculty the department chairs and the deans of the future and of course exceptional practitioners throughout the world telling the Penn Dental Medicine story would not be complete without discussing our impact on the Philadelphia community as students you experienced firsthand how quality oral healthcare can bring a smile to a child make an elderly person feel young recognize a veteran for their service to their country and deliver care to someone with a physical or intellectual disability better oral health for so many in Philadelphia would have been unattainable without the care available at our schools patient care centers and community sites so many of you have gone above and beyond the community's needs I hope these real-world experiences inspire you to be lifelong committed to using your skills and your knowledge to balance some of the inequities that exist in the health care system you are now charged as part of the solution it's a privilege to greet the family and friends who have supported you every step of the way I supported a dental student once it took a lot I do understand that and you've done so much to help make these people outstanding graduates as graduates you join in a new support team system today you join the elite ranks of over 10 in Penn Dental Medicine alumni I hope you will remember that you will always have the support of the Alumni encouragement and involvement of the Penn Dental extended family wherever the next step takes you Penn Dental follows you and that's important these faculty want to be with you forever don't hesitate to reach out to them and be part of it just as you will proud graduates of the Penn Dental Medicine forever your careers will bring pride and prestige to your alma mater stay involved with us share your achievements with us pay it forward to the next generation of dentists when your patients when you put your patients first and maintain your insatiable desire to learn there is no limit to what you will achieve please we wish to welcome you to our profession and now go out and make some smiles thank you so it's it's a wonderful opportunity for me to welcome dr. Anita Allen for the the vice provost for faculty at the University of Pennsylvania dr. Allen is a graduate of Harvard Law and the University of Michigan she was the first african-american woman to serve as president of the American Philosophical Association and first to hold both a PhD in philosophy and law in addition to her role as president got on President Guttman's leadership team dr. Allen is the Henry Silverman professor of law and professor of philosophy at Penn's Law School where she is an eminent scholar in the area of privacy law Anita your counsel to me as a new dean has been invaluable critical and a big part of my becoming a great Dean thank you for being with us today and offering the Comox to the class of 2019 Anita Thank You Dean wolf congratulations to you to the distinguished faculty to the graduates the families and the friends you've all earned today's chorus of congratulations for all the accomplishments that you have made that our cap and gowns symbolize excellence in teaching and research in clinical care in learning and in love Dean wolf thank you for your leadership you're bringing a renewed spirit of professionalism and cooperation fairness and equity to Penn Dental Dean wolf confronts challenges great and small and I look forward with excitement and hope to his future pragmatic leadership graduates all I can say is that you are spectacular you are resilient resourceful committed and this is your day and I especially want to congratulate the guy with the giant toothbrush a sacred symbol of oral medicine congratulations to you especially sir well I'm honored by the brief time that I have given this afternoon to address you it's a little bit intimidating to speak with my orthodontist and my prosthodontist and my family medicine dentist all in the audience right here judging whether I've been wearing my retainer my night mouth guard and brushing and flossing I have been having a pretty good job guys so please please don't don't don't grep judge me what I want to use this opportunity and a serious note to draw attention to the place where my professional interest in the law and philosophy of privacy and data protection intersect with dentistry I think they converge at a very interesting space which is the space where dignity and human appearance come together appearances matter I'm astonished by all the emphasis today on teeth whitening and eyebrow shape and all the false eyelashes an explosion of makeup as a vital commodity and by all the tanning and chemical peels and fillers and rhinoplasty there is a shallow and superficial aspect to these trends but there's also something deeper and a little profound there's nothing new in human culture about caring about how people look yet the scope of concern about appearances is broader than ever and the reason has to do with something that Dean Wolfe has already acknowledged we are living in a digital age in the digital age information flows voluminously and rapidly we're all on view all the time didn't I hear we're being live-streamed right now so people all over the world can see this face and these teeth because we're on view all the time we're being judged all the time we're being judged on skype or being judged and person were being judged in photographs on Instagram on Facebook our reputations our access to jobs even our friendships are contingent upon our appearances like it or not our self-confidence our self-respect and our very