Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center at Chester County Hospital

As the medical director of the Abramson
Cancer Center in West Chester I have a lot of different responsibilities
working with all the different aspects of our practice from the nurses to the
front desk staff I also am involved in the Abramson Cancer Center renovation.
The West Chester office by expanding is going to provide patients with improved
care we’re going to have a lot more space so we can see people a lot more easily
but it also allows us to bring in multidisciplinary teams that work to
care for specific tumor types and so patients are getting a very informed
recommendation and it can often shorten the time needed to come up with a plan
for care. We’ve always had a very strong relationship with University of
Pennsylvania but I think being part of the Abramson Cancer Center allows easier
flow of information, we share an electronic medical record now so it’s a
lot easier for patients to get some care in West Chester and some care in the city
so people can have all the benefits of being at the number one cancer center in
the region but not having to travel into the city and by being able to get the
same quality of care locally I think it really has been a huge boon to our
practice and our community.

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