Penn Dental Medicine Thanks You!

Hi everyone, my name is Mark Guevarra and
I’m the President of the Class of 2016 here at Penn Dental Medicine. Today is the beginning of the rest of my life
as a dentist. Four long years of hard work, blood, sweat,
saliva, and tears are finally coming to an end. But the relationships and friendships that
I’ve made here will last forever. I just wanted to quickly thank all the alumni
who have supported Penn Dental Medicine through the Annual Giving Fund. Your generosity and your support have really
made my education second to none. If you haven’t had the chance to contribute
just yet, it’s never too late. Please consider a gift by supporting future
students. Both in honor of our alma mater and our graduation;
both mine and yours. I really hope to see you around at a future
alumni event soon.

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