identities are tied up in our facial as well as our bodily appearances so how does the profession of Dentistry help it helps to address oral diseases and abnormalities caused by nurture and those also caused by nature I want to share two quick reflections about my own family that go to the importance of dentistry for the problems caused by nature and by nurture starting with nurture so my mother her name is Carrie Mae my mother spent a year without teeth it was a year I went to college she was only 39 years old pretty face no teeth Carrie Mae had no teeth because those that had not rotted and fallen out had to be pulled out tobacco stained decayed gold studded at some point in the 1950s when she had a little money they all came out during her toothless year my mother could not much enjoy the great food that she cooked and she was very often embarrassed even in the privacy of our own home she took to holding her hand over her new and so because she didn't want even her own family to see her bare gums she was active in the PTA the church where everyone had teeth she belonged to a Women's Club the kind that hosts tea parties and does charity events the other members had teeth her husband had teeth her six children including me had teeth she had no teeth because she grew up in poverty in the deep south in Atlanta Georgia not the shiny Atlanta of today but rather the Atlanta of the 1930s and 40s that had dirt roads and Jim Crow and outhouses she was raised by her grandparents George and Clemmy who were uneducated country people born in the 1880s into a community of formerly enslaved farmworkers these ancestors had no knowledge of oral hygiene and no access to dental care whatsoever so although in the 1970s our family had entered the middle class my mother's teeth were a reflection of her origins enslaved people's little formal education little access to dentist or doctors now many people in my own generation suffered from poor dental health my cousin Kenneth Allen for example exactly my age he was not brought up in Atlanta either with oral hygiene and dental care as priorities and in 2003 in 2003 Kenneth died of sepsis related to an abscess that formed under severely decayed tooth that he'd had removed the day before shocking now some people have dental problems that are not related to nurture not related to their socio-economic problems but rather to nature my husband and he told me I'm allowed to tell this story it's a good one my husband is a good example of how nature can make hard work for dentistry so at first he seemed to have perfectly normal teeth his baby teeth came in they started to loosen on schedule but then something monstrous happened his new front teeth came in and they were a molar and a canine right in front a molar and a canine a misplaced Odd Couple his dentist and his parents decide that these freakish teeth had to be removed and he had to have fake teeth false teeth put into their place but then some x-rays were performed and it turned out that little Paul had a third set of teeth high up in his gums so the doctor decided that he would remove the freakish teeth cut the gums and let the appropriate teeth descend all right but wait still all was not well the third set of teeth came in and they came in at an odd angle almost perpendicular to his gum line so my poor husband began a long long 10-year journey with an elaborate set of metal braces and I can only imagine how the other little boys must have ridiculed and teased him now comes the happy ending when I met him our freshman year of college his front teeth looked fine and he was to me beautiful and with her new dentures my mother looked beautiful too and her confidence was restored just in time for my college and law school graduations so as was mentioned I am a scholar of the right to privacy and in the earliest days of that right there was a great deal of emphasis on the right to keep our faces normal or not normal out of public view in fact the very first successful right to privacy claim was brought in 1906 in Georgia by an especially healthy man whose photograph was used without his consent in a newspaper advertisement for insurance the state Supreme Court judge who wrote the opinion for the court his name was Andrew Jackson Cobb and he compared invasions of privacy to be made slave to a merciless master slave to a merciless master today strangers can use our photographs without our permission they are using us when they do so they are in fact running our lives in a way they interfere with our freedom they risk misleading the general public as well as embarrassing us and humiliating us and shaming us still today we have a privacy right not to have our pictures used for commercial purposes but we have lost control of our faces and with that loss we've also lost some of the dignity and the call for respect that our individual autonomy demands do you pick with a smartphone camera social media closed-circuit TV cameras on the street in workplaces in retail shops and now facial recognition technology being used by law enforcement in this world we are nearly always on view and how we look matters we are said to live in a surveillance society or what the philosopher Jeremy Bentham called the panopticon the 21st century could very well with some justification be dubbed the century of image and imaging in such an era cosmology cosmetologist not cosmologists cosmetologist plastic surgeons dermatologists and dentists and oral surgeons have very high special value in an image conscious and imaging conscious society dental medicine takes on the greatest importance for the sake of equity dentistry must be accessible to all men and women children and the elderly all ethnicities rich and poor able-bodied and less able-bodied differently abled and differently bodied so graduates some people will need you to correct the serious cosmetic problems and health problems that are due to their being poor and living in underserved conditions others will be well-off and educated and need you as well to correct those cruel problems that nature sometimes creates for us and graduates I might add because I am a lawyer and I have taught torts that a few of you will be needed to correct the mistakes and the malpractice of your colleagues in your own profession as a scholar of the right to privacy and data protection I'm very concerned about how information and images created in dentistry and oral medicine in the 21st century are protected from unwanted and unauthorized disclosure and analytics confidentiality of health information has been a tenant of the Western health profession since the era of Hippocrates lessons about confidentiality are part of the standard professional training of clinicians and biomedical researchers without trust in the patient clinician relationship the effectiveness of patient care deteriorates as patients are not willing to reveal information important for treatment and diagnosis and may even refuse to seek medical treatment for conditions that are important due to concerns finally I'd like to say that Penn Dental is fortunately quite committed to digital innovation your school our school intends to establish Penn Dental Medicine as a leader in integrating new digital technologies in education research the clinics and dental laboratories by securing state-of-the-art equipment implementing new efficient workflows and creating a digital footprint for every single patient with digital innovation must come digital ethics last year the European Union sparked a worldwide conversation about digital ethics with human dignity at the core I know that as Penn Dental pushes the digital revolution it will do so with utmost respect for our privacy laws but also for the moral values of respect for human dignity so aligned with the special relationship each person has to his or her dental health and appearances so graduates today you're putting smiles on the faces of your loved ones your classmates and your teachers best wishes for happy and useful careers in which you will put smiles on the faces of countless other people faces which are increasingly identified in our century of images and imaging thank you [Applause] on behalf of the School of Dental Medicine the graduates I would now like to introduce our speaker mr. Anthony Walters mr. Walters is a distinguished healthcare executive and business leader he is currently the executive chairman of the black ivy group an organization that is nurturing commercial enterprises in sub-saharan Africa black ivy is building entrepreneurship and improving lives in the region through better healthcare delivery housing and job creation previously as senior advisor to the CEO of United Healthcare Group the United Health Group I'm sorry mr. Walters helped the organization meet the needs of over 100 million customers worldwide mr. Walters has served on the boards of some of the nation's top universities and businesses but he remains in a special place and he maintains a special place in his heart for the city of Philadelphia 30 years ago mr. Walters launched one of the country's first HMOs here under the name health management associates HMA he improved access to health care for some of the most vulnerable of our neighbors and for this we remain incredibly grateful Tony I am delighted to welcome you to the podium to share your wisdom with the class of 2019 as they take their first steps as Penn dental medicine graduation good afternoon Thank You Dean wolf I think about graduations it's part of a journey an important step but just a step along a journey and I also think about the parents the siblings the wives despises the significant others to the participated in this portion of the journey to the graduates I asked you to just take a moment to thank those that made this opportunity available to you so a little bit of applause for those who've made it possible [Applause] you might ask why a non-practicing lawyer is speaking to you at a dental school graduation I ask myself the same question when dr. wolf being wolf reached out to me and he said well I would like you to just talk about your journey well my business journey had its foundation here in Philadelphia it allowed me to address an issue that was near and dear to me I grew up on public assistance in New York City and during those years access to care was a challenge and being on public assistance there were certain kinds of physicians that would visit you as a part of their routine my mother wasn't asthmatic as a matter of fact I come from a family of asthmatics and one day at 8 years old I get a call to come to the principal's office principal said to me your mother's passed away because the physician we discovered subsequently didn't realize my mother was allergic to penicillin and so she died instantly leaving five children and the destroyed husband throughout my life I said if I could make a difference so that would never happen again I would in the merits the city of Philadelphia provided me with that opportunity an opportunity to provide care to underserved and within underserved communities but more importantly an opportunity to demonstrate a holistic approach to health care it's what's required in every setting I think about you as graduates focused on your career excited about the prospects of the future and indeed I share that optimism with you but I also want to remind you we are responsible for protecting our society we're responsible for protecting our citizenry not at the end of a career not after you've achieved extraordinary success it's every day of the week there's been a great debate as to when do you begin to give back do you focus on your career and once your career takes off then there's the opportunity for you to do some extraordinary things I caution you there are no guarantees in society the same way that years old I was left without a mother there are no guarantees but I do know this each and every one of you can make a difference in the life of just one person every day of the week and I know this if you do that you become a game-changer because what you don't realize it's when you impact on the individual you impact on the family and when you impact on the family you impact on a community and we need impact players more than we need people who are just great subject matter experts because our challenge is as a society or real and none of us are immune from that from those challenges working in underserved communities has been a privilege for me because you begin to understand the importance of life when I think about then says I think I think about people who can impact in the way that you can for those to deal in Pediatrics you have the opportunity to shape the outward-looking of a young child raising expectations many of you will have an opportunity to identify cancer early on you believe to do great things when it comes to fighting diabetes you'll be able to identify malnutrition before anyone else but more importantly you will be able to set a standard for your community and then setting that standard for your community what you do is to raise the expectations of everyone around you you're all extraordinary performers that's obvious the real question is can you be extraordinary individuals and in that regard a couple of stats but for the generosity and support of people who are not in this room your education would not be possible your tuition would never ever fund your education it is important for people to remember that because it means that someone else made an investment in you before you made an investment in yourself the other thing to remember is this but for this faculty you wouldn't be sitting here today and I hope you honor and respect that in the time when people spend a lot of focus on themselves it's incumbent upon those world leaders and I consider you among them to spend a lot of time focused on others and when you do that what you'll discover is the real fulfillment of success I on worked for a distinguished individual and at the end of his life he had Lou Gehrig's disease and I would visit him on a respirator in the wheelchair and he said to me you know Tony at the end of life she was thinking about it people don't talk about their accomplishments they don't talk about things they talk about people family and good friends and he said I want you to remember that throughout your life because I want you to have a wholesome life that individual who provided me with the greatest of opportunities was the senior senator from New York senator Jacob Javits and that is stuck with me throughout my life so to the graduates I actually live your values and I talk about them you can improve the quality of life across the globe the real question is will you choose to do that I'm an entrepreneur and an optimist so I believe the vast majority of you will be among the game changes that two three decades from now others will admire best of luck the class of 2019 on behalf of the Tony on behalf of the members of the School of Dental Medicine the graduates I want to thank you for a wonderful presentation to us and take this is a small token thank you and now it is my pleasure to introduce the most enthusiastic charming individual with smile the smile we enjoy for the past four years and who's free letter to France popped into my mailbox every Sunday night one anomaly breadless avoid class president a long long time ago I can still remember when I wasn't for $180,000 in debt I was inspired by a d1 class music video and cannot help myself friends you guys look exhausted I mean come on it was only dental school it's not like we were in med school and four years all we needed to do was study 32 teeth that's 1.5 months per tooth and just to think after all that we're not even going to be real doctors my bubby is going to love that line friends for the first time since we're in kindergarten take a deep breath and relax look around look to your right and to your left and see the classmates we have made this torture journey with look onstage and see the administrators faculty and staff who have helped to train educate support and encourage us look behind you and to your right at the friends and family who has sacrificed so much for us look up and feel the presence of those who cannot physically be with us with us on this day but whose love we know will continue to shape our lives in the years ahead and look down into the depths of hell at the creators of our dental licensing exam [Applause] it's proud of that one think about where we are right now and about that life-changing moment when you realize you wanted to be a dentist your first dental appointment as a kid for some for others when you got your braces off and realized the impact you can have and giving somebody a smile or was it the first time you went to your dentist and shadowed him or her witnessing relieving a patient's ten out of ten throbbing percussion and palpation positive tooth pain what's your diagnosis doc dr. Bharati will miss you or for our future oral surgeons the first time you saw tears of horror roll down a patient's bare and innocent cheeks from the pain of getting their teeth viciously ripped from their mouths regardless of what that moment was for you it has all led us to today the day we become dentists however this 21 year academic whirlwind and our graduation are not just about today it's about tomorrow the next five years the next 55 years it's about the thousands of patients we will treat the stories we will hear the people we will befriend the communities we will impact the lives we will save the epidemics world sure am I getting a little carried away maybe but maybe not think about it the power we have as dental healthcare providers to literally create a smile to instill the confidence to engage with and contribute to society to diagnose oral cancers to treat and maintain aural and periodontal disease to educate and treat the underserved community to commit ourselves to making an impact that commitment we made in that moment that each of us knew we wanted to be a dentist in our four years we have experienced and accomplished so much together we have survived 124 exams 58 quizzes tent practicals two board exams one dental licensing and roughly 1372 core surveys I know you stopped filling those out somehow we made it through what some might say were the longest most hard-core grueling stress invoking insufferable sad and lonely years of her lives just just me we have been ground breakers for so much at Penn Dental even before the faculty were informed we were the first people to find out that there would be a new curriculum the first to experience the flawless implementation of that curriculum the first to make it through the slew of new curriculum courses appropriately named OMC da UF s BS FML the last class to know the dungeon the first class the first people to find out about the Giardia lab closure the last class to know the luxuries and dangers that come with fire the first class the first class to read the benefit of that core body workout having to carry our clinic equipment throughout the school and search for an open clinic chair during the times of the main clinic construction project the first to truly benefit from the beautifully renovated Shatner in shows clinics and through all these trials and tribulations we as a class have learned so much about the perseverance strength resilience and confidence we each ultimately proved we possess if there's one thing I've learned in this process it's that dental school and dentistry are full of struggles and overcoming self-doubt when it seemed that you had it all figured out when it seemed that that 2.2 eight by three point two four millimeter preparation you made on those plastic teeth back in first year were always a little rougher than your friend sitting next to you when he felt like an idiot and cadaver lab for mistake in the cecum for the bladder true story when you freaked out thinking that you pulled out when prepping your first restoration in clinic only to be congratulated by your faculty for just making it point five millimeters into the enamel when you struggle to find patience for our licensing exam and felt that all of your hard work would be for nothing those moments of despair and doubt the uncertainty and frustrations those were the moments of Darkness where we grew improved and learned the most regardless of the dental and non dental challenges that are sure to confront us in the real world know that you had the strength to overcome them third years here had not been easy ones we truly have so much to be grateful for Dean wolf we are grateful to you for ensuring that our class is not the only guinea pig class at Penn Dental [Applause] and to our professors and faculty for the patient financial services staff and security guards for the coordinators and dispensing window friends for the sling for the cleaning stuff and for all those who helped to make our lives at Penn a little bit smoother thank you thank you for putting up with our insecurities and neuroses thank you for the challenges you encouraged us to tackle for sharing your passion with us for the swipes and quadruple Co treats you let us do just this kid for helping to make our dreams a reality you have all led by example and teaching us what it takes to be amazing dentists and for reminding us that we are not treating teeth we are treating people and that no matter what our patients must always come first and to our families and friends who have been with us since day one I'd like to take this time to share with you one of the biggest lessons I have learned from dental school do not ever under any circumstance cancel your dental appointments it's extremely frustrating to have to change around our schedule so I'm just throwing it out there now and Families I would also like to take this time to apologize we are sorry sorry for the lapses of communication for all the phone calls when we did not once ask how you were doing but instead spent the next 45 minutes venting to you about dr. allowi and his new curriculum about how it is literally impossible for us to go to eight hours of lecture a day then study those eight hours of material complete our lab assignments eat three meals a day workout and sleep and house a result of our inability to enjoy the sunlight our vitamin D levels are severely deficient and how are you learned in class that that can really impaired our health which is now preventing us from sleeping the two hours that we have allocated ourselves due to our constant worrying about our deteriorating health status I'm sorry I'm where was that I'm sorry yes we are sorry we are sorry for the anniversaries for we forgot and the birthdays we could not celebrate we were extremely busy learning how to socialize with our classmates and future colleagues and Pediatrics how to perfect our saliva suctioning techniques and periodontics antion ortho well I guess it doesn't really matter what we learned an ortho now that CVS will be treating the world with smile direct words cannot describe how fortunate we are to have each and every one of you in our lives you have never stopped supporting us loving us picking us up when we were down and celebrating us when we were up without you we would never be where we are in this moment you have given us so much throughout our lives and we cannot wait to give you ten percent off your next cleaning as repayment and lastly to the most amazing inspiring intelligent hard-working good looking and premolar obsessed graduates at Penn Dental Medicine has ever produced don't forget your first loan payments due June 1st it has been a true honor to serve as her personal concierge I mean class president for the past four years I want to take a moment to recognize our amazing class council and executive student council representatives soon to be doctors Jennifer coy Benjamin Truong Dre Smith Alec Rob and timrie yow holly klein Nokomis Eddie Elisha Rothenberg Amy Zhou Arjun Kumar Kelly chewing Sara yang Justin Escobar Benjamin Wong Muhammad Abdul Latif and Amir Cuba [Applause] four years ago we said that the only way we as a class would make it through dental school is if we were there looking out for it and supporting one another along the way and throughout these years but especially during the stressful times of our licensing exam in graduation ticket allocation process we have seen how much we can collectively accomplish when we were truly collaborating with and helping each other to succeed I'm so grateful to know that regardless of where our lives and careers take us we will always have Penn Dental to unite us so as we look forward to the unknown that life after Penn Dental never forget the people who have influenced us the big and small lessons we have learned in our time together about the mentorships we have cherished the friendships we have developed the experiences we have shared in the perspective we have gained today not only marks the end of our compost ruggles it marks a new beginning to pursue our careers in dentistry from the bottom of my heart I wish you all a very well-deserved congratulations keep living at the dream and here's to hoping the years ahead are a stress and drama-free as he's past four years have been thank you [Applause] Thank You dr. Lester find Leggett haven't lost your touch and now we're going to start distributing the diplomas just some couple of instructions the assisting Dean wolf will be dr. Faison allowi associate professor of pathology and associate dean for academic affairs also a couple of announcements the photographer will take a photograph of each recipient with the Dean as they cross the stage these photographs will be forwarded to you by class email so if you don't get the photograph in time you have run assured also the ceremony as we mentioned before it's being like stream worldwide to friends and relatives for those eligible diploma will be available for pickup in the Office of Student Life during today's reception all right we're starting with dr. muhammad abdul latif dr. Augusta aqua [Applause] dr. Nirmala Agarwal [Applause] dr. Michael a dude [Applause] dr. Elanna are good [Applause] dr. Aaron Havana [Applause] dr. Dania Alpha Team [Applause] dr. merliss Cabrera [Applause] dr. mice also found [Applause] dr. Xavier and Reese dr. Adrienne Charles areola doctor Madhumita aarumugam dr. Gina a standard [Applause] dr. Amin Assam [Applause] dr. Ted Jessie APIs are a [Applause] dr. necklace of Ianto doctor Giovanni Balderas [Applause] dr. Tatiana bus [Applause] dr. Chandni Bassel Acharya [Applause] dr. Jonathan Benson who also got masters in law [Applause] dr. shreya Rajeev bamboo a dr. Anjali Dinesh Bhatia dr. Alexia Lauren black hearse also has received masters of bioethics [Applause] dr. Shira Sonya but dr. Helen sigh [Applause] dr. Brian card [Applause] dr. Jennifer Ashley coy who is also master's in law dr. Jackie Chang dr. Justine show [Applause] dr. Hannah Cho [Applause] dr. Jerry Choi dr. Margaret ng choice [Applause] dr. Kelly trunk [Applause] dr. lasagna Mariko Lazar also received masters of Public Health dr. Edward John Brodie Cruz [Applause] dr. Casey the PO [Applause] dr. Elizabeth Diaz Linares dr. Gabriela dobkin dr. Dasha Donato dr. Sabrina Mehra Dorfman dr. Margaret guzik [Applause] dr. Fadi George's I use who also received Masters of Science in higher education [Applause] dr. Taylor's any others doctor Rania Elma dune [Applause] dr. Justin Escobar also recede masters of Public Health [Applause] doctor just mean Faldo dr.nader fog [Applause] dr. Sharif Adele Jacques Iguodala [Applause] dr. Hannah Goldberg [Applause] dr. Izadi Josiah she [Applause] dr. Brianna Gottlieb offski [Applause] dr. Eliza go [Applause] dr. Catherine Graham [Applause] dr. Adam mark grower [Applause] dr. Emir najar Hadi javi [Applause] dr. Judd Duncan hon dr. Alvin echeverria Sanchez dr. Jennifer Kristin hands [Applause] dr. Maria VHS Allah Bhavna hidalgo dr. Bashar Maui [Applause] dr. Thomas Huntley Lord [Applause] dr. Benjamin Wong [Applause] dr. Jane w1 dr. surd aura is my lava [Applause] dr. lancer Ajay routine [Applause] dr. Joni is Miriam gene dr. Adam Lee Kaminsky [Applause] dr. Samuel kang dr Magali coronado Ketron dr. massager Kowloon doctor a key on him [Applause] dr. Justin Kirkwood dr. holly klein dr. Jung Min Cheol [Applause] dr. Anna Quadra dr. Sabina Corman [Applause] [Applause] dr. Rupali Kulkarni Hoover seed masters of Public Health dr. arjuna Kumar [Applause] dr. Hatton as come child dr. Austin James lobby dr. Christopher life [Applause] dr. Curt knee in Gino Lomond and dr. Brian Lee [Applause] dr. Hyun ji Lee dr. Eugene Patrick Lee [Applause] dr. Brett The Savoy [Applause] dr. on Glee [Applause] dr. David Liberman's dr. Matthew John Ali Brock [Applause] dr. shimu Lu dr. Yvette Laura [Applause] dr. Tiffany look dr. Yan Jing ma dr. Edward mouth dr. Kathleen Chloe McArdle [Applause] dr. Niccole Arielle machete [Applause] dr. minima club dr. Yasmeen metallo [Applause] dr. David Missouri [Applause] dr. Megan McDonald's [Applause] dr. NEMA Michigan and the new addition [Applause] dr.mohammed made a massive ian who also received master's in law [Applause] dr. Michael Baer Mulaney dr. Cindy munguia dr. Lindsay Nemzek dr. Aaron page Norris you thank you dr. Naomi or back dr. Muhammad be sure Osman [Applause] dr. Nina pan Welker [Applause] dr. Krishna Patel dr. Priyanka Amy Patel [Applause] [Applause] dr. puja Satish Patel also received masters of bioethics dr. Anna Geeta [Applause] dr. Naveen fish aboard dr. Jesse Aaron price dr. Jacqueline Lee Rabbani [Applause] dr. Alec Robin [Applause] dr. Alicia Marie Rosenberg [Applause] dr. Maurice original dr. Leora sanyo dr. Gary Schwartz [Applause] dr. Alexa Schweitzer dr. Andrews wiser [Applause] dr. Julius ego [Applause] dr. Anshuman SETI dr. Donna shabby [Applause] because I think you dr. Duvall shot [Applause] dr. Catherine see [Applause] dr. Andre Smith [Applause] dr. Manasa Bonnie [Applause] dr. a bee Sivir some [Applause] dr. Stanley Thomas [Applause] dr. Divya tree cannot dr. Benjamin from [Applause] dr. Brent volution dr. Maria Vasquez who received masters of [Applause] dr. Cassie Velazquez dr. Ryan Carter Wainwright [Applause] dr. Lucas ACO vinkle Monty [Applause] dr. Sara yang dr. Edward yow [Applause] dr. Nikita Ihram dr. Hannah Yoon dr. T Mario received Masters of Public Health in addition to the dr. Alexandra zaga [Applause] dr. Annie Zhou [Applause] Randolph applause for the DMD class of 2019 the names of the students receiving the master's science in Rallo biology and Doctor of Science in dentistry will be read by dr. Becker kurobuta associate professor of endodontics chair of the endodontics department and director of graduate education so a wise man once said graduates this is your last chance to ask more money from your parents so use it wisely so it's my honor to present our postdoctoral students receiving their degrees today it's master of science and/or biology dr. Kinsky Matsumoto and for Doctor of Science in dentistry dr. Sultan Al gothy [Applause] dr. ibrahim al can far [Applause] dr. Helen Teixeira [Applause] dr. doe yo you [Applause] congratulations [Applause] okay I'd like to make announcement of students who receive various honors so please hold your applause to the end I'd like the members of Matthew Cryer stand up please members of okay you please stand up and recognition of all the people who received special awards it's listed in your program please stand up thank you congratulation to all the last item on our commencement exercise will be to invite our assistant dean for admission dr. Olivia Sheridan who will be reading the dental medicine professional pledge I'd like the class of 2019 the great class of 2019 to please stand for your pledge I'd also like to invite members of the faculty to please stand if they'd like to reenter their pledge members of the audience who are members of our profession who would like to reenter their pledge please stand also you have the pledge in your folder on the inside cover please repeat after I've read it as I enter the dental medicine profession I vow to keep this pledge and these stipulations I understand that my primary responsibility is to my patients to the best of my ability I will embrace the highest standards of oral healthcare and treat all individuals under my care with respect and honesty their total health and well-being shall be my primary concern I accept the responsibility to maintain my competence through the continued pursuit of new knowledge and skills in the practice of Dentistry I will conduct myself with integrity treat my colleagues with respect and wherever possible work to advance the oral health of society I shall faithfully observe the principles of epics and codes of professionalism encountered during my dental training and beyond all this I pledge with pride in Penn Dental medicines heritage and my commitment to the profession and the public we serve congratulations class of 2019 [Applause] thank you dr. Sheridan this concludes our ceremony I'm asking that the audience remain seated until and wait until the faculty and students have left the auditorium we invite you all to attend the reception that the dental schools those of you who have received the diplomas please you can pick them up at the Office of Student Life congratulations [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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